How To Grow Your Nails In A Week With Vaseline

Grow fingernails faster? This is how it works! Whether you suffer from brittle nails or your fingernails are particularly soft after a gel polish manicure – with these tricks you’ll get strong nails that grow faster. Whether it’s make-up variations, different hairstyles or the color of your fingernails: when it comes to beauty products, most women love variety. Especially when it comes to painting the fingernails, there are all kinds of different options, so that women are often spoiled for choice. So it can happen that one day you like to wear your nails short and in nude tones and the next day you want to have long nails in classic red. But what to do once the nails are filed short? After all, no one wants to wait for weeks until their fingernails are long again. Because: fingernails grow an average of 0.5 to 1.2 millimeters per week. Much too slowly, in other words. But is it possible to accelerate the growth of fingernails at all? First of all, it is important to know that nail growth is genetically determined. Whether they grow quickly or slowly is therefore actually predetermined by the genes. Nevertheless, well-groomed nails grow faster. Therefore, here are the best tips for proper nail care.

1. nail biting is taboo

This tip sounds almost TOO banal at first. However, even women in adulthood nibble their nails much more often than they realize. Especially in situations of emotional stress, many tend to this unconscious gesture. If one bites too much, there is a risk that the nail root will be damaged. In this case, it will not grow back properly.

2. eat healthy and balanced

If you want to have beautiful nails, you should definitely pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet. If you eat too unbalanced or even go on a diet, you risk nutrient deficiency, which can make nails more brittle and thin.

3. the right care

In order for nails to grow faster, it is important to have nicely groomed fingernails. This creates the basis. This includes always protecting your hands from aggressive dishwashing and cleaning products. Always wear gloves when doing housework, so that the hands are not attacked and dried out. Regular hand peelings are also suitable for perfect care. This can be done very quickly by yourself: Simply mix some sugar with olive oil and rub it with your hands. This removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. In addition, always apply cream (at least twice a day). Important: Never cut back the cuticles, this can lead to inflammation. It is better to care for the cuticles with an oil stick.

4. this nail polish supports growth

There are special nail polishes that you can find in the drugstore under the term “nail hardener”. These make soft and brittle fingernails stronger, so that the fingernails can grow evenly long. The care products consist of formaldehyde that, after application, gets into the cells of the nail to make them stronger. They are also designed to seal the nail surface and thus protect it from harmful environmental influences. These varnishes are available in colored or colorless versions.

5. always file fingernails instead of cutting them.

Filing fingernails is much gentler than cutting them. Unfortunately, the latter often leads to the nails splinter. This is not visible to the naked eye at first, but later becomes noticeable in the form of broken fingernails.

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The best tips for beautiful and healthy fingernails

Not everyone has naturally healthy fingernails. But you should definitely not conceal any damage with artificial replacements. It is better to invest a little time in the care. With these tips it works:

Regular care

Beautiful fingernails are the result of thorough and regular care. Have a manicure about once every two weeks. If you are prone to problems such as splintering and brittle nails, you can also do a manicure more often. You can read about what you should consider when doing a comprehensive manicure in the article Doing a manicure yourself.

Protect cuticles

The delicate cuticle at the root of the nail has an important protective function. It makes it difficult for bacteria or fungal spores to penetrate the skin. Therefore, you should also pay sufficient attention to the cuticle during the manicure. Always push the cuticle back carefully. When cutting or tearing, there is a risk of small injuries. These not only look unsightly, they can also become an entry point for pathogens and become unpleasantly inflamed. Moisturize the cuticles. Special nail oils and simple olive or almond oil are suitable for this purpose.

Special polishes: nail hardeners and groove fillers

Brittle, discolored or thin nails need special attention: special care polishes supply the nail with necessary nutrients such as calcium or silicic acid and thus promote its health: they stimulate growth, make the nail stronger and lighten discolorations. You can even out grooves on the fingernail with a filler.

Take breaks from polishing

Even if you like to paint your nails, you should give them a break every now and then. Many nail polishes contain ingredients that stress the nail. In the time without polish, they can regenerate. If you want to play it safe, reach for so-called free polishes. The following applies to nail polish remover: it is better to use acetone-free agents.

Nutrition: Nutrients for beautiful fingernails

A balanced and varied diet plays a major role in healthy and beautiful fingernails. A lack of nutrients may lead to soft and splintering fingernails. These nutrients strengthen the nails:

  • Biotin (found in liver, oatmeal and nuts).
  • Calcium (in dairy products and broccoli)
  • Zinc (in pumpkin seeds and lentils)
  • Iodine (in sea fish and algae)
  • Iron (in meat and legumes)
  • Vitamin D (in salmon and mushrooms)
  • Folic acid (in asparagus and whole grain products)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (in fish and vegetable oils)

If there is a severe deficiency, you should talk to your doctor about taking so-called dietary supplements. These contain nutrients and vitamins in high doses. However, do not take them on suspicion and only in consultation with a medical professional.

Avoid artificial nails

Artificial nails made of acrylic and gel conceal brittle nails well. However, avoid them if at all possible. They put a lot of stress on the natural nail. The horny layer suffers and becomes more susceptible to infection. In addition, pathological changes such as fungal diseases remain undetected. For more information about the harmful effects of gel nails, read the article Gel nails how harmful are they.

Protect hands

Wear gloves around the house when contacting cleaning products to protect hands and fingernails from chemicals. Use waterproof, breathable gloves. Hands sweat faster in rubber gloves. This softens the nails, which further attacks them. Especially in winter, the hands dry out faster due to cold and heating air. Ensure sufficient moisture with a hand cream after washing your hands. Massage this into the nail as well.

Repair torn nails

If the nails tear, there are several ways to repair them. How this works best, you can read in the article on torn fingernails. How To Grow Your Nails In A Week With Vaseline.

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