Taurus Is A Earth Sign

Pragmatic, practical, good: that’s how the zodiac sign Taurus is often described. BRIGITTE astrologer Roswitha Broszath tells us in an interview whether this is true and what else makes Taurus special.

Table of contents

  • Star sign Taurus: Positive characteristics
  • Star sign Taurus: Challenges and weaknesses
  • Which partner:s suit the zodiac sign Taurus?
  • The motto of the zodiac sign Taurus
  • The great interview with star astrologer Roswitha Broszath about the star sign Taurus

People with the zodiac sign Taurus have between 21. April and the 20. May birthday and are true bon vivants. The loyal Taurus longs for security and love – but the epicurean can also be quite possessive. What qualities of character the element of earth also displays, you will learn in the following.

Zodiac sign Taurus: Positive characteristics

  • value-conscious
  • authentic
  • patient character
  • can distinguish himself well
  • enjoyable
  • reliable
  • seductive
  • faithful

zodiac sign Taurus: challenges and weaknesses

  • unbending
  • stubborn
  • possessive qualities
  • jealous

Which partner:s suit the zodiac sign Taurus?

Excitingly, the zodiac sign Taurus often chooses someone with whom it is rather difficult: for example, with a partner from the zodiac sign Leo or zodiac sign Aquarius, because these have a loose relationship to hold on to. But the motto of Taurus love is: “A difficult relationship binds even stronger”.. With the zodiac sign Scorpio the patient Taurus experiences an erotic, intense passion. But with exactly this fire, they can also fight over different views in everyday life. The zodiac sign Cancer is a good combination, because both desire Security and a safe home. How well do the characteristics of the other zodiac signs fit? This is revealed by the big partner horoscopethe astrological traffic light.

The motto of the zodiac sign Taurus

The motto of the zodiac sign Taurus: “In the calm lies the power”.

The great interview with star astrologer Roswitha Broszath about the zodiac sign Taurus.

