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They say there are still dragonbloods out there, roaming unmarried through the edge of Heaven, always looking for an adventure, a challenge. But what about the warming hearth fire, where the woman (or man) of your dreams is waiting with a bowl of soup and welcomes you for a night in the marriage bed? We’ll tell you how to get married in Skyrim and what it entails.   Version: Languages:German Release:11.11.2011 License:Preview Platforms:Windows PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows But really…

Marry in Skyrim: Arrow to the Knee…

If you’ve always wondered why the guards in Skyrim still do without stronger knee armor after several accidents, here’s a little explanation to one of the most widespread memes on the net:

I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee

  Start photo gallery(10 images) 9 Skyrim alternatives on Steam that make the wait for the sequel bearable Means rather in the language of the North that they have married and can now no longer go on adventures. If you still venture into dungeons and dragon hoards despite being married, here is the Guide to Marriage in Skyrim given to you:

Getting Married in Skyrim: How it Works

The basic requirement for getting married in Skyrim is to have the status of Herald with the Companions in White Run. This means you must have completed all the quests of the Norse Warrior Guild. Now you have proven all your manhood (or womanhood) and can go to Rifton. In the temple of Mara you can now talk to the priest Maramal (can also be in the tavern “Zum Bienenstich”) about Mara and weddings. For a paltry 200 gold he will then offer you an amulet of Mara, which works similar to a wedding ring. The Amulet of Mara can be found, bought or received as a quest reward Now you can visit any marriage-willing NPC in Skysrand (list at the end of the article) and make your advances to him or her. If you have already done a small favor for the fair maiden (or the fair maiden), there is nothing standing in the way of a wedding. Return to Rifton to Maramal and talk about the upcoming wedding ceremony. Within the next 24 hours the wedding ceremony will be held. If you are late, you may try again later, but you will leave a bad impression on your future partner (not game relevant). The wedding ceremony will be attended by all living NPCs you have helped so far in the course of the game’s progress. The temple of Mara offers enough possibilities to tower.

What’s the point of getting married in Skyrim?

You will hope in vain for tax benefits in Skyrim. Unfortunately, Bethesda does not provide for the possibility of passing on the dragon’s blood.

  • Instead, tough guys and gals turn into become affectionate interlocutorswho want to share all their belongings with you.
  • Either live with your new partner or move into your own house in one of the cities of Himmelsrand.
  • If your spouse must relocate, he or she may have to take on the role of a merchant. role of a merchant in the future or accompany you accompany you on adventures.
  • Once a day, your new spouse will cook a meal for you. Once a day, your new spouse will cook you a meal that will regenerate your life energy, magic, and stamina faster.
  • You will not be able to have your own children, but you can still have sex. You will be rewarded with the Effect “Comfort of Lovers” effect effect, which improves the learning rate of skills by 15 percent for eight hours. However, there is nothing to see. However, this bonus only applies if you are not under the influence of the Lover’s Stone and have undone the werewolf’s blood ritual.

Skyrim: Characters willing to marry

Below we have listed the characters that you can glamorize. In most cases, previous quests are necessary to improve your reputation with the corresponding NPCs. If you also want to see a picture of your new partners, we recommend you to check out our Skyrim companions picture gallery.

Marriageable NPCs in Skyrim
Women Men
Aela the huntress Ainethach
Aeri Argis the bulwark
Anwen Angrenor Once-Worshipped
Avrusa Sarethi Athis
Borgakh the Steely Balimund
Camilla Valerius Belrand
Dravynea Benor
Ghorza gra-Bagol Calder
Gilfre Cosnach
Grelka Derkeethus
Iona Erik
Jordis the sword maiden Farkas
Lydia Filnjar
Mjoll the lioness Gat gro-Shargakh
Muiri Ghorbash the iron hand
Njada stone arm Marcurio
Orla Moth gro-Bagol
Ria Octieve San
Senna Omluag
Shahvee Odfel
Sylgja Onmund
Taarie Pavo Attius
Temba Long-Arm Perth
Uthgerd the Indomitable Quintus Navale
Viola Giordano Revyn Sadri
Ysolda Roggi Knot-Beard
Janessa Romlyn Dreth
Sondas Drenin
Sorex Vinius

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Don’t want to miss any more news about technology, games and pop culture? No current tests and guides? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find love in the frosty north of Skyrim. In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, it is possible to get married for the first time in the series’ history. This happens quite uncomplicatedly, in the tradition of the North, because death waits at every corner in Himmelrand. There is no time for romantic walks on the beach. If only because of the beach crabs. But here’s how you can still get hitched quickly.

