Marrying My Billionaire Boss

“I looked for a woman who could free me from a third-world prison,” Jeff Bezos said just over a year ago in an interview of rare candor in which Bezos’ own brother asked the questions. The statement referred to Bezos’ wife MacKenzie, to whom the Amazon founder and richest man in the world has been married for 25 years now, and with whom he has four children. With a twinkle in his eye, one could say today, Wednesday, that the multi-billionaire, who according to “Forbes” has a fortune of around 136 billion dollars, is apparently no longer worried about imprisonment in a third world country. After all, he no longer needs his wife. The real reasons are probably different: Amazon boss Jeff Bezos (54) and his wife MacKenzie (48) announced their separation on Twitter. They had decided to divorce, the two announced in a joint statement. Photo: Joshua Roberts/ REUTERS Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos married in 1993, and the wife, now a writer (American Book Award 2006), had worked for Jeff Bezos at the hedge fund firm DE Shaw on Wall Street in the early 1990s. Later, MacKenzie Bezos was among the first employees of Amazon, where, according to the media, she was initially responsible for accounting and finance. In the propagated company history of the online group, she is often referred to as the one who supported her husband’s move into self-employment. Jeff Bezos had worked at various investment firms on Wall Street before founding Amazon in 1993. They had a great time as a married couple, the statement said. They will remain connected as parents, friends and partners in various ventures and see a bright future in it as well, it said. Recommended external content At this point you will find an external content from Twitter, which complements the article and is recommended by the editorial team. You can view and hide it with one click. Still, the divorce is likely to be expensive. With his fortune of around $136 billion, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world. Just a few months ago, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos set up a charitable foundation called the Day One Fund. How expensive will the divorce be? One factor that could play a role is that the U.S. state of Washington, where the Bezos’ make their home, is a “community property state,” according to U.S. broadcaster CNBC. That means, he said, that all assets accumulated during the marriage end up being divided by two. Since Amazon was founded about a year after the marriage, MacKenzie could claim half of the corporation-based assets totaling about $137 billion, CNBC said. That would mean she would be entitled to compensation in the range of more than $60 billion. The prerequisite, however, would be that the Bezos couple has not concluded a marriage contract prior to the marriage that provides for a different arrangement, according to CNBC. If such an obligation did indeed arise for Jeff Bezos, he would presumably have to sell Amazon shares and thereby reduce his stake in the company, CNBC added. However, it seems more likely that MacKenzie will not put the family fortune at risk in this way, preferring instead to continue growing it in the tried-and-true manner. The Bezos Doctrine: Following this pattern, Amazon keeps conquering new industries The most expensive divorce in the U.S. to date was that of casino mogul Steve Wynn and his wife Elaine in 2010, valued at $1 billion, according to CNBC. Oil tycoon Harold Hamm had to write a check for $974.8 million in 2012 as part of his divorce, the network said. Investors in the stock market apparently reacted with uncertainty to the news of the Bezos couple’s separation. Shares of Amazon slid about 1 percent immediately after the news broke, but recovered and posted a minimal gain a short time later.

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz Snoop Dogg as DJ at their wedding.

Snoop Dogg (l.) will be Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s wedding DJ. © [M] Ovidiu Hrubaru/ / getty/Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images Snoop Dogg will be the DJ at the wedding of celebrity son Brooklyn Beckham and model Nicola Peltz. The party will take place in Florida in April. Celebrity DJ at celebrity wedding. When British photographer Brooklyn Beckhams (22) and U.S. actress Nicola Peltz (27) give themselves on April 9 on the sprawling estate of their billionaire father Nelson Peltz (79) in Florida the word of consent, provides no less than Snoop Dogg (50) for the background music. He will appear as a DJ. As “Sunday Mirror” further reports, the US rapper, who is good friends with Brooklyn’s father, former British professional kicker David Beckham (46), is to organize a glittering bachelor party in Las Vegas for the 22-year-old. Speaking about his role in the big day, Snoop Dogg said, “David has been my friend for over ten years now and I’m close friends with his family. Brooklyn’s wedding is going to be a big event and my gift to him and his future wife is that I will be DJing for them on their big day. Nothing will get the party going after the first dance like a set from Snoop…. the dance floor will be on fire,” is his plan. About the bachelor party, he added, “I’m not in favor of getting him in trouble before he’s married, but if Brooklyn wants a bachelor party, nobody knows Vegas like Snoop. I’ll talk to David to see if we can make it a night to remember – and as always, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” Snoop Dogg said.

