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Men’s fashion jeans guide for men: these cuts convince

10.02.2022, 13:47 Uhr Straight-leg jeans, slim-fit, skinny & Co: Which jeans fits are in – and to what occasion can men wear the models? With this jeans guide, men can find the ideal jeans for everyday, leisure and office. Jeans are among the most versatile items of clothing – both in the men’s department and in women’s fashion, you don’t want to miss the comfortable denim pants. The formerly casual leisure jeans can even be worn in the office with the right fit. But whether wide fit, straight cut, modern-slim or even tight like a second skin: Which jeans model suits which occasion? In this jeans guide, we present the four different jeans cuts for men.

Slim-fit jeans: The standard among men’s jeans

Slim-fit jeans strike the ideal balance between skin-tight and loose-casual. The body-hugging cut creates a modern fit that convinces in all combinations as a discreet all-rounder. Ideally, the pant leg lies loosely on the shoes and can optionally be rolled up casually. Who can wear them? Tall men with trained legs will benefit from the body-hugging jeans. But gentlemen with shorter legs can also reach for the slim-fit jeans, because the straight cut visually stretches the body in length. Occasion? Combined with a shirt and jacket, slim-fit jeans are also suitable for a professional office look. For everyday wear, we go for slim-fit jeans with a stretch component, such as the Sullivan Slim stretch jeans by Ralph Lauren: the pants are made of recycled cotton blend with elastane.

Straight-leg jeans: the regular jeans model

Advertisement As the name suggests, straight-leg jeans have a straight cut. At the thighs, the regular jeans therefore sits close to the body, at the calves it falls loosely. Who can wear them? Straight-leg jeans suit just about every man, as their straight cut gives them balanced proportions. Without being too tight, the cut emphasizes the figure and can hide very slim or very strong calves in the loose trouser legs. Occasion? The straight cut has established itself as a timeless and professional jeans model that is particularly convincing in dark versions with shirts, polo shirts and sweaters. The dark wash of these jeans with matching belt can therefore also be worn in a business context. Bonus point: the fabric of the jeans, just like the belt, is elastic and ensures that these pants not only look good, but also sit comfortably at all times.

Skinny jeans: very slim fit jeans.

Skinny jeans go one step further than slim-fit jeans. The very tight cut provides a body-hugging silhouette. As a rule, this jeans model comes with a high percentage of elastane, so that comfort is not neglected, despite the tight fit. Who can wear them? Since skinny jeans fit the body like a second skin, the legs are strongly emphasized. The fashionable look is not for every man and demands a portion of self-confidence from the wearer. Occasion? Especially for leisure, skinny jeans like the model from Ralph Lauren are welcome. Sneakers and a denim jacket round off the denim look perfectly.

Tapered jeans: The wedge-shaped denim trousers

Tapered jeans usually sit a little lower, loose on the thighs and hips and taper down. They are wider than slim-fit and tighter than straight-leg jeans – the ideal middle ground. Advertisement Who can wear them? Men with strong thighs and very slim gentlemen can use the tapered jeans to hug their silhouette. For smaller, powerfully built men, this cut is rather unflattering, as it has a visually compressing effect. Occasion? The wedge-shaped tapered jeans are ideal for casual retro looks in everyday life & co. For example, we style the Levi’s men’s 512 Slim Taper Jeans with a check shirt, vintage sneakers and casual leather jacket. Not the right cut there? Here are more jeans models

Conclusion: Which jeans models should you own?

With a T-shirt, shirt or jacket: The Jeans can create tasteful looks in almost any combination. But which investment is worthwhile? Wide fits offer a comfortable feel that we do not want to miss, especially in everyday life. Slim-fit jeans, on the other hand, are the perfect companion for the office: a close-fitting cut gives the casual classic that certain touch of professionalism. Basically, the darker the wash, the more formal the jeans look. Holes, heavy washes and rivet details, on the other hand, are a case for the casual wardrobe. If you want to get the most out of your jeans, you should invest in a plain model that integrates with the rest of your closet color palette. Play it safe with black, dark blue or gray jeans. Bootcut jeans Bootcut (“boot cut”) jeans are characterized by a cut that widens towards the bottom. This cut flatters the leg immensely: it makes the thigh appear slimmer and smaller men are visually stretched. But even tall men can wear the pants well and combine them with almost everything. The bootcut jeans is thus a timeless all-rounder and should not be missing in any closet. Tapered Fit Jeans A tapered fit jeans is similar to a carrot pants, mixed with some baggy jeans. Like the orange vegetable, the jeans are tapered – they get narrower from top to bottom and are relatively tight at the ankles. Especially for men with rather wider thighs and a strong hip can wear the pants well, because they conceal something. Very slim men, on the other hand, should look whether the carrot pants do not make them “too thin” visually. But of course, this is also a matter of taste. Regular Fit Jeans A regular fit jeans is not on the body, but is only on the slightly wider body parts. In terms of cut, it is exactly between straight fit and loose fit and thus offers the wearer a very pleasant and high wearing comfort. As the name suggests, the regular jeans cut is particularly suitable for people with a regular, or even an average build. Not too big, not too small, neither exceptionally slim, nor a little fuller. Men who tend to be a little smaller and slimmer should try on a pair of Regular Fit jeans first, as they might turn out too wide and loose. More muscular men might have the “problem” that the jeans her something skinny sits and not desired something looser. Skinny jeans In the skinny jeans de n cut can be better derived from the term “skin”, than from the word “skinny”. Skin means skin and that’s how skinny jeans should fit: like a second skin. So very tight, both on the buttocks and thighs, as well as the calves, up to the ankles. Wear the skinny jeans can mainly slim, athletic men, because the skinny jeans does not let hide anything by its tight fit. However, it also emphasizes assets, such as a crisp buttocks and tight calves. So, skinny jeans are not the optimal model for everyone. Slim Fit Jeans As the translation suggests, slim fit jeans have a very narrow cut. Special feature is the tight fit on the buttocks and thighs, but also the narrow cut leg. Men with athletic figures and slim legs should own at least one pair of slim fit jeans, so as to emphasize their physical advantages.

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Marked as helpful by the questioner Buy them only if you really want to wear them. Superskinnys are skin tight and emphasize your legs. If you feel comfortable in them and it excites you to wear them then go for it. Even if you are thin you should not care what others think, the main thing is that you like it. Why should thin men/boys do without it just because others don’t like it. I am also very thin and wear skin-tight Superskinnys. Also the boy or man may show his thin legs in Superskinnys obs the women/girls now like or not and they look in Skinnys also not always top. Do you have stork legs or are they muscular? With fashion you should emphasize your strengths and conceal your weaknesses – in this case thin legs. Permitted is actually what pleases. You have a girlfriend who will tell you the truth. It’s nothing if you like skinny jeans. But do you also like them on yourself? Have you ever looked critically in the mirror? You have to decide for yourself what you find beautiful! Leather boots to lace up are very modern, but also hightop sneakers or regular Vans fit. It also depends on whether you roll up the pant leg 🙂 So I personally think that young guys skater jeans look very good. With a nice leather belt and a decent buckle, just looks pretty good. I have some skinnys from Bershka, are just great and are worn a lot. Do not be ashamed If you feel ashamed to wear such pants, you shouldn’t wear them. Wear only the clothes you feel comfortable in. Go with flat shoes or flat sporty shoes.

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