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Make small rooms look bigger: Tips & Tricks

Whether it’s a 20-square-foot studio apartment, a tiny house or a specific room in your home. If you follow a few basic design tips, you can make any small room look bigger. Make.


When you think about making a small space look bigger, it’s obvious, with color to start. The general rule is that light colors make a room look bigger and dark colors make a room look smaller. While this is generally the case, it depends on how you use the colors. For example, dark wood floors can be balanced with light walls and furniture. This contrast between light and dark helps add visual interest and depth to a room. Alternatively, you can light floors with light walls combine them. The low contrast creates the illusion of a continuous and expansive space.

Think minimalist

Due to its size, a small room has limited space to accommodate furnishings and accessories. It very quickly becomes cluttered with too many things, making it look messy and cluttered. The best way to avoid this is to reduction of objects and creating storage spaces to store things so that they are out of sight. You should also be very reduced in the design and design and the use of patterns approach. If you are looking for flooring for a small space, keep it as simple as possible. For example, for wood floors, use a type of wood with a uniform color scheme and subtle grain. Using wide planks will also create a spacious feel. Avoid excessive patterning and color variation when choosing vinyl or carpet flooring.

Create the illusion of space

There are a few little tricks you can use to create the illusion of space and size. The use of Mirror in strategic places can help reflect natural light and brighten up the brighten up the room. For flooring with a plank pattern, you can visually lengthen the room by placing the planks parallel to the longest wall wall. Another option is to lay the flooring diagonally across the room. This trick makes a room appear larger and applies to any flooring material, including wood floors, vinyl floors and tile.

Design and decorating ideas to make small rooms look bigger

In addition to the design tips mentioned above, we have listed below other ideas on how to make a small room look bigger.

Use vertical space

Use empty walls for additional cabinets or shelves. This will free up floor space and make the room look bigger. Another space-saving trick is to install wall sconces and sconces in bedrooms, bathrooms, workrooms, hallways and living rooms instead of table lamps or free-standing lamps.

Storage space through wall cabinets

Wall cabinets help reclaim floor space while providing room to store and organize items. In a small bedroom, you can add mirrors to the closet doors to open up the space. And in a small kitchen or living room, shelves that extend to the ceiling can create the optical illusion of higher ceilings. More items Find a Tarkett dealer now! Experience Tarkett flooring live at a dealer near you. What is a minimalist interior design style? One of the biggest trends is a minimalist interior design style. The complexity of our environment creates a longing for a pared-down home, which is reflected in the minimalist trend. Urban Style: what is urban living style all about Urban living style combines elements of contemporary, modern and industrial designs to create a unique style that is perfect for inner-city living. Modern design: what is a modern interior design style? Do you love modern design? Then read more about this interior design style and learn how you can bring it into your own home. Industrial Style: Definition & Decorating Ideas Learn more about the industrial decorating style and how you can draw inspiration from it to decorate your home with lighting, colors, wall art and more. Outdoor Floor Paint Ideas.

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