Narrow Plant Pots

Designing with Pflanzwerk® planters

The attractive design with a natural planting is only perfect with attractive, shapely planterswhich not only show off your flowers and plants to their best advantage, but also act as a design element and fit harmoniously with the surroundings: Whether in outdoor areas such as gardens, on the terrace or balcony, as an eye-catcher in the entrance area or for the visual structuring of interiors – Pflanzwerk® planters large are the right choice for gardens, terraces and balconies! Pflanzwerk® flower and plant pots are available in a rich selection of shapes, sizes and colors. As a result, they can be perfectly combined with your garden furniture or furnishings, they add subtle colorful appeal and always create the right setting – whether for relaxed garden parties or stylish evening receptions. The individual combination of different types and sizes of planters brings, complements and creates spaces that invite you to linger. Lovers of simple elegance with clear lines as well as friends of rustic structures with natural tones will find a wide range of colors at Pflanzwerk – from light gray tones to lively rust brown and elegant black – which can be contrasting or subtle in color as desired. The surfaces of Pflanzwerk® planters and planter troughs look completely natural – no wonder – because they are made of real minerals, which enhance the naturalness underline and emphasize the naturalness of our rectangular planters. Rectangular planters

The advantages of Pflanzwerk® planters

Pflanzwerk’s planters are aesthetically pleasing to look at, whether alone or with flowering plants. Pflanzwerk® planters & flower tubs offer you a whole range of unbeatable advantages that will ensure lasting enjoyment of our high-quality products:

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Wide range of colors and models
  • Large selection of different shapes
  • Very good price-performance ratio thanks to favorable prices
  • Assistance in placing and planting the planters
  • Free shipping of planters directly to your doorstep
  • Huge range of plants and accessories, suitable for the planter
  • Updates & lots of new stuff

High quality workmanship

Pflanzwerk® planters are extremely robust despite their classic elegance. This is due to the special material combination of sturdy fiberglass on the inside and a special stone mixture on the outside, which contains natural stone and sand and – unlike many products from other manufacturers – creates a completely natural look. The body is made of a fiberglass fabric produced in a rotational process, which gives it the high stability, impact resistance and resilience that Pflanzwerk which distinguishes Pflanzwerk® planters large and rectangular. The visible outer shell and surface contains a layer of finely or coarsely ground stone, which provides a natural-looking finish and colors and a pleasant feel. This high-quality finish guarantees that all Pflanzwerk® fiberglass planters, unlike many weather-sensitive natural stone or wood planters, are not only frost-resistant and heat-resistant, but also remain permanently lightfast and UV-resistant.

Lightweight despite massive appearance

It is a common misconception that modern outdoor planters are only suitable for delicate flowering plants such as daffodils and small greenery. On the contrary, the variety of planter sizes available at Pflanzwerk allows you to find sturdy XXL planters large enough to accommodate a small tree. Fancy the shade of a tree but don’t have the floor space to plant it? Thanks to plastic planters large enough, you can now grow trees almost anywhere. At the same time, these modern planters aren’t as heavy as their sturdy appearance suggests. Pflanzwerk® planters exude the reliable heaviness of solid plant troughs made of natural stone – yet their their weight is significantly lower! This makes them simple and very easy to transport and move. So with Pflanzwerk® planters, you can restructure and change the design of all rooms and areas at any time with ease. This also makes storage and stowage easier, because they can be stacked easily to save space.

Wide range of colors and models

While round planters were perhaps the most common type of planter in the past, today there are no limits to creativity when it comes to planters. Our wooden planters are also available in a diverse selection of shapes and sizes – some are low and wide, others tall and narrow. Contemporary planters for the outdoor area set individual accents and make a statement planted or unplanted. In addition, modern outdoor rectangular planters can give your plants and flowers a whole new effect. For example, when planted in a garden, all red roses look similar, but when combined with modern planters, even traditional garden plants are given a new look. All of our planters and flower pots, of course, we offer in a rich selection of shapes and colors. This allows you to design and decorate areas and spaces according to your individual ideas: whether rectangular planters, elegant flower troughs, large flower pots, discreet flower troughs or rustic planters. Each model of our planters is available in up to 16 colors and 6 shapes available in many sizes in our online store, can be delivered to your home or, of course, can be picked up on site!