What is already known about the wedding

Some more details are said to be already known about the celebrity wedding. At the lavish celebration, Brooklyn’s brothers Romeo (19) and Cruz Beckham (16) will serve as groomsmen, Nicola’s brother Brad Peltz (32) mixes in as best man. Guests will include “Victoria’s Secret” model Gigi Hadid (26) and Nicole Richie (40). However, superstar Elton John (74), Brooklyn’s godfather, will be on tour. David Beckham is expected to act as master of ceremonies and say a few words in honor of his son – whom he affectionately calls Buster. Star photographer Annie Leibovitz (72) is expected to take the photos. There will also be two private security companies, one for each family, to keep intruders or overzealous well-wishers at bay. The up-and-coming photographer and the billionaire daughter have been a couple for about two years. In July 2020, they announced their engagement. Together they live in the USA. SpotOnNews #issues

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The property is likely to suit Boris Johnson. The listed Georgian-style country house Daylesford House has an orangery and spacious parking areas. A perfect location, then, for the wedding reception of the British prime minister, who is known as much for his egotism as for his easygoing approach to money and the truth. [If you want all the latest news live on your phone, we recommend our retread app, which you can download for Apple and Android devices here]. About 14 months after their secret wedding, the 58-year-old and his wife Carrie Johnson (34) celebrated around the Daylesford House in a large circle. The couple has two children together, two-year-old son Wilfred and seven and a half months young daughter Romy. But the party location in the middle of the picturesque landscape of the Cotswolds makes you sit up and take notice. For the estate near the village of Stow-on-the-Wold belongs to billionaire entrepreneur Anthony Bamford – a major donor to Johnson’s Conservative Party. Now raised to the peerage and a member of the second parliamentary chamber House of Lords, Lord Bamford has supported the Tories with a total of 14 million pounds (16.7 million euros) since 2001.

Tree-plant manufacturer paid for part of the wedding

Unforgettable how Johnson once broke through a styrofoam wall with the inscription “Standstill” (Gridlock) with an excavator from Bamford’s construction equipment manufacturer JCB, on whose shovel was written “Get Brexit Done” (Let’s go through with the Brexit). Now the Brexit advertiser is also said to have paid for part of the wedding, the Mirror newspaper reported. Downing Street would not comment, saying it was a private matter. A marquee is being erected in the grounds of Daylesford House. The Telegraph newspaper wrote that Carrie Johnson had worked closely with Bamford’s wife in the preparation. A South African-style barbecue was served to the 200 or so guests, the paper said, quoting with relish from the menu: Braai Boerewors rolls of grass-fed British beef, masa maistortilla tacos, smoked barbacoa lamb “and what was described as “ancient grain salad.”” Photos showed a huge party tent on the grounds, with hay bales next to it inviting people to rest.

Truss congratulates the couple

It’s not the first time Johnson’s close ties with wealthy patrons have raised eyebrows. In 2019, for example, he vacationed on the Caribbean island of Mustique, with entrepreneur David Ross footing the £15,000 bill. The prime minister also enlisted the help of a Tory donor for the luxury renovation of his official residence in Downing Street – during which Carrie Johnson put through gold-colored wallpaper, to the mockery of many Britons. Only after sharp public criticism did the prime minister repay tens of thousands of pounds that entrepreneur David Brownlow had provided interim funding. In any case, Johnson reacted in astonishment to accusations that he was mixing private life and politics. Police officers are patrolling near the estate where the wedding is taking place. His confidants also dismissed criticism of the wedding reception at the Bamford estate. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is currently running to succeed Johnson and was therefore absent from the party, rejected accusations that the prime minister was spending large sums of money at a time when many Britons were facing existential hardship because of skyrocketing living costs. “I think he has the right to enjoy his wedding day and I wish him, Carrie and all the family the best,” Truss said on the sidelines of a campaign appearance.

Wedding with celebrity factor

Photos showed Boris Johnson’s father Stanley, as well as his sister Rachael, arriving at the estate in cars. Political celebrities were also in attendance: Johnson’s closest Cabinet allies, Culture Minister Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg, secretary of state for “Brexit possibilities,” came, as did Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and other influential members of the Tories. Boris and Carrie Johnson had married May 29, 2021, at London’s Catholic Westminster Cathedral. Johnson thus became the first prime minister in nearly 200 years to marry in office. Because of Corona rules, only 30 guests could attend at the time. Jacob Rees-Mogg arrives at Johnson’s wedding. The politician has also been in the spotlight for decades because of his love life. The wedding to Carrie is his third. The marriage with Allegra Mostyn-Owen remained childless. Then he married lawyer Marina Wheeler, with whom he has four now grown children. The couple divorced in February 2020, when the prime minister was already in a relationship with Carrie, the former press spokeswoman for his party. It is also known that Johnson is the father of a daughter born out of wedlock in 2009. In fact, Daylesford House was even a short-term solution. Actually, the party was to take place at Chequers, the prime minister’s official country residence. In order not to jeopardize the celebration there, Johnson did not immediately resign as prime minister four weeks ago, the media reported. After all, if he is no longer head of government, Johnson also no longer has access to Chequers. Finally he renounced, the criticism was too loud. (dpa) To the home page

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Marrying My Billionaire Boss.

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