Automatic Shut Off Coffee Maker

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  • July 23, 2015, 14:19
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If the coffee stands for hours on the hot plate of the machine, not only the taste suffers. It also makes itself felt on the electricity bill. That’s why many coffee machines now have a shut-off function – but not all of them. “Because coffee machines are so widespread and are often switched on longer than they are actually needed, the energy-saving potential here is high,” says Dietlinde Quack of the Öko-Institut in Freiburg. Since January, such an automatic switch-off function has been mandatory for new appliances throughout Europe. Retailers are still allowed to sell off stocks of appliances without automatic switch-off. However, all goods newly put on the market since January 1 must be equipped accordingly, explains Jürgen Ripperger, Chairman of the VDE industry association. The switch-off time is also regulated by law: “Filter coffee machines with thermos jugs must switch off after 5 minutes, those with glass jugs after 40 minutes and pad and capsule machines 30 minutes after the last brewing process,” says Quack. “This is expected to save two terawatt hours of electricity across Europe by 2020.” “There is no loss of convenience for consumers as a result of the new regulation,” Quack explains. On the contrary, “People save money, and what they used to have to do by hand will be automatic in the future,” says Ripperger. “If you assume a service life of five years and energy savings of 10 euros per year, within that time you will save 50 euros per appliance in electricity costs alone by switching off automatically,” says Ripperger. If you subtract these 50 euros from the price, the new device probably comes off better than the bargain. The biggest problem is that machines without automatic shut-off keep the water warm or heat it up again and again – that is the most energy-relevant phase, says Heutling. That’s supposed to change with the new regulation. Although consumers can change the automatic shut-off time and increase it by several hours, Heutling would like to see consumers not use this function. “Only then can you protect the environment and your own wallet.” dpa magazine / mag

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    Automatic Shut Off Coffee Maker.

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