Pochette Meaning

The pocket square – pochette in French – is coming back into fashion: not only older men, but also fashion-conscious young men are tucking it into their jackets – and sometimes wearing jeans with it.

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Ulm – Anyone who thinks of a pocket square might imagine it in the breast pocket of a groom or an older gentleman. But the pocket square, also called a pochette, is now worn mainly by young men – and with not so fine jeans. It is the antithesis in current men’s fashion: casual, but chic it should be. The pochette appeared at the beginning of the 19th century. In the Biedermeier era, the lower middle classes began to adorn themselves, explains Gerd Müller-Thomkins, managing director of the German Fashion Institute in Cologne. Elements of this conservative style are back in fashion today: “For a few seasons now, we’ve been talking about a new bourgeoisie,” says Müller-Thomkins. Today, fashionistas like to play the bourgeois. Men can therefore currently wear the scarf in the jacket for any occasion – without having to fear being dressed too smartly, finds personal shopper Sonja Grau from Ulm. It even fits into sporty jackets. Usually, however, it is right when “stylish elegance” is required. Classically, the cloth is therefore in the jacket for the office or for evening events. But the designers dare something new. Colorful cloth in a black jacket Manufacturer Roy Robsen combines a scarf with a rustic check pattern with a corduroy jacket, and the man wears a polo shirt with it. Patrizia Pepe has the jacket with cloth worn with a denim shirt. At s.Oliver, a striped scarf peeks out of the breast pocket of a gray jacket. Eton tucks a colorful pochette into a black jacket. The bright blue suit from Sieger conveys something dandy-like, with a red scarf tucked loosely into the breast pocket. The term pochette is derived from French and means something like “small pocket,” explains fashion critic and book author Bernhard Roetzel. The cloth, he says, is classically made of fine silk or white linen. “Originally, the pochette was a cloth that you actually had in your breast pocket as a snuff cloth. But it then transformed into a purely decorative cloth.” Today, the piece of cloth actually has no function. However, Bernhard Roetzel thinks it is quite elegant and shows sovereignty when its owner occasionally brings it out and uses it. He must, however, be able to put the cloth away properly afterwards. Gerd Müller-Thomkins does not think much of this: the handkerchief is only a handkerchief when it is no longer used as a handkerchief. And then the man is a true gentleman, says the fashion expert.

Pochette is not equal to pochette

The cloth is folded in different ways and depending on the occasion. For a business dinner, for example, it should be square – the classic fold, explains Roetzel. One approach is to fold the square cloth in half in three steps and then fold up one of the two shorter sides so far that a small distance remains to the upper edge. This way, the cloth still peeks out of the jacket pocket by about an inch. White linen is usually used for this, says Grau. More elegant – and thus suitable for a visit to the theater or a date in an upscale restaurant – is the triangular fold. The cloths for this are traditionally plain or striped. The left corner of the scarf is folded to the middle, and the opposite one is folded as well, so that its tip meets the edge of the now straight left side. The bottom tip is then folded to the center. With the remaining tip facing up, the cloth goes into the jacket pocket. The alternative is to fold the square into a triangle and place the two long tips in the center. Casually and loosely, the scarf sits in the jacket pocket in the bulge fold. The signal: I didn’t get dressed up, I’m already so elegant. “But the stricter form is the safer option in business,” advises Roetzel. For the groom, the crown fold is a good choice. This one is quite complicated: The cloth is folded into a triangle. The two pointed corners are folded diagonally upwards so that they lie next to the wide upper tip. The lower edge is now folded upwards a bit – and that’s it. Turned over, the cloth goes into the bag. When buying, men should make sure that the pochette is not too small and has a hand-rolled edge, advises fashion expert Roetzel. The rolled edge makes the thread appear almost invisible. However, it can usually only be found in the high-priced segment. He also recommends always wearing a pochette with a suit and tie. Even if many men find this exaggerated and dandyish, this combination is always correct and elegant. For Gerd Müller-Thomkins, the pochette is currently the sign for those who want to claim to be fashion-conscious. The man shows with it that he does not only wear “the typical 08/15 office outfit”. Educalingo Cookies are used to personalize ads and for web traffic statistics. We also share information about your use of our website with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Download App educalingo



Pochette is a Noun. The noun or noun is the kind of word whose meaning determines reality. Nouns name all things: persons, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.


