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Welcome to the best price comparison portal for spirits! Here you will find the lowest prices for all your favorite spirits. Whether you are looking for gin, wine, rum, whiskey or any other type of spirits, we have what you need. Our extensive database includes products from many retailers across the country. Whether you’re looking to save money on your next bottle, or you’re just curious about prices at different stores, we have what you need! First and foremost, our online store is the most convenient way to search for the lowest prices and deals on spirits. We know that time is precious and searching multiple stores can be tedious. That’s why we’ve done all the work for you! Just enter what you’re interested in into our search bar and we’ll take care of the rest. We update our product database daily to make sure you always get the latest offers and new products. With us you will find all top sellers at low prices. In addition, we not only show you the price of the different products, but also inform you about shipping costs, name, delivery time and all other relevant details that are important. This way you can be sure to find the best manufacturer. If you have any questions about an item, category or offer, just contact us. Help will come immediately. If you just want to learn about spirits, check out our blog for interesting articles. We explain there what to look for before ordering and when choosing companies and stores.

What types of spirits can you find in our store?


Gin is a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage that derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries. Gin is one of the most extensive categories of spirits, with different styles producing very different tastes and regular novelties. The two main categories of gin are London Dry Gin and Compound Gin. London Dry Gin is made by double distilling alcohol, to which botanicals are then added to give it flavor. This type of gin is usually juniper accented and has a strong citrus peel aroma. Compound gin is made by steeping botanicals and plants in alcohol and then redistilling. The result is a sweeter, more aromatic gin. At Bottlefinder you will find both items from different brands at: London Dry Gins and Compound Gins. For the perfect enjoyment.


Wine is made from fermented grapes. Wine has been around for thousands of years and is produced all over the world. The taste of wine depends on many factors, including the variety of grape, the climate in which it was grown, the soil in which it was grown and the method of processing. Wine can be white, red or rosé. White wine is made from green or yellow grapes, while red wine is made from red grapes. Rosé wine is made by blending red and white wine. At Bottlefinder you will find a wide selection of wines from all over the world.


Whisky (or whiskey) is made from grain mash or malt. The word “whisky” comes from Gaelic and means “water of life”. Whiskies can be either single malt or blended. Single malt whiskies are made from a single type of grain, usually barley, and distilled at a single distillery. Blended whiskies are made by blending several single malt whiskies together. Whisky from different distilleries differs greatly. The spirit, or also called schnapps or spirit must be stored for at least 3 years before the spirit may be called whiskey and bottled. most whiskies come from Scotland or Ireland. But distilleries in Germany are also in vogue. Flaschenfinder offers both single malts and blended whiskies from many different retailers. Bottlefinder also has manufacturers from Germany in stock.


The different types of rum are made from sugar cane juice or molasses. is usually stored for at least two years in oak barrels before. There are three main types of rum: light rum, dark rum and spiced rum. Light rum has a milder flavor and is often used in cocktails. Dark rum has a stronger flavor and is often drunk neat or over ice. Spiced rum is made by adding spices to either light or dark rum. did you know that the origin of rum is in the Caribbean? Rum was first distilled in the 17th century. The exact origins of rum are not known, but it is believed to have been developed from a liquid called “kill-devil” or “rumbullion.” Rum quickly became popular among sailors. Bottles full of rum served as currency on many islands. In fact, it was so valuable that it was often referred to as “black gold”. In the assortment of Bottle Finder you will find all three types of rum from all over the world. Whichever category you prefer, we have the right offer and the best prices. Follow the pleasure.


Liqueur is a sweetened, often alcoholic drink made from a distilled alcohol flavored with fruits, herbs, spices, nuts or cream. Liqueurs usually have a lower alcohol content than spirits such as vodka or whiskey. There are many different types of liqueur, including coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur and fruit liqueur. Liqueurs can be enjoyed neat or used for cocktails at the next party. Did you know that the first liqueur was made in the 13th century? The word “liqueur” comes from the Latin word “liquifacere,” which means “to dissolve.” Originally, liqueurs were made for medicinal purposes and used to treat a variety of diseases. In the 17th century, liqueurs became popular among the upper classes and were often used to demonstrate wealth and status. Today, liqueurs are enjoyed by people all over the world and are an integral part of many cocktail parties. So the next time you’re looking for a delicious drink, be sure to check out our selection in the liquor store. We’ll find you the top seller at the best price. SWISSCAVE Classic Edition WL155DF is the perfect symbiosis of practical use, understated yet appealing design and economy. Thanks to its optimized space division, this wine refrigerator is ideal for tempering your wines.


  • External dimensions (H/W/D): 820mm x 595mm x 585 mm
  • Transport weight: 50 kg
  • Net weight: 52 kg

  • For the tempering of your wines
  • 4 high quality beech wood full extension drawers
  • Blue ceiling lighting
  • Gentle storage thanks to particularly low-vibration compressor
Performance features

  • Adjustable temperature ranges from 5°C-16°C and 9°C-20°C
  • Built-in, powerful heating (winter function)
  • High quality, super silent ‘Sanyo’ fans (ball bearing, with dust protection)
Energy consumption / DBA

  • Noise level: 38 dB(A)
  • Energy consumption: 0.420kWh
  • Energy label according to EU directive since 2021: G (previously B)
Delivery conditions

  • Currently an average delivery time of 5-15 working days.
  • General terms of delivery ⓘ
  • Warranty period: 2 years on site (according to our terms and conditions).
More information
The most important specifications at a glance
Temperature zones 2
External dimensions (H/W/D) 820 x 595 x 585 mm
Noise level 38 dB(A) Sound absorption recommendation
Energy consumption per day 0.42 kWh (approx.)
Net weight 50 kg
Shape of the unit Free-standing or built-in with shadow gap
Exterior design
Interior design
Performance data
Range of functions
General information

Customer reviews

  1. yesThe staff at Swisscave are friendly and willing to talk on the phone, which was definitely a plus when I ordered my wine cooler. I was also convinced by what I read on the website about their experience in storing wine bottles, and I was happy to have found a reasonably priced product with Swiss quality. When I received the wine cooler, I was surprised to see that the shelves were optimized for Burgundy bottles only. Overall, the wine cooler is nice and relatively quiet. My suggestion to Swisscave is to let customers know that there is a mixed configuration with burgundy racks, because I’m sure most wine lovers need to store different bottle sizes.Published on

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