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Parking permit information Information about disabled parking and parking permit A disabled parking space, which can only be used with a disabled parking permit, has its raison d’être. The disabled parking permit is intended to give people with a disability the opportunity to participate more easily in life.In the Federal Participation Act (BTHG), the use of disabled parking spaces is regulated. What is the difference between a disabled parking space and a normal parking space? The parking space for the severely disabled is a parking space that can only be used by people with a special parking permit. They are usually larger in size and are located near the entrance to offices, doctor’s offices etc.. What is a parking permit for the disabled and where do I apply for it? A disabled parking permit is a credential. It allows disabled people to prove that they meet all the requirements to be allowed to park in a disabled parking space. You apply for a parking permit for the severely disabled at the local authority, i.e. at the local municipality or city administration at the district office or public order office. What documents are required when applying for a parking permit? As a rule, the following documents are required:

  • Completed application for a parking permit for severely disabled persons
  • Your severely disabled person’s identification card, or other evidence showing that you meet the requirements for a disabled parking permit.
  • For the blue parking permit you still need a current photo.
  • If necessary, a power of attorney if you are unable to submit the application yourself.

What does it cost to apply for a parking permit? The issuance of a parking permit is free of charge for disabled persons. However, to clarify whether you will incur costs, it would not hurt to inquire at the responsible office. Where can I park with a disabled parking permit? With the disabled parking permit, you may park not only in specially designated disabled parking spaces, but also in places where other road users are not allowed to park. So with the disabled parking permit you have certain advantage and rights. Where you are allowed to park depends on whether you have a blue or an orange parking permit. With the orange disabled parking permit, which is only valid in the Federal Republic of Germany, you may park anywhere you may park with the blue parking permit, with the exception of disabled parking spaces with the wheelchair user symbol.It is considered a parking facilitator. Where can I park with the blue parking permit? The blue EU-parking permit is valid throughout Europe (European Union). It should be noted, however, that other countries in the European Union often have different regulations than Germany. It is therefore advisable to find out before starting a trip abroad where you can park with the blue EU-parking permit and where you are not allowed to park. The following exceptions apply only to Germany:

  • In designated disabled parking spaces. These are marked with a sign with a wheelchair user symbol. Often, the parking space is also marked with a corresponding wheelchair user symbol.
  • Parking is permitted for up to 3 hours in restricted parking areas. In addition to the disabled parking permit, also place a parking disc clearly visible behind the windshield.
  • In parking spaces with parking meters and parking ticket machines, parking is allowed without charge and time limit.
  • In residents’ parking spaces up to 3 hours (remember parking disc!).
  • In designated traffic-calmed areas, parking is also permitted outside the marked parking spaces. Other (especially moving) traffic must not be disproportionately affected.
  • Parking is permitted in pedestrian zones where loading and unloading is permitted during loading hours.
  • Parking is allowed beyond the permitted time in places marked by the signs “Parkplatz Anfang” (sign 314) and “Parken Ende” (sign 315).
  • The permitted parking time may also be exceeded in the area of a no-parking zone where parking is permitted.
  • Parking is allowed for longer periods in certain no-parking zones.

Who may use the parking permit? A severely handicapped permit alone is not enough to be able to park preferentially in a handicapped parking space or other places. So it is always necessary to have a blue or orange parking permit. The following rules apply:

  • The badge holder does not have to drive himself. He can also only be a passenger.
  • It is not allowed that the parking pass is used by other persons if the holder (the mobility impaired person) is not in the car with them.
  • However, if you are picking up the badge holder from the doctor, for example, then you are allowed to use the disabled parking space.

Who gets a disabled parking permit? A disabled parking permit is not a substitute for a parking permit. That is, you may not park in a handicapped parking space with just a severely handicapped permit. Requirements for the blue parking permit You can apply for the blue parking permit for disabled persons if the following criteria are met:

  • Severely handicapped permit with mark aG (exceptionally disabled) or Bl (blind).
  • Limbs missing on both sides or comparable restrictions.

A very high percentage of this group of people are wheelchair users. Therefore, these special parking spaces are often called wheelchair parking spaces or wheelchair user parking spaces. Requirements for the orange parking permit To get an orange parking permit, the requirements are not quite as high as for the blue disabled parking permit. Therefore, severely disabled people can apply for an orange parking permit under the following conditions:

  • Severely disabled person’s ID card with the mark G (walking disability) and B (accompanying person) and a GdB (degree of disability) of at least 80 for functional disorders of the lower limbs (and the lumbar spine, insofar as these affect the ability to walk) alone.
  • Severely disabled person’s ID card with the symbols G and B and a GdB (degree of disability) of at least 70 for functional disorders of the lower limbs alone (and the lumbar spine, insofar as these affect the ability to walk) and at the same time a GdB (degree of disability) of at least 50 for functional disorders of the heart or the respiratory organs.
  • Severe disability certificate with at least GdB 60 for persons suffering from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis*.
  • Severe disability certificate with at least GdB 70 for persons with an artificial bowel outlet and at the same time an artificial urinary diversion.

Is there a parking permit for children with a disability or blind people? Yes, there is. It is about the fact that the children or the blind people can be driven by parents/relatives. Thus, the disabled people can also take advantage of a disabled parking space. The parking permit can be issued if the disabled people meet the requirements for the disabled parking permit. The parking permit is not tied to a specific vehicle. Where to get the disabled parking permit? The application process for a parking permit varies from municipality to municipality. One municipality may require an informal application, while another may require an application form. There are also no uniform authorities nationwide as to where the application must be submitted. Ask your municipality who issues the parking permit for the disabled. As a rule, you need the severely disabled person’s ID card and a passport photo for the parking permit. How long is a parking permit for the disabled valid? The issuing authority will note on the parking permit how long the permit is valid. However, the validity of the parking permit is coupled with the severely disabled parking permit. Check regularly whether your parking permit has expired and then have it renewed in good time. How is a disabled parking space signposted? Disabled parking spaces are marked by an additional wheelchair user sign. In addition, there may also be other ground markings at the handicapped parking space. Disabled parking spaces are usually located not only close to entrance areas to doctors, department stores, event venues etc.but are usually also wider than regular parking spaces. There are also handicapped parking spaces that are assigned to only one person. In this case, the handicapped parking sign includes a note and usually the number of the permit. Penalty for unauthorized parking in disabled parking space? Anyone parking in a disabled parking space without authorization may be reported. The following consequences are to be expected.

  1. The fine is 35 euros (as of March 2018).
  2. The vehicle may be towed away. The resulting towing costs and administrative costs must also be paid.
  3. The vehicle may be towed if it is parked in the disabled parking space for more than 3 minutes without authorization.

Therefore, it is important that the parking permit is always clearly visible in the vehicle. More information at a glance is available on the website of the VDK at your disposal. Landeshauptstadt München Kreisverwaltungsreferat Hauptabteilung I Sicherheit und Ordnung, Prävention Verkehrsüberwachung Parking permits, driving record requirements, towing off.


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