Our different shapes

Pflanzwerk® planters are currently available in these angular modern shapes: TUB, DIVIDER, CUBE, TOWER, VISTA & CUP. Of course, you can choose from a wide range of different sizes: from a minimum height of 17 cm for the TUB model to a maximum height of 80 cm for the TOWER model and from a length of 23 cm for the CUBE model to a length of 100 cm for the TUB model. Whether uniformity or variety in design – the choice is yours! Our rectangular planter TUB offers the classic shape of a plant trough and is particularly suitable for edging open areas due to the row, leaving the view of the garden unobstructed. Planter XXL DIVIDER excellently structures all indoor and outdoor spaces: the model creates clear structures in the room, divides and can also be used to visually create niches and subdivisions. On patios and balconies as well as indoors and outdoors, the room divider DIVIDER also functions as a decorative privacy screen when planted appropriately. CUBE and TOWER are particularly impressive and act as an attractive eye-catcher when placed solitarily in the room. The pleasant-to-touch surfaces of Pflanzwerk® flower pots and plant troughs pick up on the color and feel of natural materials such as stone and wood, but also of cement and metal. As a result, they create interesting visual effects. Shades such as anthracite, concrete gray, sand and brown optionally create a festive, elegant or restrained atmosphere. Our classic color anthracite in particular has a distinguished and restrained effect in interiors thanks to its warm black tone and contrasts excellently with light or lively surfaces. Subtle natural tones are offered by the range of Lava shades, with a non-slip feel, available in Lava Gray and Anthracite. With their lively surface, they are particularly effective in outdoor areas, whether along garden paths or on the patio. Those who love the naturally tanned surface of weathered wood will find the ideal design elements for their garden in the Pflanzwerk® planters in the shades Wood Gray and Brown. The warm colors combined with a rustic surface bring the flair of the Alps into your home. Friends of a modernist design and avant-garde garden design, the shade of rust offers an original and pristine look that provides interesting contrasts in the garden and on the terrace.

How do I place a planter correctly?

Pflanzwerk® planters and flower pots are designed in such a way that they can be placed either immediately and without preparation indoors or outdoors. Their dimensional stability and the good material properties of the rectangular planters mean that potting soil, potting soil or clay granules can also be filled in directly. The drainage holes already present as standard ensure that no waterlogging occurs due to rainwater. To prevent blockages of the water drainage, we offer you in the online store suitable drainage grids, fleece and expanded clay, which you can easily layer on the bottom of the planter. Using the planters indoors is also quite uncomplicated: At Pflanzwerk® you will find custom-made and perfectly fitting inserts for almost every type. Made in Germany. Through these practical inserts you save a lot of potting soil and also do not need to lay additional drainage. Especially for plants and herbs with little root system, it is worthwhile to provide the planters with these inserts. Thus, even large and tall planters simply remain almost weightless and yet you offer the plant roots everywhere enough space to develop. For flexible moving in different locations, you can find ultra-flat plant rollers in different sizes and shapes among our accessories, which are perfectly matched to your rectangular or round planter. Now you can move your planter without exertion, depending on your preference.

How do I properly plant a planter?

Before you can enjoy your new planters, however, special attention should still be paid to the correct planting. This is important so that you can also enjoy your new containers for many years. First and foremost, it is important to keep the drainage holes clear at all times and to ensure proper water drainage within the planters. To ensure this, it is necessary to lay a drainage layer in the container, so that only the water, but not potting soil is flushed out of the tubs during the watering process. For this purpose, the targeted use of drainage grids, expanded clay and separating fleece is necessary before the potting soil is filled into the container. To make this as easy as possible for you, we have listed the sequence in pictures and video. In this way, you too can become a planting professional in no time at all.