No marriage without an amulet

To get to know potential partners, you need an Amulet from Mara. You can find this normally in the world or buy it for just 200 gold pieces in the Temple of Mara itself. This is located in Rifton and you should definitely pay a visit to it, because additionally you have to get the Maramal about the wedding rites. In addition, you will need a house, which you can buy in any of the larger cities. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, you can ask characters if they are interested in you. Once you have done all this and are wearing the amulet of Mara with your character, you will notice that some characters react differently to you in conversation. For example, they may wonder why you are not married yet, or they may openly ask you about your interest. Occasionally, however, you will have to complete a quest for the person in question or advance far enough in the game. Some companions will not respond to your advances until you have hired them at least once or joined their guild. To find out what you need to do, see the list below.

All Marriageable Persons in Sky Rim

For the sake of simplicity, we have divided all partners by gender and sorted them alphabetically. This does not mean that you cannot have a same-sex marriage. The cold north is very progressive here.


Name Race Location Requirement
Aela the huntress North Jorrvaskr, White Run Completion of the companions storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
Aeri North Angas Mill, Principality of Pale Chop firewood for them.
Anwen Redwardon Temple of Dibella, Markarth Complete the Temple Quest The Heart of Dibella.
Avrusa Sarethi Dunmerin Sarethi Farm, Principality of Rift Complete quests from her or help on her farm.
Borgakh the Steely Orsimer Mor Khazgur, Reach Principality Pay her dowry or convince her to leave her home.
Camilla Valerius Imperial River Forest Completion of the quest The Golden Claw or the quest A love triangle.
Dravynea Dunmerin Kyneshain Bring her frost salts.
Ghorza gra-Bagol Orsimer Markarth Bring her the book The last sword sheath of Akrash.
Gilfre Imperial Mixed water mill Chop firewood for her.
Grelka North Marketplace, Rifton Invest in their stand.
Hilund North Outside the mead hall of Thirsk, Solstheim Bring her 50 Riekling spears.
Iona North Honigheim, Rifton Be Thane of Rift
Jenassa Dunmer Drunken huntsman, White Run Pay her wages (500 gold).
Jordis the Sword Maiden North Good Pride Point, Solitude Be Thane of Haafingar
Lydia North Dragonfort or Brisenheim, White Run Be Thane of Weißlauf
Mjoll the Lioness North Marketplace or Bee Sting, Rifton Find Gloomblade.
Morwen North Skaal Village, Solstheim Free her and deliver her mother’s amulet to Runil in the quest Morwen’s request.
Muiri Breton Witchcraft, Markarth Kill Alain Dufont for her in the quest Sorrowless Awakening quest of the Dark Brotherhood.
Njada Stone Arm North Jorrvaskr, White Run Completion of the companions’ storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
Orla North Temple of Dibella, Markarth Completion of the Temple Quest The Heart of Dibella.
Rayya Redwardoness House Sea View, Principality of Falkenring Be Thane of Falcon Ring
Ria Imperial Jorrvaskr, White Run Completion of the companions’ storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
Senna Imperial Temple of Dibella, Markarth Completion of the Temple Quest The Heart of Dibella.
Shahvee Argonian Argonian Quarter, Windhelm: Harbor Bring her Shahvee’s Amulet of Zenithar.
Sylgja North Shor’s Stone Bring her father the letters.
Taarie Altmer Shiny robes, loneliness Show her clothes to Jarl Elisif.
Temba Long-Arm North Ivarstatt Bring her ten bear pelts.
Uthgerd the Indomitable North Flagged Meow, White Run Win the fight.
Viola Giordano Imperial House of Candlelight or on the streets of Windhelm Complete the quest Blood on the ice.
Ysolda North Marketplace or Ysolda’s House, White Run Bring her a mammoth tusk.


