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The Grape and all its properties, components and helpful ingredients have always been the focus of Caudalie’s products. And we have here a care series that I now use since March daily and which is already repurchased. In this respect, I report with real enthusiasm and further own use of the products. I am glad that current skin care series pay more attention to women around 30 and anti-aging does not become a topic only at 45, where much of the “damage” has already taken place. Skin care against aging can only have a very limited retrospective effect, so prevention makes clear sense! Often women take better care of their handbags or shoes than their own skin! To take care of them, not to bend them or to leave them in the blazing sunlight is a matter of course. More is expected of one’s own skin and anti-aging often does not begin until the end of 30, although the many of the signs of aging already start at the age of 30. take place. Skin aging is oxidation. The principle is similar to “rusting” and means that the cells of our skin in the form of free radicals are damaged by stress, environmental factors, diet or smoking. UV rays in particular are a major cause of free radical production. Oxidation is responsible for 4 out of 5 wrinkles responsible. Polyphenols from grape seeds are the most powerful plant antioxidants (10,000 times more powerful than vitamin E) to preserve the youthfulness of the skin by preventing the formation of free radicals. In addition to this mode of action, they are also anti-inflammatory and act against skin irritation and protect the cell membrane. Products CAUDALIE POLYPHENOL [C15] Sérum Défense Anti-Rides

  • Highest content of active ingredients of the C15 line
  • Effect on existing wrinkles
  • Strengthens protection & regeneration of the skin
  • Radiant complexion
  • Contains polyphenols, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and olive squalane to strengthen the skin’s suppleness.

Fragrance: tangerine, lemon leaves, cucumber water, fresh mint Hypoallergenic, non-photosensitizing, non-comedogenic Use: Apply morning and evening on face & neck before skincare. Own experience The serum is whitish, watery and can be dosed with a pipette. Personally, I tend to take two doses and the emptier the bottle gets, the more I also just let it flow into my hand instead of bothering with the drops and it is the first of the three products to finish. The feeling on the skin is so pleasant together with a clean, fresh smell (I smell rather cucumber water out than the other ingredients) a small boon and certainly especially in the summer a pleasant pleasure. The skin itself is a little sticky afterwards – but not unpleasant and seems fresh. eg. Caudalie 35,20€ for 30ml Vitamin C + Polyphenol C15 + Hyaluronic Acid >>> Plumping, Regenerating, Protecting The combination of these active ingredients acts synergistically and enhances the antioxidant effect in vitro by 60-65% compared to the individual active ingredients. 1kg of polyphenols = 1 ton of grape seeds CAUDALIE POLYPHENOL [C15] Crème Yeaux & Lèvres contains, in addition to polyphenol & vitamin C. Fern extract for firming effect, Matrixyl 3000 for collagen synthesis, Chestnut for smoothing and Lacrylic extract with decongestant effect. Calendula and witch hazel provide for soft skin. Eye circles are softened and the skin is smoothed Hypoallergenic, non-photosensitizing, non-comedogenic Own experience In addition to Caudalie Premier Cru (link leads to blog article), this eye cream also does extremely well. It’s soft, gentle, doesn’t irritate the eyes, the skin looks noticeably more relaxed and even though I find it hard to judge if wrinkles have really been reduced or not… My eyes look better. There’s no denying that. I notice this especially in the fact that I use less effort when covering shadows and increasingly prefer to go without foundation/concealer as well. From these practical effects, you can – I think – read well whether skin care works, even if no before/after photos exist. Since I still want to test another eye cream, I have not reordered this for now. However, it would be worth reordering in any case. It absorbs quickly, yet leaves the skin very soft and smooth and can also be applied in 2-3 layers (those who follow Wayne Goss know: layering eye cream), if necessary. e.g. Caudalie 25,60€ for 15ml CAUDALIE POLYPHENOL [C15] Fluides Anti-Rides Protecteur SPF20

  • In addition to polyphenols & vitamin C a sun protection factor of SPF20
  • oil-free, light

Fragrance: orange pulp, orange peel, peppermint leaves Hypoallergenic, non-photosensitizing, non-comedogenic Own experience First of all… the scent! The citrusy orange is such a pleasant scent after the freshness of the serum that this alone makes it a winner to use. In addition to this small (but beautiful) superficiality (which, by the way, of course, has quite a psychological effect, because orange is a scent that most people a fragrance, suggests joy and lightness), but also the application is pleasant. The high sun protection factor is absolutely important for someone like me who likes to use AHA, BHA and retinol-containing products. That said, many “sunscreens” are whitish, heavy, smell weird, or have an unpleasant shine. That’s not the case here: the fluid is pleasant. Not as light as the Kimberly Sayers moisturizer (article here), but that alone was too little care for me anyway. Here the skin feels supple nourished, fragrant and noticeably smoother when you stroke it with your hand. It absorbs quickly and also the first skin shine slowly recedes (I shine quickly and almost never look matte after creams). My combination skin with a rapid tendency to impurities reacts soothed, nourished, soft and plump. Skin texture is and remains good, which is not a given. The initially sticky feeling of the serum, by the way, the fluid absolutely balances out and leaves silk. e.g. Caudalie 32€ for 40ml. Conclusion Since March, the products are in daily use and remain so. A cream with reasonably high Light protectionwhich is pleasant on the skin, is worth its weight in gold. At the same time, my complexion in recent weeks is even so good that I often no longer even use foundation, but only powder or use very light CC Creams (MAC, review follows). The skin has a beautiful radiance, I love the Fragrance and the combination of serum and fluid. A advice for women over 30: take care. Wrinkles are caused by stress and oxidation. If the first “furrows” are there, the future “breaking points” are already formed and even if one is to “grow old gracefully”… I would like to be thought younger than I am for a while and so far it works. I also wish that at 60. The prices of the Polyphenol [C15] series I find appropriate for the target group, even if 30 euros are of course also a lot of money and already into the anti-aging range. From the fluid, however, you need little (but remember to still apply enough product, otherwise the sun protection factor decreases, see here). Eye cream and serum are the first products to use up after about 2 months. By the way, I think it’s great that the fluid contains 40ml and not typical 30ml. With blemished combination skin anti-aging is used to be a problem… been a problem… Everything too powerful and heavy. Now companies are working with oil-free products that support collagen synthesis in a different way, prevent oxidation and even partially help with inflammation and irritation (retinol, BHA, polyphenols). Since I use chemical peels, I have to take care of my skin with SPF during the day and the Caudalie Fluid is ideal for this. By the way, there is now also a product for the night: a dry oil that is supposed to detoxify the skin. Since I love oils for two years yes very much, I am extremely curious whether it is a good addition to the really excellent series. Same products, different bloggers: it’s faaaabulous! funnypilgrim Carolinehirons Paris in my Mind Pinky Sally Lina Mallon The accompanying event was also a lovely and informative experience! I really liked this mixture, because I also want to be able to offer you an added value. If you are in a hurry and still want to show me if you liked the article, just leave me a star! If you have any thoughts, suggestions for improvement or hints, I’m happy to receive a comment so I can take them into consideration! [rate] PR sample Sign In And Out Sheet Template.

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