Tested quality

Pflanzwerk® planters made of fiberglass are weather- and frost-resistant and also UV-resistant and can therefore be placed outside all year round. To guarantee you our quality in the long term, our planters are regularly tested by the renowned IFO Institute for Surface Technology for surface technology with regard to their climatic resilience, UV resistance and robustness. Our products regularly pass these tests and achieve top marks. Also the TÜV-South has also put our fiberglass tubs and plastic pots through their paces. 500 hours of sprinkling and weathering, 240 hours of climate change from -15 degrees to over 40 degrees Celsius. Also the TÜV comes to the clear result: No change of the surface to recognize!

Optimally matched & diverse accessories

Pflanzwerk® also offers you a wide range of accessories to go with our planters: matched to all shapes and sizes of planters, you will also find the right inserts, which fit precisely and are handmade in Germany. In addition, we also offer special cleaners that gently clean and maintain the surfaces of your planters so that you can enjoy them for a long time to come. At Pflanzwerk® you can find large planters for the garden and of course a large selection of high quality potting soil, organic fertilizers and substrates, as well as many great decorative items. Also linseed oil for your wooden planters you receive immediately in Pflanzwerk quality! Just everything from one source and as often as possible made in Germany.

Updates & Much New

(Update 01.09.2022) Perhaps you have noticed: In 2018 and 2019, we at Pflanzwerk launched an elaborate advertising campaign. On all channels of the ProSieben / Sat1 media group (including Sixx and Kabel1) ran over 4 weeks several hundred times our commercials, which we developed in collaboration with a renowned advertising agency from Munich. The young, witty charm should consciously reflect our company and simply be fun to watch. “For everyone” was the slogan of the first Pflanzkübel TV commercial on German television. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve at Pflanzwerk: Every customer should find the right products for every concern with us, as well as that we advise each customer individually and are available to advise on their project. In addition to the first starring role of a planter in a TV commercial, shortly thereafter we also delivered a large-scale Germany-wide poster campaign in which we successfully communicated Pflanzwerk as the planter brand with relative simplicity. The range of accessories also continues to grow. From now on, you can get high-quality trellises, reusable plant binders or oils for painting the wood of your patio furniture. Also new: In addition to our assortment of high-quality houseplants and garden plants, you can now also get premium seeds for do-it-yourself growing. We start with our Crazy Kitchen Herbs: 12 herbs that no well-stocked kitchen should be without.

Pflanzwerk is “excellent

From the very beginning, it has always been our goal to constantly innovate and develop ourselves and our products. For example, we try to keep up with emerging color trends as well as to constantly optimize our high quality standards. The development of completely new products is also always a matter of concern to us. For this reason, for example, our unique ultra-flat planter coasters with rollers were created. 08/15 wooden flower rollers were never an option in our opinion – especially not in combination with our angular and high-quality planters. Nowhere, however, we found products that offered in a beautiful and functional way a way to move even XXL wooden planters or heavy flower pots, for example, to let them move to their winter quarters. After a period of development, the time had come. We presented the ultra-flat plant rollers from our company Pflanzwerk. These set completely new standards! Not only the design, but also the functionality and the carrying capacity play hand in hand here. A combination of these special features is the reason why our plant rollers were immediately awarded the German Design Award by the German Design Council. We have also been nominated for other design awards!

