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5 steps for an effective oil pulling cure

Oil pulling is considered an ancient method for the holistic therapy of many ailments. Above all, it strengthens teeth and gums, reduces bad breath and fights bacteria. Most impressive, however, is the powerful detoxifying effect of an oil pulling cure. It improves health disorders and is also a boon to the immune system and metabolism.

Effective detoxification and purification with oil pulling

Our organism is exposed to toxins of all kinds, caused by environmental influences and unhealthy diet. Harmful substances penetrate the body and accumulate there. Pesticides in food, chemicals in detergents or heavy metals in textiles, constantly arise burdens of different kinds. Some of the substances are excreted by the kidneys. But many of the substances are fat-soluble and therefore remain stored in fatty tissue. During a therapeutic fasting cure or during weight loss, the fatty tissue also decreases. In this process, the previously bound harmful substances are released and can cause disorders in the body. During oil pulling a detoxification and an elimination of these substances is initiated. The method is easy to use and can be performed at any time without complications. Intensive rinsing over a period of 20 minutes allows the healing oil to slowly and thoroughly penetrate the gum pockets. The liquid reaches every corner of the mouth and can thus capture all hidden germs. It penetrates every crevice, gap and interdental space. The oral cavity can be comprehensively rinsed, detoxified and cleaned.

Of course, at first it takes some getting used to to take a full spoonful of oil into your mouth. But after just a few days, the oral cavity feels so pleasant, almost like new! (Uwe, 47, does an oil pulling cure every 2 months)

Which oil is suitable for an oil pulling cure?

Sesame oil is the traditional oil for the oil pulling cure. Virgin and cold-pressed oil in organic quality contains many health-promoting ingredients that positively influence well-being and health. Native sesame oil from 1st cold pressing is ideal for an effective oil pulling cure. As an alternative to sesame oil, our mouth-fresh oil pulling cure is suitable. As an alternative to sesame oil, our Mouth Fresh Oil Pulling Treatment is suitable. The main ingredients are organic coconut oil and organic sesame oil. Furthermore, the mouth pulling oil is enriched with sea buckthorn pulp oil. Sea buckthorn pulp oil can help reduce susceptibility to tooth decay and other inflammations in the area of gums and oral mucosa. A combination of essential oils, such as Arabian mint, lemon, cardamom provide a pleasant, fresh taste.

How sesame oil works in the body

Sesame oil strengthens the resistance of the skin and protects it from dehydration. The fatty substances contained bind heavy metals in the human body and remove them from the tissues. Sesame oil stimulates the production of endogenous messenger substances such as seratonin and has a circulation-promoting and warming effect. As a nerve tonic, sesame oil has a comforting effect and provides support, especially in cases of thin-skinnedness and psychological stress.

Oil pulling with sesame oil explained in 5 steps

Step 1: Clean tongue Use a scraper or a tablespoon to gently loosen the tongue coatings from the tongue. While doing so, place the spoon or scraper several times at the back of the tongue and pull it forward with gentle pressure. The tongue will become clean and appear pink. Step 2: Absorb oil On a still empty stomach, take 1 tablespoon of organic sesame oil into your mouth. This time right after getting up is particularly suitable for the cure because substances such as nitrites have accumulated in the salivary glands during the night. No water should be drunk before oil pulling. Those who suffer from infections, fungal problems or periodontitis can add some grapefruit seed extract to the oil. To get started with oil pulling, the amount of half a teaspoon is enough in the beginning. Gradually increase the amount of oil. Step 3: the actual oil pulling Now move the oil back and forth in the oral cavity for 20 minutes: rinse through the teeth while sucking, chewing in between and pausing so that the oil can take effect. Avoid swallowing the liquid, as this would cause the harmful substances to be swallowed along with it. For the same reasons, it is also not advisable to rest your head on the back of your neck and gargle. Another tip: stay loose and relaxed while oil pulling, otherwise jaw and cheek muscles may tighten. Step 4: Spit out the oil The liquid in your mouth becomes white and thinner. After 20 minutes, you can spit it out, preferably into a paper handkerchief. Dispose of the tissue in the residual waste, because the harmful substances should not get into the water cycle. Rinse your mouth several times with warm water and spit out the water. Step 5: Brush teeth After the procedure with the oil, clean your teeth and oral cavity thoroughly. Oil pulling is not a substitute for cleaning your teeth. Therefore, brush your teeth carefully and extensively as usual with a toothpaste (e.g. the Sensitive Toothpaste Brine or the refreshing Forte Toothpaste Mintboth from Dr. Hauschka). The teeth feel pleasantly clean and smooth afterwards.

