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Their mission is clear. They have to protect humanity from terrorist attacks, mad mass murderers or even the end of the world. In doing so, secret agents perform superhuman tasks. They travel the world undetected, gain access to the most secret of secret places and kill quietly. Only sometimes does a top agent become a soft man: when a beautiful woman crosses his path. Our top 10 agent thrillers with tough investigators and cunning female spies show how exciting and crazy life as an agent is.

The most famous agent thriller: James Bond

His name is Bond, James Bond. Britain’s most famous agent, who prefers his martini shaken rather than stirred and has a pronounced weakness for beautiful women. He is best known for the film adaptations with actors such as Daniel Craig, Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The author Ian Fleming wrote the adventures of the secret agent back in the 50s. So you may not be surprised to learn that Bond is much more chauvinistic and hard-boiled here than he was on the big screen. Even without pictures, his missions are gripping – Fleming’s vivid descriptions and Oliver Siebeck’s congenial performance make sure of that. This is where you discover the real James Bond. In his first case, head of the secret service M sets his best agent James Bond on the Russian agent “Le Chiffre”. Both spies meet in the casino and play a dangerous game at the baccarat table. Bond’s plan is to ruin his Russian opponent financially, so that his bosses will consider him unacceptable and eliminate him. It seems to work, as “Le Chiffre” loses and loses. But then an attractive female agent crosses Bond’s path and the rules of the game change…. Written in 1953 by Ian Fleming, hijacked Casino Royale takes you into the fast-paced and exciting world of secret agent James Bond. Tough, cynical, sometimes even contemptuous of women: here you get to know James Bond in a completely different way than in the film of the same name. This makes his transformation even more interesting.

James Bond’s colleagues: Courageous agents investigate

Inspired by James Bond, agents save the world. Inconspicuous, elegant and ready to kill at any time: The agent’s job is a tough one. But good agents don’t complain, they act. Moscow in 1953. The Stalin era keeps Russia in suspense, crimes are covered up. So is the murder of a young boy whose naked body lies on railroad tracks. High-ranking police officers declare his death an accident. But intelligence officer Leo Demidov cannot forget the boy’s murder. When a second child’s body turns up, he begins to investigate. A decision that puts not only himself but also his family in great danger. Child 44 is the first agent thriller in author Tom Rob Smith’s exciting trilogy. In the narrative, he sends his secret service agent Leo Demidov on a breathless journey through the Soviet Union during the Stalin era. Adapted from true crimes from that dark episode in Russian history, Smith not only describes a thrilling manhunt, but also creates a sense of mid-20th century Russia. Special Agent Owen Burke and his partner Ron Harris are FBI investigators in New York. Hardly a day goes by when they don’t have to solve a gruesome death. This is also the case in A surefire coup. In it, a distraught lady shows up at their precinct. Mrs. Jordan’s father has been brutally murdered in Central Park, and there is no trace of her daughter Liz. Are the murder and the kidnapping connected? Much to Mrs. Jordan’s dismay, however, the two FBI agents believe that her father was planning a coup and may have been messing with the wrong people…. Behind the author Steve Hackett is the German author Peter Haberl. Successful in Germany as a Western and crime novelist, he writes agent thrillers under his pseudonym. The Special Agent Owen Burke series impresses with inventive twists and a likeable investigator duo. Discover more: Popular thriller writers and authors on Audible.

The First Female Agent: In the Footsteps of Mata Hari

Who said only men can be great agents? The story of the dancer Mata Hari proves it: Women also have what it takes to be excellent secret agents. The mysterious Dutchwoman was a top spy during the First World War who had men wrapped around her finger and coaxed many a secret out of them. She dances the men around the mind. Dutchwoman Gertrud Margarete Gelle calls herself Mata Hari and works as a dancer. Her audience: men of the highest rank from all over Europe who are fascinated by the extravagant artist. In the dimly lit séparée where Mata Hari shows her dancing skills, she elicits spicy secrets from one or the other public servant. A lucrative knowledge, if it gets to the opponents – and a profitable business for a dancer. So she pockets some information in exchange for good money. Until the French become aware of Mata Hari’s activities during the First World War. Mata Hari is accused of espionage, arrested in Paris and shot on October 15, 1917. Helmut M. Backhaus emerges with The Mata Hari Case dives deep into the history of the enigmatic dancer. His Inspector Latour goes in search of the truth and unrolls step by step the whole life of the mysterious agent. Quotes from interrogation transcripts and biographical background information make this audiobook on one of the most spectacular World War I espionage cases so riveting. Fascinating True Crime: Real Crimes in Audiobooks