Our new collection: Pflanzwerk planters with irrigation system

Don’t you know the situation? You go on a well-deserved vacation for a longer period of time. But who will water the plants during that time? So what remains but to ask the neighbors to drop by from time to time to water the flowers? The alternative to this is really just to water the flowers a lot before you leave, hoping that the plant will take care of itself. However, this scenario only works in the rarest of cases, as the roots of the plant are permanently in water and thus quickly overwater. Our new Pflanzwerk planter collection provides a remedy here. This contains high-quality Planters with integrated irrigation system. The collection includes completely new colors and shapes for indoor use made of high quality plastic. An integrated water reservoir in the lower and separated area of the always directly fitting supplied insert ensures that the soil gradually helps itself to moisture. If the soil is dry, water is automatically directed from the reservoir into the soil. If the soil is moist, this process just does not happen. A water level indicator provides clarity as to whether and when water needs to be added to the insert. In addition to the plastic buckets, the all-round carefree package naturally includes the appropriate insert including water level indicator with handle, our water-retaining GrowUp plant substrate as well as a suitable amount of natural fertilizer, so that the planting of the new planters will be a complete success! With this new planter collection, we want to set new standards in 2020/2021 and not only convince you as a customer, but inspire you! First and foremost, this collection is intended for indoor use. Especially our tubs in high gloss look make a fantastic figure in interiors and offices. Thanks to an overflow in the insert, which ensures that never too much water is poured in, the water can also still run out of the bucket through a plug in the bottom of the vessel. This option is absolutely indispensable as well as ingenious, especially in the outdoor area.

That’s not all – Now also directly buy plants online at Pflanzwerk.

Due to high demand, we are also very proud to announce that from now on an assortment of indoor, ornamental and garden plants is available that is matched to our planters and modern flower boxes! Whether you want to order grasses or palms online, ornamental grass or seasonal plants or flowers, we will deliver high quality plants raised with love expertise right to your doorstep or garden! Hardy palms, ornamental plants, houseplants, balcony plants and hedge plants are carefully packed by us and delivered to your home free of charge. So you get from us everything you need for a successful garden design or interior greening, and that and all from one source. Our extensive service is of course, as always, free of charge on top. In addition, we are also continuing to expand our collection of planters with irrigation systems. Here we will also be able to present many new products in the future. But that is not all! Our range of smart gardening accessories is also growing steadily. Care products such as wood glazes and cleaning sprays against lime, plant rollers or rolling boards for easy transport of heavy and large tubs, decorative items or practical plant binders. We at Pflanzwerk know what matters in the garden or interior greening and interior design and online orders.

Always in focus – design, quality and sustainability

In addition to using the best possible materials as well as high-quality raw material components, we have also upgraded technically and now also focus on green sustainability, resource conservation and environmental friendliness. For example, our new high-efficiency server generations are equipped with power-saving technology and 100% green energy energy. Also our website is now running completely CO2 climate neutral and the energy we use also comes from sustainable sources. We love green meadows, flowering plants and plants in all shapes & colors and these come, in our opinion, of course best in Pflanzwerk containers. That’s exactly why a fundamental part of our green Pflanzwerk concept is the careful use of raw materials and resources. It is therefore obvious that we are constantly looking at our process logistics and production processes in order to improve our environmental friendliness, efficiency and optimized workflows. Fittingly, we are now also very proud that our parcel logistics partner DPD has launched a Group-wide strategy called “DrivingChange”, which, in addition to the CO2-neutral delivery of shipments and parcels thanks to state-of-the-art mobility solutions, it also ensures and enables a reduction in emissions per parcel delivered. We look forward to a green planting season and their online order, of course free shipping within germany Your team of Pflanzwerk

Creative garden design with planters

The outdoor area is an extension of your living space, and a successful landscaping is one of the best ways to create a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy. If you’re looking for an uncomplicated and economical way to spice up your patio, balcony deck or outdoor area, garden design with planters offers plenty of inspiration for creative arrangements.

Planters for the entrance area, best in a duo

Any garden entrance is perfect for placing tall planters – preferably in a duo to guard the entrance. Planted with flowering hanging basket plants, this inviting arrangement is an feast for the eyes of nature and garden lovers. Tall-growing plants in compact tubs are also exceptional for entranceway design. Especially robust palms, angel trumpets or tall ornamental grasses are a visual eye-catcher that welcomes visitors.