Getting started with oil pulling made easy(er)

At first, it may take some effort to swallow a spoonful of oil early in the morning on an empty stomach. A good tip is therefore to take the amount of 1 tablespoon of oil in several portions in the mouth and spit it out again. The intervals can last several times about three to four minutes. If you wish, you can also start with 5 minutes in the morning and then extend the procedure by one minute every day.

Healthy with oil pulling, every day.

Although even the first application of the oil in the mouth removes toxins from the organism, the course of treatment should last at least 14 days, better yet six weeks. Used regularly, oil pulling brings many health benefits:

  • reduces dental plaque and fights harmful bacteria in the mouth
  • teeth and gums remain healthy
  • inflammations decrease
  • Susceptibility to tooth decay is reduced
  • plaque becomes less
  • bad breath can be largely defused
  • brightens the teeth

Oil pulling is a natural and, above all, side-effect-free alternative to conventional mouth rinses. So if you incorporate oil pulling into your daily routine as a natural ritual, you can prevent many health problems and feel good all round.

20 minutes in the morning – time well spent during oil pulling

Oil pulling works best when done consistently for a total of 20 minutes. But who has an extra 20 minutes in the morning? If you incorporate oil pulling into your daily morning routine, you won’t find it too long. Therefore, here are a few ideas for time well spent during oil pulling:

  • shower, make-up, get dressed
  • prepare breakfast
  • read the newspaper
  • or finally do the postponed stretching program

Now we hope oil pulling enriches your health as much as it does ours. Yes, I would like to purchase the Mouth Fresh Oil Pulling Treatment Please log in to post a comment. Product number: 4260663810293 View all products by Fair Squared – DIY > View: Body Care > The oil of the sesame plant has been used in Ayurveda for centuries for massages, but also as a mouthwash and hair care. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and hair, so it remains supple and prevents dehydration and dandruff. The effect of sesame oil is also visible in foot care: like avocado oil, it forms the callus and protects it from bacteria and fungi thanks to its antibacterial components. Not only dry skin, but also dry mucous membranes of the nose can be treated with sesame using natural sesame oil. It also has a cleansing effect and is therefore often used in cleansing cures. It improves blood circulation and can therefore lower blood pressure. However, people with a nut or soy allergy should be careful when using natural cosmetic products containing sesame, as in some cases a cross-allergen reaction may occur. Trans Fair e. V. and Fairtrade International TransFair e.V. was founded in 1992 with the aim of supporting disadvantaged producers in developing countries. As an independent organization, TransFair e.V. does not trade in products itself, but awards the Fair Trade seal to fairly traded products and promotes awareness of sustainability. In Germany, 42,000 stores already sell products with a fair trade seal. More than 20,000 catering businesses sell fair trade coffee and cocoa. For more information, visit TransFair is part of the international alliance Fairtrade International, which is responsible for the implementation and support of the partner organizations. Worldwide, more than 1.3 million farmers and employees benefit from fair trade plantations. Together with their families, many millions enjoy better living and working conditions as a result of trading Fair Trade products. The independent certification organization FLO-CERT GmbH is responsible for monitoring fair trade standards. The Bonn-based company operates an independent, transparent and globally uniform certification system in accordance with the requirements of the accreditation standard ISO 65 (DIN EN 45011).

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