Definition of pochette in the French dictionary

The dictionary definition of pochette is small bag made of cloth or leather; inside pocket of a bag. Envelope, paper or plastic bag that serves as packaging. La définition de pochette dans le dictionnaire est petit sac d’étoffe ou de cuir; poche intérieure d’un sac. Enveloppe, sachet de papier ou de plastique qui sert d’emballage. Click here, to see the original definition of “pochette” in French. Click here, to see the automatic translation of the definition in German.


Synonyms and antonyms of pochette in French in the dictionary of synonyms


The following words in the French dictionary have similar or identical meaning to “pochette” and belong to the same grammatical category. Synonyms in French of pochette


pochette balance emballage épuisette filet poche cher costume anglais express définition cérémonie louis vuitton pochettes sacs soirée femme nouvelle collection zalando apogée élégance marques comme guess encore love moschino bien compris plus sont nbsp pour galeries lafayette achetez ligne derniers articles disponibles galerieslafayette achats satisfaits remboursés pendant jours pochette accessorize découvrez pouvoir avec notre exclusive sublimez votre look rigide carrée forme enveloppe cuir asos ornée perles excellente alternative main sélection mini besace suedine cartable egayez garde robe ainsi tenues

Translation of pochette in 25 languages


Learn how to translate pochette on 25 languages with our multilingual French translator. The translations from pochette to other languages presented in this section have been achieved through automatic statistical translationwhere the base unit of translation is the word “pochette” in French.

Translator German – Chinese

钱包 1.325 million speakers

Translator German – Spanish

billetera 570 million speakers

Translator German – English

wallet 510 million speakers

Translator German – Hindi

बटुआ 380 million speakers

Translator German – Arabic

محفظة 280 million speakers

Translators German – Russian

бумажник 278 million speakers

Translator German – Portuguese

carteira 270 million speakers

German – Bengali

মানিব্যাগ 260 million speakers


pochette 220 million speakers

Translator German – Malaysian

wallet 190 million speakers

Translator German – German

wallet 180 million speakers

Translator German – Japanese

財布 130 million speakers

German – Korean

지갑 85 million speakers

German – Javanese

wallet 85 million speakers

Translators german – Vietnamese

80 million speakers

Translator German – Tamil

பணப்பை 75 million speakers

Translator German – Marathi

पाकीट 75 million speakers

Translator German – Turkish

cüzdan 70 million speakers

Translator German – Italian

portafoglio 65 million speakers

Translator German – Polish

portfel 50 million speakers

Translators german – Ukrainian

гаманець 40 million speakers

Translator german – Romanian

portofel 30 million speakers

Translator German – Greek

πορτοφόλι 15 million speakers

Translator German – Afrikaans

beursie 14 million speakers

German – Swedish

plånbok 10 million speakers

Translators German – Norwegian

lommebok 5 million speakers

Trends in the use of pochette


The term “pochette” is used very frequently and occupies the place 6.716 on our list of the most used terms of the dictionary in French. FREQUENCY Very frequently used The previous graph shows the frequency of use of the term “pochette” in different countries. Most important trends in the search and general use of pochette List of the main searches performed by users when accessing our French dictionary and the most used expressions with the word “pochette”.


The graph prints the annual evolution of the frequency of use of the word “pochette” over the last 500 years. Its implementation is based on the analysis of the frequency of occurrence of the term “pochette” in the digitized printed sources in French since 1500 until today.

Citations, Bibliography and News about pochette in French


quotations and sayings with the word pochette. On n’écoute plus ce que les gens disent. On se contente de regarder comment ils le disent, quel regard ils ont en le disant, et si leur cravate est assortie à leur pochette.