Privacy thanks to privacy screens

Do you want more privacy for a certain area of your garden or on the balcony? It’s easy to create a privacy screen with several planters. Plant pots can also be used to visually separate different areas of the garden. This can be, for example, a barbecue area, a herb garden or even a lawn. As far as the color of the planters is concerned, dark, restrained colors in particular serve their purpose here. You want an open space design, which is nevertheless well structured? In this case, planters, even indoors, are the perfect option for a green room layout. For example, dining and living areas can be visually separated with a tall planter and decorative plants. At the same time, the new planter becomes a real eye-catcher in your home!

Highlight for the garden party – illuminated bucket

With this creative idea, you can make your garden shine in a whole new light. Planters that serve their traditional purpose during the day, equipped with power cord or solar battery, become luminous color buckets at dusk in no time. In the evening this highlight creates the right atmosphere at your garden party or creates a cozy atmosphere for a romantic evening on the balcony.

Planters as raised beds

With planters you can create a raised bed inexpensively and quickly. Simply arrange several planters next to each other on a pallet, fill them and you’re ready to plant. A raised bed from planters is more flexible, easier to dismantle and also requires less filling material than a traditional raised bed. With our planter inserts you can save even more filling material in your raised bed. Especially for simple vegetables, herbs and smaller plants, this container for the roots is quite sufficient. Due to the modern and high planting buckets, you can work on your favorite plants in a way that is easy on your back, and you have the option of freely choosing the location, depending on the type of plant, from year to year. The planter as a raised bed – an ingenious, low-maintenance and inexpensive alternative! Planter as raised bed

Robust and weatherproof: Which plants can overwinter in the planter?

If you have a small greenhouse, you can simply overwinter potted plants there. Lined up next to each other, the plants wait in the cold season to return to their summer location in their planter. But not everyone has the opportunity to put a greenhouse in the garden. During the winter months, potted plants can also be placed in a bright garage or similar places, provided sufficient protection from ground frost, good ventilation and sufficient light. Diseased or damaged shoots should be cut back in the fall to reduce evaporation through the leaves. In addition, the plants require less space and are less likely to be attacked by pests. Not all plants are equally sensitive. Some species can overwinter protected in the garden, while others must move to a warmer area as soon as night frost sets in. Investing in lightweight and sturdy planters pays off in the long run, as they are easier to transport and will provide many years of enjoyment. What temperatures the individual plants need to overwinter, answer gardeners and nurseries reliably. For the majority of potted plants, five to ten degrees are optimal. Palm trees are attracted to warmer areas somewhat earlier. However, there are plants that overwinter colder, otherwise they will not bloom the following year. As soon as the weather permits, the planters should be put back in their usual place.

The great planter material “pros and cons”.

Which material is recommended for which needs. Here’s the clear pros and cons.

Material Pro Contra Conclusion Rating
Plastic Low weight Extremely heat- and frost-resistant Shock-resistant Low price Mostly no nice look and feel Great for indoors and outdoors with slight visual drawbacks. +++-
Wood Renewable resource Fits in almost any environment Enormous weight differences High-maintenance Weather-sensitive Renewable resource, but wants to be treated regularly. ++–
Ceramic Perfect for indoors Many shapes and colors Susceptible to waterlogging Top for indoors! But: water carefully. ++-
Zinc Does not rust Relatively light own weight Massive differences in quality Suitable for indoors and outdoors – but not for the small purse. ++-
Corten steel (rust steel) Mostly unique Interesting appearance Frost-resistant Very expensive Do you like great buckets? Then you are welcome. But also here applies: Expensive! +++-
Terracotta Mediterranean flair Cult status Absorbs a lot of water Relatively high dead weight Susceptible to frost in winter Gladly seen, gladly taken. However, with a cutback in durability. ++—
Concrete Enormously heat and frost resistant Durable for years Extremely heavy Relatively expensive Consider before where. Planted no implementation possible! ++–
Fiberglass Easy to maintain Durable Relatively light Often no drainage holes Great home for plants! But be sure to drill holes in outdoor areas. +++-
Fiberglass stone mixture (Fibreclay) Easy to maintain Durable Relatively light Very natural surface Top price performance Our comparison winner! Natural design meets excellent frost resistance at a fair price-performance ratio. ++++