Women to Power: Thrillers with Strong Female Agents

While James Bond falls for women, female secret agents like Mata Hari use men’s favor to their own advantage. Two female agents who want to protect the world from evil criminals are the novel’s heroines Fiona Griffith and Myfanwy Thomas. While one investigates undercover, the other unexpectedly becomes the savior of the world. New on the beat, police officer Fiona Griffith is given mostly routine cases to work. Her first case leads her to a furniture store where accounting fraudsters are up to no good and embezzling a lot of money. But since Fiona Griffith has just completed her undercover agent training, she investigates in her own way. As a cleaning lady named Fiona Grey, she applies for a job at the furniture store. As an unsuspicious cleaner, she gets closer and closer to the scammers. But they smell the agent. Without further ado, Fiona gets caught between the fronts and becomes the criminals’ plaything. Can she stop them without revealing her true identity? The sympathetic and disheveled agent Fiona Griffith investigates in Committed to the Dead for the first time as an undercover agent. With this series of agents, author Harry Bingham created a heroine who is always looking for a piece of herself as she searches for the bad guys. One of the top five people in British intelligence must be a mole, a top agent of the KGB. George Smiley, in forced retirement as a relic of the Cold War, is brought back to “clean out the place.” Piece by piece, the “mole” takes on human traits – all the way to a fast-paced finale. One of the most gripping spy novels of all time! John le Carré (real name David Cornwell) is the world-famous author of spy novels such as The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and the George Smiley novels.

Highly explosive investigations abroad: agent thrillers international

Agents live primarily lonely lives, always surrounded by strangers who have no inkling of the dark secret of their counterparts. But what doesn’t one do to ward off the big catastrophes? These two agent thrillers tell of international entanglements surrounding Al-Qaeda, cold-blooded blackmailers, and two brave agents who will do anything to do their jobs. First, a bank employee dies in Paris: she is shot dead in the street. Shortly after, a high-ranking employee of the bank in Bologna is dead. The police only see a connection between the two deaths when unknown blackmailers contact them via e-mail. If the financial institution does not pay 500 million euros immediately, 60,000 more employees in Europe will have to die. Time is pressing, the secret elite unit ECSB must act. Agent Solveigh Lang investigates together with her team. With modern tricks and a lot of experience she gets on the blackmailers’ track. But the criminals are more cunning than the agents suspect. Author Jenk Saborowski has written Operation Blackmail has written a first gripping criminal case for agent Solveigh Lang. In a race against time, he sends his investigator and her team on a Europe-wide manhunt. As a female agent with quirks and idiosyncrasies, she is an authentic heroine who will win over Bond fans and agent newcomers alike. Horrifying crimes, thrilling investigations: Our top 10 brutal thrillers

Serial killers and creepy crime scenes: gruesome agent thrillers

Their enemies are cruel murderers whose deeds make the blood run cold. To protect people and stop the killing, these agents get up close and personal with the brutal serial killers. Almost too close. But what would an agent be who gives in to his fear? That’s right, a bad investigator! FBI Agent Magnus Craig is not only a great investigator, but also an agent with a special gift: He can tell where a person has gone and what they have touched at the scene of a crime. He keeps his gift a secret, but for his job it is a stroke of luck. Because the closeness he can establish with victims and perpetrators benefits his job as a profiler with the Special Tracking Unit. Magnus Craig is also on the hunt for a serial killer in northern California. A dangerous cat-and-mouse game begins, whose winner is far from being the FBI. In Magnus Craig, author Spencer Cope has created an idiosyncratic investigator with a dark secret who solves cases in his own original way. Featuring The Body Collector an inventive, compelling agent thriller has emerged that will leave you wanting a sequel to the Magnus Craig series. A strange stench wafts through the hallowed museum halls of the Natural History Museum of New York. Shortly thereafter, museum employees find two mutilated bodies. The management decides to sweep the incident under the table as best they can. A mistake, as it soon turns out, because soon there are more dead. A case for Special Agent Pendergast and Lieutenant Vincent D’Agosta. They go in search of clues in the museum. But soon they are gripped by sheer horror. In Relic: Museum of Fear the author duo Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child puts its readers in fear and terror. The first case of the agent thriller series around Special Agent Pendergast is not for the faint of heart. The horror and horror of the investigators is audible in every line, also thanks to speaker Thomas Piper, who provides with his rough voice for nerve-wracking tension.

Insider Tip: David Hasselhoff’s Debut

David Hasselhoff’s (yes, THE David Hasselhoff) debut work “Up Against The Wall – Mission Mauerfall” is a special kind of agent novel, in which he thrillingly and highly ironically takes aim at the persistent legend that it was he who brought down the Wall in 1989. In the audiobook, available exclusively on Audible, the American explains what the fall of the Berlin Wall has to do with him, a doppelganger and CIA agent named Nick Harper, and lots of border crossings. Fact or fiction?

More exciting agent thrillers at Audible

Secret agents live dangerously, but they have one mission: to protect humanity. Have you caught the thriller fever? You can find more audiobooks about espionage, politics and justice in our offer. Aliens Blu Ray Box Set.

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