Discover the use of pochette in the following bibliographic selection. Books associated with pochette and short excerpts from them to contextualize its use in literature. d’étudier les écrits des autres, de vouloir donner à mes gamins l’envie de l’ écriture, de les lire, une envie me tenaillait et me tenaille encore aujourd’hui, plus de quatre ans après. Il me semble que j’ai tant à dire, à raconter, à inventer, tant de … 2 Biribi le mazourkiste vaudeville en un acte par MM. du … POCHETTE. Comment ! Lili? ‘. 0unw5. Lis, malheureuxl… et vois dans quel précipice nous trèhuchous !… POCHETTE, lisant. – Le’bal qucje donne est à l’ intention du grand I palatin Sandomir Blagouwski , mon gendre I futur, qui rall’ole de sa … Théophile Marion Dumersan, Adolphe : de Leuven, 1845 3 Archives médicales belges “si n. -u I9 ‘U È 13 O! (‘.1 -la Quantities by weight and DESIGNATION OF OBJECTS. LOCATION AND OBSERVATIONS. SACK 110 IEthrr. Ire pocket of the upper row. Ammonia. 60 2nd pocket ditto. Chlorol’crme. 4 Silent reading CE2: Pocket student with 16 … A new kit containing several documentary texts and a literary work to help third graders read different types of texts.The kit of silent reading cards offers:- 16 reading activities, … 5 My folder The booklet contains: the different parts of the horse’s body; the dresses; the head and tail marks; the horse from head to toe; a perpetual calendar; four posters with pictures of the most beautiful horses. 6 Teaching Women’s History in the 20th Century: The Practice … This kit This educational package has been designed in accordance with the aims and objectives of the Council of Europe’s project on “Learning and Teaching European History in the 20th Century in Secondary Schools”: – to interest young people in the … 7 Felted wool creations for all Attach the pouch on the back or inside of the bag with a snap: it will be removable! … hearts, animals … on the back of which you will attach a brooch, in order to hang them on your pocket … 8 The best tips for Windows 7 10 from the Internet information about the album, the CD, the coverYou must be connected to the Internet to be able to retrieve this information. Display of information If your CD is not very known, … Xavier Creuset, Sophie Valeyre, Éric Viègnes, 2009 (Cover 42) 1435331 (Cover 42) 1435331 (Cover 43) C151-25637/8 Box 1256375 (Pocket 44) C051 -43321 … (Pouch 47) 1109011 1109011 ( Pouch 48) C051-01209 C251-01209 (Pouch 49) CI 51 -53824/ 5 (Sleeve 88) … 10 Photographic archives of “France-Soir”: Files … Pocket L ISLE ADAM Nbre photos . 4+1 postcard Dates: 1932 Pocket . ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX No. of photos : 4 Agency : Meurisse Dates : 1939 Pocket . IVRY Nbre photos : 2 Dates, [ant. 1935] Pocket . IVRY PORT Nbre photos .


Erfahre, worüber man in den einheimischen und internationalen Medien spricht und wie der Begriff pocket im Kontext der folgenden Nachrichten gebraucht wird. The Rock Garage #2: The Strange White Beetle of Abbey Road He is said to have been killed in a car accident in 1966 and the man on the cover is only a vile look-alike. It is the white Volkswagen, badly … “Le Monde, Jul 15” How Ikea is trying to embrace new technologies with … And the Swedish company’s new table set, which has a pocket sewn in to hold your phone during a meal, doesn’t help matters. “Slate.co.uk, Jul 15” IKEA: A table set with a smartphone pocket … even if the guy is fast, the time to take it out of the pocketI’m not sure if it’s a good idea to have a little more time to get it out of the bag, knowing that the direction of the opening is going to be the opposite of the direction of the liquid, … “Le Journal du Geek, Jul 15” Hayce Lemsi: the cover of “L’or des Rois” sends some heavy stuff! (Photo) If he already revealed some extracts, today, it is the cover of this project that he unveils. A cover strong of symbols. It is a Hayce Lemsi … “MCE Ma Chaine Etudiante, Jul 15” Exclu : “Auguste August”, pretty summer covers by Lenparrot As bilingual as its name, the two-title album surprises at least as much as its cover. Indeed, we can find two summer covers of two … “Les Inrocks, Jul 15” Photos : Smiling and well surrounded, Anja Rubik poses for La Furla ! The Polish girl wears sometimes a La Furla bag on the shoulder: a black and beige bucket bag, a very trendy model; sometimes a small clutch square … “Public.fr, Jul 15” Ivory Coast: on Alpha Blondy FM, “especially not politics!” … Félix Houphouët-Boigny, then another of his grandmother, the same one that appears on the cover of his latest album, Positive Energy. “Jeune Afrique, Jul 15” Lost dog: Five tips to find him The top: Have a pocket for your dog’s papers. Notify the emergency number. If his absence begins to be … “20minutes.fr, Jul 15” The hand in the bag of … Sweet! So usually when I don’t have class, my bag stays at home and I only take my clutch and my wallet. Money and a … “madmoiZelle.com, Jul 15” Letizia Ortiz goes wild in Milan for the World Expo As a finishing touch, at least as far as her outfit is concerned, a clutch in harmony with the other pieces. If Letizia Ortiz has the … “Puretrend.com, Jul 15″ REFERENZ ” EDUCALINGO. Clutch [online] , Dez 2022 “. Pochette Meaning.

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