Planters made of fiberglass stone mix

The hobbyhorse of the Pflanzwerk family are our exclusively rectangular planters made of fiberglass. We have dedicated ourselves to this angular, square and modern design and have oriented and specialized ourselves and our planters to it. Our planters are made of a new and specially matched material composition of stone, fiberglass, magnesia mixture, as well as natural synthetic fibers. Due to this special composition, our rectangular fiberglass planters can score points not only for their light weight, above-average durability, weather resistance and frost resistance, but also for their affordable price and natural, high-quality appearance. Thus, our fiberclay planters are the durable, sturdy yet lightweight alternative to any heavy concrete pots, ceramic planters, zinc pots or pure fiberglass products. Advantages: Affordable planters with natural look, high sturdiness and weather resistance at a reasonable price. Disadvantages: None.

Plastic planters

Plastic planters in square and round can also be found in our assortment. In addition to our classic Fibreclay planters, we also offer a selected range of plastic planters. Here we have deliberately limited ourselves to the most common sizes of room dividers, plant troughs, tall tower columns and cube cubes. The biggest advantage of the material is, of course, the low weight, which means that plastic tubs can be quickly and easily placed anywhere in the garden or on the terrace. The second big advantage is that plastic planters are cheap to buy, because of the cheaper material the price is many times lower! Nevertheless, the vessels look far from cheap. From 1-2 meters away, the plastic planters have a rough slate surface on the outside and look very valuable. Available in anthracite and rust brown, the pots are definitely worth a look. Advantages: Plastic planters are inexpensive and lightweight, but still look high quality from a distance and are easy to plant. Disadvantages: Plastic planters are synthetic and look less high quality upon closer inspection.

Wooden planters

Large wooden planters are also available in the Pflanzwerk range from the coming season. Especially on the subject of wooden planters, caution is required, because the woods should last a long time, look natural and be as untreated as possible. However, they should have a high quality and be in an affordable price segment. So it is not an easy task for us to create a healthy mixture of modern appearance, quality and natural charm of noble natural woods. When selecting the wood to be used, our choice fell on acacia wood planters, as this is the closest to combining the above-mentioned properties. However, every customer should be aware that wooden planters are much more susceptible to natural influences than, for example, Fibreclay planters. Here, moreover, the necessary care and attention should not be neglected. Advantages: Planters made of wood look quite unique in their rustic natural look and give a particularly natural charm. Disadvantages: Wooden planters are high maintenance and susceptible to weathering.

Planters special designs and individual lacquer finishes

Large planters in special sizes and in individual color lacquering can of course also be offered to you without any problems. Since our customers are used to our low prices and fast delivery times, we would like to point out in advance that special sizes and custom-made products may have a delivery time of 6-8 weeks. Here we ask for your understanding Advantages: Individual sizes, dimensions and colors can be matched exactly. Disadvantages: Very costly, expensive and very long delivery time due to production.

Stainless steel, corten steel and aluminum planters.

Also many lovers have steel planters and large planters made of metal and corten steel. These vessels are usually placed and planted in aluminum design, glossy or rust optics. The corten steel rust optics has developed in the last years as a racer among the angular, square and cuboid planters. Thanks to the chemical aging process of rusting and elaborate natural aging resembling metal, it is not only artists, but also more and more amateur gardeners are engaged in square rust planters. Since we at Pflanzwerk do not have any steel planters in our program, we have come up with something very special for the friends of corten steel and rust optics and produced our large fiberglass planters in the special color rust. The antique aged look gives our rust planters a very special charm. Should you be interested here, we definitely recommend you to visit us in our planter outlet Neukirchen-Vluyn and have a look at our fiberglass planters on site. We put an end to the typical scrap image that corten steel likes to enjoy. Here we offer you an almost nostalgic decoration with special flair in corten steel optics design, which gives your garden or terrace a very special charm. Advantages: Planters made of stainless steel are very high quality and exclusive in their modern rust look. Disadvantages: Aluminum planters, stainless steel planters and Corten steel planters are very costly, weather prone and heavier than average.

