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    noun feminine

Duschvorhangstangen aus Kunststoff, Vorhangstangen aus Kunststoff, Gardinenstangen aus Kunststoff, Duschvorhanghalterungen aus Kunststoff, Duschvorhangringe aus Kunststoff, Aufhängehaken und Haken aus Kunststoff Plastic shower curtain rods, plastic curtain rods, plastic curtain rods, plastic shower curtain brackets, plastic shower curtains, hanging hooks and plastic hooks Wie Gardinenstangen aus Metall oder Holz, Vorhangbefestigungen, Schienen, Spindeln, Ringe, Rollen, Knöpfe, Haken für Vorhänge und Markisen Such as metal or wooden curtain rods, curtain brackets, rails, crossbars, rings, rollers, handles, curtain hooks and blinds “Ich wurde im Februar mit Gardinenstangen aus Metall geschlagen, obwohl ich schwanger war. “I was hit with curtain rods in February, when I was pregnant. Gardinenstangen sowie Gardinenrollen, -ringe und -halter Curtain rods as well as castors, rings and curtain supports Zusammenstellung von verschiedenen Waren für Dritte, nämlich Taschenlampen, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Videospeichermedien, CD- und DVD-Rohlinge und unbespielte Videobänder, Mobiltelefone, Handtücher, Grußkarten, Zeitungen, Gardinenstangen und -zubehör, Dekorationsmagnete, Faschingshüte, modische Telefonhüllen, Miniatursportsets, Miniatursportbälle, Miniatursportausrüstung, Computerspiele, Computerspielkonsolen und Software für Computerspiele, um dem Verbraucher eine bequeme Ansicht und den Kauf dieser Waren in Kaufhäusern, über Versandhandel, in Einzelhandelsumgebungen oder über das Internet zu ermöglichen à i.e. flashlights, CDs, DVDs, videos, video storage items, blank CDs, DVDs and videos, cell phones, towels, greeting cards, newspapers, rods and accessories for curtain rods and accessoriesWe offer a wide range of products such as magnetic ornaments, novelty hats, novelty phone covers, miniature sports kits, miniature sports balls, miniature sports equipment, computer games, computer game consoles and computer game software, so that customers can easily view and purchase these products in a department store, by mail order, in a retail outlet or on the internet GardinenstangenSpiegel [versilbertes Glas], Raumteiler und Windspiele, Vorhänge für Dekorationszwecke Rods of curtain rods, Mirrors (silver glass), Room dividers and Chimes à wind chimes, Decorative curtains Gardinenstangen, -rollen, -ringe, -haken Curtain rods, rollers, rings and hooks GardinenstangenRods, tubes and rods for curtains or carpets, made of metal, which are only cut to length, even if drilled, are subject to their own regulations. Rods, tubes and bars for curtains or carpets, consisting of profiles, tubes and bars simply cut to length, even if drilled, follow their own regime. Einzelhandelsdienstleistungen und / oder Großhandelsdienstleistungen mit Jalousien, Vertikaljalousien aus Metall, GardinenstangenVorhangstangen, Cafehaus-Stangen, Gardinenschienen, Vorhangschienen, Vorhangleisten, Stilleisten, Stilleisten-Garnituren Retail and / or wholesale services of blinds, vertical metal blinds, curtain rods, curtain rods curtain rods, curtain rods curtain rails, curtain rails curtain railsSchaufenster- und Schneiderpuppen, Mobile (Dekorationsgegenstände), Wandplaketten aus Kunststoff oder Holz (Möbel), Gardinenhaken, Vorhangschienen, Vorhangringe, GardinenstangenGardinenrollen, Fensterjalousien (Sonnenschutz) für den Inneneinbau, Innenlamellenjalousien, Perlenvorhänge für Dekorationszwecke Mannequins, Mobiles (objects for decoration), Wall plates made of plastic or wood (furniture), Curtain hooks curtain hooksCurtain hooks, Curtain rails curtain railsCurtain Rings, Curtain Rings curtain rings, Curtain rods of curtain rodsCurtain rods, Curtain pebbles curtains, Interior blinds to protect from light, Interior blinds à slats, Bead curtains for decoration Gardinenschienen, Gardinenringe, Gardinenstangen Curtain rails, curtain rings, curtain rods Er hat die ganze Sendung gesehen und an der Endstation steht er auf, um, wie er glaubt, sein Gepäck zu nehmen, dabei stieß er sich den Kopf an der Gardinenstange und stellt fest, dass er in seinem eigenen Wohnzimmer ist. He watched the whole program. At the last station, he got up to get his luggage, and bumped into the rod. Then he realized that he was home. Bänke, Kleiderständer, Kleiderbügel, Gardinenstangen und -haken, Vorhänge, Möbelbeschläge, Paravents, Schlüsselbretter, Blumenständer, Blumentische, Zeitungsständer, Schmuckkästchen, nicht aus Edelmetall, Wanddekorationsartikel, nicht aus textilem Material Sellettes, portemanteaux [furniture], hangers for clothes, clothes hangers, rods of curtain rods and curtain hooks curtain hooks, curtainsfurniture fittings, screens, key-hanging pictures, flower pedestals, planters, newspaper stands, boxes à jewelry boxes, not of