Name Race Place Requirement
Ainethach Breton Karthwasten Help him with the mercenaries in his mine.
Argis the bulwark North Vlindrel Hall, Markarth Be Thane of Reach
Angrenor Once-Gone North Windhelm Donate him a Septim.
Athis Dunmer Jorrvaskr, White Run Complete the companion storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
Balimund North Scorched Hammer, Rifton Bring him ten fire salts for his forge.
Belrand North Twinkling Skeever, Solitude Pay his wages (500 gold).
Benor North Morthal Win the fight against him.
Calder North Hjerim, Windhelm Be Thane of East March
Cosnach Breton Inn Silver Blood, Markarth Win the fight against him.
Derkeethus Argonian Darkwater Pass, later Darkwater Crossing Rescue him from Darkwater Pass.
Explored-Many-Swamps Argonian Argonian Quarter, Windhelm: Harbor Talk to Torbjorn Schmetter-Schild about the dockworkers.
Erik North To the Frost Fruit, Rorikstatt Convince his father to let him become an adventurer.
Farkas North Jorrvaskr, White Run Complete the companion storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
Filnjar North Shor’s Stone Clear the red-bellied mine of the frost bisbits.
Gat gro-Shargakh Orsimer Kolskeggr Mine Cleanse the Kolskeggr Mine of the Abjured.
Ghorbash the Iron Hand Orsimer Dushnikh Yal Persuade him to leave the fortress.
Halbarn Iron Fur North Bujold’s Refuge, Solstheim Bring him ten Stalhrim and 15 Eben ore bars.
Marcurio Imperial Bee Sting, Rifton Pay his wages (500 gold).
Moth gro-Bagol Orsimer Fortress Unterstein, Markarth Bring him a Daedra heart.
Octieve San Breton Solitude Help him pay off his debts.
Omluag Breton Markarth Persuade Mulush gro-Shugurz to treat the workers better.
Odfel North Shor’s Stone Clean the red-bellied mine of the frost bisque spiders.
Onmund North Academy of Winterfeast, Winterfeast Join the Academy of Winterfeast and complete Onmund’s quest.
Pavo Attius Imperial Sleggwart Mine Clear the Kolskeggr Mine of the Sworn.
Perth Breton Soljund’s Pit Clean Soljund’s pit from the Draugr.
Quintus Navale Imperial The White Vial, Windhelm Complete the quest The White Vial.
Revyn Sadri Dunmer Sadri’s second hand goods, Windhelm Theft of Viola’s gold ring
Roggi Shaggy Beard North Steam fire mine, Kyneshain Find his family shield.
Romlyn Dreth Dunmer Black Thorn Brewery, Bee Sting or Romlyn Dreth’s House, Rifton Bring his stolen barrel to Windhelm.
Sondas Drenim Dunmer Darkwater Crossing Sell him ore.
Sorex Vinius Imperial Twinkling Skeever, Loneliness Bring his wine to the Blue Palace.
Stenvar North House Candlelight, Windhelm Pay his wages (500 gold).
Torvar North Jorrvaskr, White Run Complete the companion storyline with the quest In honor of the dead.
Vilkas North Jorrvaskr, White Run Completion of the storyline of the companions with the quest In honor of the dead.
forestay North Inn Silver Blood, Markarth Pay his wages (500 gold).
Wilhelm North Inn Vilemyr, Ivarstatt Explore the Fire Veil Mound and bring him the diary.

Can you also marry Serana?

Attentive readers will have noticed that Serana is missing from the list of marriageable people. The vampire lady from Dawnguard DLC is a very popular companion. Not only because she has powerful spells in her luggage, but also because of her interesting personality. Serana is one of the best companions. Unfortunately, she will refuse your marriage proposal. Once you have survived the adventure with her, you can ask her to marry you. Unfortunately she will always refusewhether you have cured her of vampirism or not. But before you close the browser with a broken heart: There is still a possibility. With the help of mods in the Skyrim Special or Anniversary Edition you can, at least on Playstation and XBox, unlock the possibility that Serana gives in to your courtship. She will then behave like all other spouses, who can also be your companions.