Terracotta planters

Another genre of planters that should not be neglected is that of terracotta planters. For many years, terracotta planters were the non plus ultra in any garden and were loved by gardeners, homemakers, architects and garden landscapers alike and accordingly often used for decorating and planting. The Mediterranean-looking orange and warm earth tone design of sunny gardens in the south of Italy and Spain thus brought a piece of vacation to every garden and home terrace. Terracotta planters, however, were made of natural materials that were not insensitive, which is why their lifespan was often not all that long. Likewise, one had seen enough of the design and charm of the vessels at some point, which is why the tubs disappeared again from many gardens. However, the trend seems to have recently re-established itself, which is why we also offer large planters in terracotta look again from next spring. These, however, in our very own way, namely fiberglass planters in terracotta look. So we combine the charm of angular terracotta planters with the advantagesn of the Fibreclay material. Advantages: Mediterranean charm and great warm design with new shine from coming planting season. Disadvantages: Formerly fragile material.

Concrete and natural stone planters

Stone and concrete planters can still be found increasingly in downtown areas, public green spaces and parks. Due to their very high weather resistance and robustness, they can withstand any weather conditions for many years and also hardly require any maintenance. However, it should be noted here that concrete planters are not cheap and shipping costs should be kept in mind. In addition, large concrete planters are often so heavy that once placed, they can no longer be moved. For this reason, we have the perfect combination on offer here. We have set our planters in concrete optics, so that they look very real and natural and hardly differ from those made of complete natural stone. Our rectangular planters XXL in concrete look gray are a real insider tip here! Advantages: Concrete planters are very frost resistant, hardy, winterproof as well as frost resistant and have a long life and durability. Disadvantages: Concrete and natural stone planters have a high weight, are not very movable and expensive and are less suitable for online orders.

Large planters as room dividers and XXL planters for privacy protection.

A significant part of our assortment consists of large room dividers and XXL planters large. These planters are especially often used to create a privacy screen or to spatially delimit and separate gardens, terraces and properties. Due to their size and weight, the vessels look very imposing and are ideally suited for their ultimate purpose. A frequently asked question here is whether our room dividers can also withstand wind and weather and, for example, do not fall over on balconies in stronger winds. Due to their high dead weight and the additional weight of the planting, our large planters are sufficiently heavy and defy wind and weather. So there is no danger here! In addition, the tubs can be optimally used and placed in the gastronomy, in the beer garden, in the café or restaurant and serve there as an eye-catching design element. Advantages: Large planters are ideal as privacy screens, for room separation and room division of balconies, gardens, offices, terraces and paths. Disadvantages: Our XXL planters have a high dead weight and are less easy to move or move.

Our conclusion:

Basically, everyone should look for their ideal planter, there is no universal solution here either. In our view, however, the fiberglass, stone and magnesia mixture offers by far the greatest advantage, which is why the majority of the Pflanzwerk range is made of this resistant and robust material. Here, the natural and high-quality look and feel as well as the given UV resistance clearly prevail.. We make it possible that you can buy high-quality fiberglass planters large and cheap and thus do our utmost so that you also have much & long fun when planting and designing your garden, terrace or balcony. The 1×1 planter

The small 1×1 of the planters

What materials can plant pots consist of and what exactly are the respective advantages and disadvantages? Our big planter guide will help you choose the right planters for you and explain the differences and subtleties. Planters, flower pots, flower pots, planter boxes & planters can be made of many different materials and differ from each other, especially in terms of weight, quality, durability, resistance, look, feel and price, sometimes seriously. We offer you below a comprehensive overview and a great planter comparison, as well as a detailed explanation of the different planter materials and show you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of vessel. At Pflanzwerk® we offer large planters and square planters made of the following materials: Narrow Plant Pots.

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