precious metals, decorative wall hangers, not of textile materials Gardinenstangen, Stangen, Schienen und Führungsschienen Curtain rods, tracks and guides In den “Erläuterungen zur KN [zur] Position [8302]” seien Gardinenstangen in the form of tubes of metal are expressly mentioned as belonging to this heading, and the exception provided for in these explanatory notes concerning tubes cut only to length is not relevant in the present case, since the tubes in question have been provided with suitable plastic caps. Elle allègue que les ” notes explicatives de la NC concernant la position 8302 ” citent expressément les tringles à rideaux sous forme de tubes en métal comme relevant de cette position et que l’exclusion des tubes simplement coupés de longueur prévue dans ces notes n’est pas pertinente en l’espèce, étant donné que les tubes concernés sont équipés d’embouts en plastique adaptés. Curtain rods made of plastic, roller blinds made of plastic and accessories for them and other decorative articles made of plastic Tringles à rideaux en matières plastiques, stores en matières plastiques et leurs accessoires et autres produits de décoration en matières plastiques The rods were packed in cardboard boxes and packed – either separately or together with other parts of the modular system in different boxes not adapted to the number of curtain rods the number of curtain rods – were imported into the territory of the Union. Elles avaient été conditionnées dans des cartons et importées sur le territoire de l’Union soit séparément, soit avec d’autres pièces de ce système, en quantités variables ne correspondant pas au nombre de celles-ci. (1) Is subheading 8302 41 90 of the Combined Nomenclature to be interpreted as also covering articles of metal which are used as curtain rods of a modular system in different lengths, having a constant circular cross-section of 16 or 20 mm over their entire length, hollow and longitudinally welded, the surfaces of which have been either painted or galvanized, individually wrapped in foil and bearing a label indicating their intended use as curtain rods. curtain rod and the ends of each of which are closed with a plastic plug, which serve to protect the rods from damage during transportation and display, but which may also be used in lieu of a decorative end piece that would otherwise be purchased separately? ” 1) La sous-position 8302 41 90 de la [NC] doit-elle être interprétée en ce sens qu’elle couvre également les produits en métal importés en différentes longueurs en tant que tringles à rideaux of a modular system, presenting a transversal circular section of 16 or 20 mm, which are creuxed and soudés longitudinally, whose surfaces have been quenched or galvanized, which are individually enclosed in a film and bear a label indicating their destination in the form of tringles à rideauxand which each of the extrusions is closed by a plastic cover serving to protect the bars during transport and presentation [in a ray], but which can also be used in place of a decorative cover which can be purchased separately ? Adhesives for commercial purposes, paints, varnishes, metal sills, steel strips, metal pipes, metal fittings, metal structures, metal blinds, plastic films (except for packaging purposes), insulating material, profiles (not metal), floors (not metal), external blinds (not metal and not textile material), curtain rods, curtain rails, floor coverings Colles pour l’industrie, peintures, vaporisateurs, seuils métalliques, rubans en acier, tubes en matériaux métalliques, viroles métalliques, structures métalliques, jalousies métalliques, pellicules en matières plastiques autres que pour l’emballage, matières à isoler, cornières non métalliques, planchers non métalliques, jalousies extérieures non métalliques et non textiles, tringles à rideaux, rails pour rideaux, sols curtain rings, curtain rollers, curtain rodsAnneaux de rideaux, Galets pour rideaux, Tringles de rideaux, Tous non métalliques Curtain rods made of metal Tringles à rideaux métalliques Curtain rods and hooks Tringles et crochets de rideaux Curtain rods and hooks Tringles, crochets de rideaux Hand operated curtain rods, curtain tracks, Curtain rods, hanging devices for curtains Tringles de rideaux entraînées manuellement, rails de rideaux, tringles de voilages, dispositifs de suspension de voilages Home – Products – Curtain rails & tracks – Curtain rails Curtain rails from erfal are the ideal solution for the discreet fastening of curtains. Made of high quality aluminum or plastic they adapt to every environment and requirement and can be combined with blinds if desired. According to your taste they are almost invisible embedded in the ceiling or act as a decorative eye-catcher. Therefore, their use is popular not only in large objects, but also in private living areas.

