Extended Serenity Prayer

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Published in: Sacred flames of the heavenly-minded soul, Lit in devotional prayer and song. Funding: German Research Foundation Last update: 08/29/2022, 11:26 CEST.

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The Liturgy of the Hours

The tradition of the Liturgy of the Hours is maintained in the Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches. The purpose of the Liturgy of the Hours is to bring before God individual times of the day with their particularity, and at the same time to keep the prayer of the Church around the world going. The liturgical books containing the texts of the Liturgy of the Hours are called the “Book of Hours” in the Catholic Church. The shorter form of the monastic Liturgy of the Hours, formerly intended for secular priests, was also called the Breviary (Latin breve “short”). The daily texts of the Liturgy of the Hours can be found online at: > stundenbuch.katholisch.de/kalendertag.php Practically for on the way there is the Book of Hours app. Information can be found at: > www.pressebund.de/projekte/digitales-brevier/

Online course contemplation

Prayer for each other

Prayer for peace

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Different prayers

The result of praying is life. Praying waters the earth and the heart. St. Francis of Assisi Praying creates space for the voice of God to tell you that you are the Beloved. If you don’t pray, you run around begging for affirmation. And then you are not free. Henri J. M. Nouwen Lord when my little world collapses the air to breathe seems to be taken away from me I feel the finiteness of life my ego has to give up control when I myself can no longer achieve anything I feel lost and vulnerable and stand before you with empty hands then I want to widen my gaze to feel you receive your loving gaze to embed my life in Your great horizon to feel what life in You means to understand Your secret to have a firm foundation in You and to confidently walk the path of trust to Your hand firmly connected with Your life force I can dare the path of serenity to let myself be guided by You because You give me the promise of being healed Cornelia Napierski Source : www.spurensuche.info/wp-spurensuche/portfolio/heitere-gelassenheit/

God in me

God, you are inside me, you are the hero who liberates me and leads me into life. You are the courage within me that conquers fear and breaks all bonds. You are the strength inside me that gives me vitality and makes me set out again and again. You are the light in me that makes me blossom and makes me shine more and more. You are the life in me that loosens all rigidity and moves me anew every day. You are the vastness in me that creates space for what still wants to grow. You are the truth in me that never falls silent and that announces new things to me even before they begin to sprout. Source: Hannelore Bares at www.spurensuche.info

To turn back, to let go, to allow new ways

To turn back – when I have allowed everyday life to enslave me. Turn back – when I have given myself over to worries and fears. Turn back – when I have sought to numb the thirst of my soul. Turn back – when I have mistakenly sought fulfillment in provisional things. To turn back – to run toward the Father’s embrace, to be expected. To return – to feel that I am loved for myself. To turn back – to let myself be given without measure. To turn back – to open the door to joy. Norbert Mothes Extended Serenity Prayer.

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