The wedding ceremony

Important info: Be sure to save before you propose, because a lot can go wrong during the following steps. Weddings can cause a lot of bugs. Therefore, play it safe. Once you have agreed with the character, the ceremony itself will be held after 24 hours in the Temple of Mara. So travel there quickly. NPCs you have helped on your adventures will appear as guests and attend the ceremony. Here you have the last chance to cancel everything, because once you are married, there is no turning back.. You can still cancel the wedding at the altar. But you wouldn’t do that to Mjoll, would you? After the wedding you can agree with your better half where you want to live together. If you have more than one house, you can choose one during the conversation. Some marriage candidates have their own houses that you can move into. If you live there, you can adopt children. Spouses often call you darling or sweetheart after the wedding, cook you something once a day, and give you a strong buff when you spend the night in the house they share. The comfort of lovers increases the experience gain of all your skills by 15% as long as you don’t use the Lover’s Stone or are a Werewolf. Who have you been courting in the far reaches of Himmelsrand? Or do you prefer to warm yourselves lonely at the fire of the taverns. You want to marry in Skyrim and are looking for a list of all marriageable NPCs? Or do you first want to find out what it takes to be able to enter into marriage at all? In both cases, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will introduce you to all the characters you can marry in the role-playing game and tell you what you need to do so. A marriage in Skyrim takes place in the Temple of Mara. (Source: Screenshot spieletipps)

How can I get married in Skyrim?

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, you can’t just get married at the drop of a hat. You first need the amulet of Mara. Once your character is equipped with this jewel, you’ll signal to other inhabitants of Skyrim that you’re still single. Fortunately, there are several ways to get the amulet right away.

  • Purchase: You can buy the amulet directly for 200 gold. Go to Rifton and visit the priest Maramal. If you have never met him before, Maramal is in the Bee Sting. If you have already made his acquaintance, you can pay him a visit in the Temple of Mara.
  • Questline: In the Temple of Mara (Rifton), you can approach Dinya Balu. She will give you the quest “A messenger of love” to bring lovers together. Follow the quest and you will receive the amulet before completion.
  • Loot: You could also chance upon the Amulet of Mara in the far reaches of Himmelrand.

The Amulet of Mara. (Source: Screenshot spieletipps) If the Amulet of Mara is in your possession, but you haven’t met Maramal yet, you should do so. Only after you have talked to the priest about your will to marry, you can ask other characters if they would perform the marriage with you – provided that you wear the amulet. Of course, not every NPC will marry you right away. Instead, you will either have to complete a small quest, be a Thane of a certain locality, or recruit the character in question as a companion.

List of all marriageable women

Name Race Location Quest
Aela the huntress North White Run > Jorravskr Complete the companion quest “In Honor of the Dead
Aeri North Principality of Pale > Angas Mill Chop firewood
Anwen Rothwardon Markarth > Thempel of Dibella Quest “The Heart of Dibella
Avrusa Sarethi Dark Elf Principality of Rift > Sarethi Courtyard Quest “Back to the Roots
Borgakh the Steely Orc Principality of Reach > Mor Khazgur Recruit as companion
Camilla Valerius Imperial River Forest Quest “The Golden Claw”, Quest “A Love Triangle
Dravynea Dark Elf Kyneshain Deliver frost salts
Ghorza gra-Bagol Orc Markarth Book “The Last Sword Sheath of Arkash
Gilfre Imperial Mixed water mill Chopping firewood
Grelka North Rifton > Marketplace Invest in the market stall
Hilund North Solstheim > Meadhall of Thirsk Quest “Hilund’s Spears
Iona North Rifton > Honigheim Become Thane of Rift
Jenassa Dark Elf White Run > Drunken Huntsman Recruit as a companion (500 gold)
Jordis the Sword Maiden North Solitude > Pride Peak Manor Become Thane of Haafingar
Lyida North White Run > Dragon Fortress Become Thane of Weißlauf
Mjoll the Lioness North Rifton Find the sword “Düsterklinge
Morwen North Solstheim > Skall Village Quest “Morwen’s Request
Muiri Betrone Markarth > Witch Healing Dark Brotherhood Quest “In Honor of the Dead
Njada Stone Arm North White Run > Jorrvaskr Companion-Quest “In Honor of the Dead
Oria North Markarth > Temple of Dibella Quest “The Heart of Dibella
Rayya Rothwardon Falcon’s Ring > House Sea View Become Thane of Falkenring
Ria Imperial White Run > Jorvaskr Companion Quest “In Honor of the Dead
Senna Imperial Markarth > Temple of Dibella Quest “The Heart of Dibella
Shahvee Argonian Windhelm: Harbor > Argonian Quarter Quest “Amulet of Zenithar
Sylgja North Shor’s Stone Deliver the letters
Taarie High elf Solitude > Shining Garments Quest “The Jarl’s New Clothes
Temba Long-Arm North Ivarstatt Quest “Cursed Bears
Uthgerd the Unbending North White Run > Flagged Meehre Win a fistfight
Viola Giordano Imperial Windhelm Quest “Blood on the Ice
Ysolda North White Run > Ysolda’s House, Marketplace Bring Mammoth Tusk