Areas of application

  • all rectangular windows
  • large window areas and glass fronts
  • as curved units for special shapes, oriels, arches and gables
  • in the object and in the private area
  • as room separation
  • for hanging pictures, photos and paintings

Product advantages

  • discreet appearance
  • more than 30 different track models
  • versatile, flexible, adaptable
  • made to measure
  • high-quality and lightweight aluminum
  • bends possible to the millimeter
  • can be combined with panels in different shapes and colors
  • easy assembly and comfortable operation
  • high stability
  • also for heavy hangings
  • motorization available

electric with radio wall transmitter, remote control or smartphone

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Wall mounting

Almost all track models can be mounted on the wall. Wall brackets in various lengths are available for this purpose.

Ceiling mounting

If wall mounting is not possible for structural reasons, most curtain tracks can also be mounted on the ceiling.

Ceiling mounting

Curtain tracks are mainly integrated into the ceiling in the commercial sector and in modern architecture. This installation variant has a particularly discreet effect.

Sling track

The most common type are sling rails, which allow you to move your curtains effortlessly by hand thanks to their excellent running properties.

Cord pull rails

The cord and rope pull track has a stable cord pull profile and is available in various colors. It is often used in residential and commercial applications.

Rails with covers

The SM, T and MHZ track models can be combined with attractive plastic or wooden fascia boards according to your requirements.

Chain / motor rails

The stable motor/chain rail is controlled by a low-noise electric drive and is mostly used in residential and commercial applications.

Room divider rail

With its universally applicable and stable room divider profile, the room divider rail is often used in hospitals, medical practices, physiotherapies, workshops and changing rooms.

Picture rails

With tasteful and discreet picture rails, you can present pictures and paintings flexibly and attractively in the room. Easy assembly and handling as well as a high load capacity even for heavy works of art are a matter of course.

INLINE range

With the rail assortment INLINE erfal focuses on individuality and variety. It includes curtain rail models with recessed plastic runner. With it among other things shock-free returns, individual rail distances or bay window solutions can be realized. As combination elements, the INLINE collection offers high-quality manufactured wood trims in modern solid colors as well as more than 20 wood decors.


In addition to the standard glider, up to three other gliders are available to match your curtain track, including the innovative Clic glider.

Single and multiple tracks

Curtain tracks from erfal are available as tube or rail single to four tracks.


Matching your wall or ceiling color, curtain rails are available in eight modern colors depending on the model: white, silver, stainless steel, chrome matt, brass matt, bronze, metallic gray and black. In addition, any RAL color can be implemented upon request.


As a specialist erfal will be pleased to realize individual solutions with bends for round arch windows, gables, oriels or similar circumstances. Aluminum rails can be bent horizontally as well as vertically.

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