BRIGITTE: Everyone has a concrete idea of the animal Taurus. What does the constellation Taurus look like? © private / Brigitte Roswitha Broszath: It is very distinctive: Taurus storms towards Orion with lowered horns. In former times, the sign of the zodiac was not only called the bull, but also the sacred cow. So we are dealing here with a double-sex sign – and a sacred one. In the Amon religion the bull was worshipped in the form of the Apis bull. And on Crete there was the cult of the Minotaur. The cow, in turn, was worshipped in Egypt as a great goddess, a nurturing force. The Milky Way, interestingly enough, got its name from the Egyptians. They coined the image that the sacred cow scatters its milk and the splashes form the Milky Way. The ruler of Taurus is the goddess Venus, though we must distinguish here. In Taurus it is the goddess Venus in the form of the morning star, in Libra it is the Venus of the evening in the form of the evening star. The fresh, plump, exuberant energy we experience in May, this overwhelming beauty when everything blossoms and greens, that corresponds to the Roman Venus version of the Celtic May Goddess. And the May goddess, with her freshness and carefreeness, with these joyful, lavish festivals that are celebrated precisely in May, also fits best as an image to Taurus. Sensuality, joy, lust for life – all this belongs to Taurus. One is tempted to ascribe something combative to it. Does he have that? Archetypically, fighting does not belong to Taurus, he stands for preservation. The term demarcation is connected with him. Taurus can often say no quite clearly already as children – and this does not seem defiant, but quite natural. April-borns have a bit more temperament. Especially the early Taurus, those up to April 27, can be very quick-tempered. Otherwise, the following applies: they come slowly, but mightily. If you irritate a bull, at a certain point he actually sees red and storms off. Normally, however, a certain composure characterizes him. A bull in a rage, however, can be very irascible – and stubborn, which is what bulls basically are. Stubborn and obstinate are typical Taurus terms. When Taurus really want something, they can be relentless, but they are not insensitive about it. They have high sensitive parts, for example they are also very musical. And Taureans are attached to traditions. They often take on family assignments, for example, continue the family business. Ambition and career aspirations tend to take a back seat to this mission. Preserving tradition, taking one’s place in the family succession, is more important to the Taurus – and Taureans want to be at peace with themselves. So the family has a high value for the zodiac sign Taurus. Yes, it is often oppressively important. Taureans have an incredible sense of obligation, not only in relationships, but also in terms of what is passed on to them. “What you inherit from your fathers, acquire to possess,” is a typical Taurus statement. A Taurus will not shirk responsibility. He has a high awareness of values, wants to preserve, hold on to, guard. Does he also keep his money together? A Taurus will never throw his money away on some trinket. I once heard a Taurus say: “We don’t have much money, we can only afford the best.” So Taurus value quality, in every way – whether it’s clothing, home construction, or furniture. They like to surround themselves with old furniture, appreciate heirlooms for their sentimental value. And a Taurus values good food. That doesn’t mean he only goes to gourmet restaurants, he definitely appreciates the specialness of the simple: good jacket potatoes with a good curd cheese or an excellent butter. However, he likes to eat so much that he sometimes tends to overindulge. Taureans have to be careful not to do too much of a good thing – literally. Interestingly, those born in May tend to be more overweight. April bulls, on the other hand, are often wiry and athletic. Enjoyment, however, is absolutely part of all bulls. Where does the shadow of the bull lie? Not in stubbornness, as you might think. The Taurus is aware of his stubbornness, but the shadow is always something unconscious. In the case of the Taurus, it is fanaticism. Taureans can get so into something and champion a cause to the point that they actually lose control. This fiery fanatical side is often unconscious to the earth sign Taurus. In what professions do we prefer to find Taurus? They are good wherever something is to grow and flourish. So they are landscape architects, gardeners, farmers or winegrowers. With their good hand for money, they can also be found on the stock exchange or in banks. Among the art collectors there are also many bulls, because they are interested in collecting values and traditions, antiques and art. They also feel comfortable in the cosmetics industry because they like everything that has to do with beauty. Often they also have to do with food, they are cooks, sommeliers or restaurateurs. Taureans can produce good hospitality. In a restaurant of a bull, you will immediately feel at home. It will not be a cool restaurant. And probably not one with nouvelle cuisine, but with honest portions…. Yes, honesty is a good Taurus term anyway. Taurus are authentic and honest. And that’s how they try to live their lives. They are not about always higher, faster, further. Above all, they have the need to live in harmony with themselves, to be able to stand by themselves and say, “I’m happy with myself and can take responsibility for what I’ve done.” Taureans have a high sense of responsibility, they are very persistent and extremely faithful. Does this also apply to relationships? Yes, a given word is sacred and a lot has to happen before a Taurus will divorce. When their partner falls ill, Taurus take care of them with a steadiness and a reliability for which one can only have respect. A Taurus doesn’t say, “Now it’s getting uncomfortable, now I’m leaving.” It is said that that is why Taurus marry late, because they know that once they are in, they can’t get out. That’s why they think long and hard beforehand about whether or not to get married. In general, a Taurus considers decisions very carefully because he knows that a decision is final and binding. Taureans often have a very linear development in their lives because they follow their clear reason. They will not take risks that will put them on the sidelines. Taureans are very attached to everything, situations but also people, which can be sorrowful. Excitingly, Gautama Buddha was born under the sign of Taurus, and his teaching is, after all, based on the phrase: “All suffering comes from clinging.” We all have to let go at some point, every now and then in between in life and in the end completely. And letting go of something dear hurts a lot, so we have to learn not to hold on so tightly. This must be made clear to a Taurus, who tends to accumulate values. He can be very possessive and jealous. But it’s not that a Taurus doesn’t notice the beautiful, sensual people around him. So whether he is always as faithful as he expects his partner to be is another question. But he would not end a relationship, even if a fling happens to him. With whom does the zodiac sign Taurus go well together? Excitingly, the Taurus will not always choose those with whom things are relaxed and easy. A Taurus is often involved with a Leo or an Aquarius. Especially the relationship with an Aquarius is difficult, because the two are as different as one can be. But the Taurus lives by the motto: A difficult relationship binds even stronger. That’s why he rises to the challenge. One point of friction, for example, is that Aquarius has a rather impersonal relationship with money and is eccentric with it. The Taurus will be mightily annoyed by this – and then there will be arguments. Just as bulls often quarrel about money anyway, but the bull will not end the relationship because of that. Taurus and Leo is also not an easy pairing, because the Taurus is very grounded, very honest, and doesn’t lay it on thick, while the Leo already likes to be in the front row and get applause and shine. This can be a constant point of contention. What they have in common: Both like to enjoy themselves, albeit in different ways, and a certain prestige is also important for Taurus. Taurus and Scorpio is an opposition. They find each other through their intense sexuality. They like to be animalistic in bed. Both also have a tendency to hold on tight. But because of the opposition, they will often see things very differently and will have to try to find compromises – which neither is very willing to do. Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs. They are united by their reference to collecting values and traditions, their interest in handling money carefully. But apart from the fact that the erotic attraction is great, it could get a bit boring. Virgo is also an earth sign, and Taurus and Virgo also like each other, but in relationships between the same elements there is always the danger of pulling too much in the same direction – and then the partnership can become too uniform. Taurus and Gemini is a difficult pairing because Taurus is so grounded, acts so deliberately, and can be so persistent, while Gemini is an airy, spontaneous creature. Taurus and Aries are also very different. The impulsive, spontaneous Aries meets the thoughtful Taurus – it can be exhausting. Taurus and Libra should actually be a good pairing because both are Venus ruled, but Taurus handles possessions quite differently than Libra, who is quite consumerist. Money could become a point of friction. Taurus and Pisces is a nice combination. The two complement each other well. The Taurus is full of life, which the Pisces archetypal is not necessarily. He benefits from having a grounded partner to help him deal with the rougher parts of life. Also, both signs have a romantic streak and an artistic side. The sedentary Taurus will not get along with Sagittarius, who is, after all, a nomad. The way of dealing with possessions is also very different for both. Nomads are not so attached to possessions and have a different relationship to material things. Taurus and Cancer are connected by the desire for a home. Cancer needs to know where it is at home, to Taurus security is also important. Both also have a connection to traditions, are very intertwined with their family. However, there is a danger that both do not develop further in the relationship, because they are too much concerned with old obligations, with taken over patterns. And how do Taurus and Bull understand each other? Quite often the same signs find each other and stay together. It is the same with Taurus. And this can already be a very satisfying affair. Erotically, Taurus and Bull are on the same wavelength, they have the same relationship with possessions, yet it is important to them to have a good time. What prominent bulls are we surrounded by? By a collection of beautiful people. Bulls have a deeply sensual, special charm. We find it, for example, in Penélope Cruz, Cate Blanchett, Uma Thurman or Renée Zellweger. Also with Jasmin Tabatabei, Marie Bäumer and Cosma Shiva-Hagen. With Barbara Streisand we also have the beautiful voice that bulls are often blessed with. Typical Taurus men are David Beckham, George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan. Thomas Gottschalk is also a typical Taurus. He has a lot of charm and a good charisma, and his ascendant Libra enhances that. Are bulls very concerned about their appearance? Because of their connection to beauty and sensuality, they are already a bit vain. But often with bulls you actually have the feeling that they are naturally beautiful. They are just spoiled by Venus. But it is certainly the case that they also take great care of themselves, and here, too, they are worth it. What else distinguishes Taurus women besides their special charisma? Taurus women will not fall in love with someone who is a poor church mouse. They don’t marry out of calculation, but they select instinctively and will go for someone who can guarantee them a comfortable life. This is in their nature, because a Taurus can also develop only in a manageable, secure life situation. There are zodiac signs that develop enormously when they are under pressure, when there are imponderables or when they are in competition. Taureans need a certain security, otherwise they get existential fears very quickly. In return for this secure life, however, a Taurus woman will do a lot for her husband: she will look after his house, take care of his possessions, be loyal, fight for him, provide for his physical well-being. She is an intensive partner, but in return she also expects a lot, wants to be safe, to feel in good hands, to be cushioned. And he should not cheat either. But neither she nor he will divorce because of a fling, marriage is something too sacred for that. What does a Taurus do in his free time? He occupies himself with beautiful things, likes to create. He paints, makes pottery, jewelry. He also has a connection to folk art. Taurus women like to wear traditional costumes, dirndls, for example, suit them perfectly. Music is associated with the Taurus. Whether it’s playing an instrument, preferably violin or wind instruments, or singing – Taurus are very musical. They also like to sing in choirs, just as the Taurus is generally someone who likes to do things together, who feels comfortable in the herd. The Taurus is always about the cause, about making a difference together. He doesn’t need a solo performance, but likes to join in. The Taurus is not necessarily a sports enthusiast. If he is, he might play golf, not for status reasons, but because he can then be outside. Bowling, bowling and boccia are also popular with him, he just likes the more sedate sports. Taurus has a great need for nature, draws strength from it. Therefore, his favorite sport is hiking. And this is also very good for bulls, because they tend to have high blood pressure, and hiking lowers it. What else is the bull’s health like? To the bull belongs the throat. Sore throat, hoarseness, angina are common. Due to the good food and drink, they also have a tendency to lipid metabolism disorders and diabetes mellitus. High blood pressure in Taurus is due to enjoyment of life and not perfectionism and ambition as in others. Ambition is kept within healthy limits in Taurus. Taurus like to work well, but in the evening it must be over. They like to sit together with friends and talk. It’s actually a very healthy attitude. To create something with enthusiasm during the day, but also to let go in the evening and let life melt in their mouth. The Taurus has the connection to healthy enjoyment that many other people have lost. In good health, Taurus often live to a very old age. They often live according to a natural rhythm, going to bed early and getting up early. That’s probably what we were all meant to do at one time, but civilization has changed that rhythm in unhealthy ways. Finally, do we have a motto for Taurus? One sometimes has the impression that all our folk tunes are based on Taurus. What fits particularly well to them: “In rest lies strength”, “Food and drink keeps body and soul together” and “Hard work, happy celebrations”. We mentioned a typical Taurus statement earlier, “What you inherit from your fathers, acquire to possess.” This is also how bulls deal with their lives. We should really be grateful to the bulls. Without them, many customs and knowledge would have been lost long ago. Do you know the character traits of the other signs of the zodiac? We have all for you in the overview, no matter whether sign of the earth, the air, the fire or the water: Here it goes by the way to the current daily horoscope, weekly horoscope and to the annual horoscope. Interview: Katharina Wantoch Brigitte #Topics.

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Taurus Is A Earth Sign.

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