List of all marriageable men

Name Race Location Task
Ainethach Breton Karthwasten Free mine from mercenaries
Argis the bulwark North Markarth > Vlindrei Hall Become Thane of Reach
Angrenor Once-Worshipped North Windhelm Gold donation
Athis Dark Elf White Run > Jorrvaskr Companion Quest “In Honor of the Dead
Balimund North Rifton > Scorched Hammer Bring 10 fire salts
Belrand North Solitude > Twinkling Skeever Recruit as a companion (500 gold)
Benor North Morthal Win a fistfight
Calder North Windhelm > Hjerim Become Thane of East Marsh
Cosnach Breton Markarth > Inn Silver Blood Win fistfight
Derkeethus Argonian Darkwater Pass Free him from prison
Explore-Many-Swamps Argonian Winhelm: Port > Argonian Quarter Convinced Torbjorn Schmetter-Schild to pay more wages
Erik North Rorikstatt > To the frost fruit Convinces his father
Farkas North White Run > Jorrvaskr Companion Quest “To Honor the Dead
Flinjar North Shor’s Stone Kill the frost spiders in the red-bellied mine
Gat gro-Shargakh Orc Kolskeggr mine Kill the Sworn in the Kolskeggr Mine
Ghorbash the Iron Hand Orc Dushnikh Yal Bring 10 Stalhrim and 15 Eben Ore Bars
Marcurio imperial rifton > bee sting Recruit as a companion (500 gold)
Moth gro-Bagol Orc Markath > Fortress Unterstein bring daedra heart
Octieve San Breton Solitude Pay off his debts
Omulag Breton Markarth Convinces Mulush gro-Shugurz to treat him better
Odfel North Shor’s stone Kills the frost bite spiders in the red belly mine
Onmund North Winterfeast > Academy Quest “Onmund’s Request
Pavo Attius Imperial Kolskeggr Mine Kill the sworn in Kolskeggr Mine
Perth Breton Soljund’s Pit Kill the Draugr in Soljung’s pit
Quintus Navale Imperial Windhelm > The White Vial Quest “The White Vial
Revyn Sadri Dark Elf Windhelm > Sadri’s second hand goods Quest “This has always been here
Roggi Shaggy Beard North Kyneshain > Steam Fire Mine Quest “Roggi’s Ancestor Shield
Romlyn Dreth Dark Elf Rifton Personal Quest
Sondas Drenim Dark Elf Darkwater Crossing Quest “Sondas’ Delivery
Sorex Vinius Imperial Solitude > Twinkling Skeever Personal Quest
Stenvar North Windhelm > House Candlelight Recruit as a companion (500 gold)
Torvar North White Run > Jorrvaskr Companion Quest “In Honor of the Dead
Vilkas North White Run > Jorrvaskr Companion Quest “In Honor of the Dead
Forestay North Markarth > Inn Silver Blood Recruit as companion (500 gold)
Wilhelm North Ivarstatt > Inn Vilemyr Quest “The haunting has ended

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