Ps5 Firmware Update Release Date

| The PS5 update 22.01- is ready for download. What changes with it, the changelog does not reveal this time. It contains the familiar standard entry. Sony has released a new firmware update to version 22.01- for the PS5. There was no announcement in advance, which already indicates that the changes are limited. New features are usually tested in the course of a beta, in which players can participate. Today’s changelog is correspondingly meager, which once again refers to the fact that improvements have been made to the system performance. It is the standard entry for changes and improvements that are carried out in the background. PS5 System Update 22.01- Changelog

  • This system software update improves the system performance.

The same changelog entry was present in the previous PS5 update. If more details about the new update follow, we’ll let you know as usual. If the PS5 firmware doesn’t offer itself automatically, you can trigger it in the menu settings. Alternatively you can download it manually and upload it to the console.

Last big PS5 update in March

The last major PS5 firmware was the update with the version number 22.01-05.00.00. This included numerous features and improvements for Sony’s still fairly new console. Among other things, the company lent a hand with the voice commands and trophies. The Changelog for the PS5 update 22.01-05.00.00 provides further details. The PS5 was released in November 2020 in two versions, including the standard model and the Digital Edition, which comes without a drive. In return, it only costs 399.99 Euros instead of 499.99 Euros – at least theoretically. The PS5 is still virtually unavailable in stores, which drives up the prices on eBay and the like. At least: You can configure a controller for the price of the Digital Edition at configure a controller at SCUF. More news about the PlayStation 5:

  • High demand – will there be further bottlenecks in the current fiscal year?
  • Preservation team founded for the preservation of classic games
  • In the future with advertising in Free2Play games?

Prior to today’s update, the PS5 was upgraded with VRR support, available since April and for a smoother gaming experience should provide. And also the latest PS5, PS4 and PlayStation Plus sales figures have also been have been known since this week. Due to the supply bottlenecks, PS5 sales remained below expectations. More news about PS5. Discuss this news in the PlayStation Forum (*) Links to Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and some other retailers are usually affiliate links. When you make a purchase, we receive a small commission, which we can use to finance the site, which is free to use. You have no disadvantages. | The PS5 has received the software update 22.01- The official changelog reveals what changes this brings. Among other things, the update adds an ALLM option to the console. Sony has released another PS5 firmware update today, July 7, 2022. The latest system update brings the console to version 22.01- and includes new video settings and system performance improvements. The new update for the PS5 introduces a new option that allows gamers, if they have a TV with the ALLM feature, to make a corresponding setting on the console, optionally disabling and enabling the feature. In addition, unspecified improvements to system performance have been made with the software update. This is the usual description for revisions and changes in the background. You can take a look at the short changelog below.

PS5 System Software Update 22.01- Changelog

  • If you are using a TV that supports ALLM (automatic low latency mode), you can configure the ALLM settings under [Settings] > [Screen and Video] > [Video Out] > [ALLM]:
    • If you select [Auto], your TV will automatically switch to low latency mode while playing games.
    • If you select [Off], ALLM is only enabled during VRR (variable refresh rate) output.
  • This system software update improves system performance.

For the best PlayStation experience, Sony says you should make sure your PS5 system software is up to date. You can download the new PS5 firmware to the console as usual by searching for the “System” entry in the settings and navigating to the software update. There, you can start the download and the changes will be displayed again if necessary. Software updates can also be downloaded via an external device and played on the console via USB memory. The PS5 updates are made available for download on the official PlayStation website. More PS5 news:

  • Sony apparently hires developers for more emulators
  • New patent describes a “what if?” feature for games

The PS5 has been lingering on the market since November 2020, but it remains a piece of hardware that is rarely seen in stores. Even two and a half years after launch, the number of consoles manufactured is below market demand. However, there are indications that the scarcity is slowly coming to an end.. More PS5 news. Discuss this news in the PlayStation Forum (*) Links to Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and some other retailers are usually affiliate links. When you make a purchase, we receive a small commission that we can use to finance the site, which is free to use. You have no disadvantages. The PS5 gets another big update. Update, 15.09.2021: As announced, the new PS5 firmware version went live today. The download can be started now and beats with just 913 MB to account. So it’s not a big update, but the patch still includes a few new PS5 features. You can find out which ones below! Original message: The PlayStation 5 gets its second big update of the system software, which brings a whole series of great innovations. This has just been announced on the official PlayStation Blog. You can find out exactly what content is coming here. When will the update be released? The new PS5 firmware is available now. The most important contents at a glance:

  • Adjustments to the user interface
  • 3D audio for integrated TV speakers
  • M2 SSD storage expansion
  • Improvement of the PS Apps

You can watch the official trailer for the update here: 3:16 PS5 – Trailer for the major system software update in September 2021.

Patch Notes for the PS5 update in September 2021

Adaptation of the user interface

  • Control Center Customization: Players can now customize their Control Center more freely by rearranging the controls at the bottom of the screen or choosing which ones to show or hide.
  • Improved Game Base: Players can now easily view messages and write with friends and parties directly from the Game Base in the Control Center.
  • New additions to the Game Library and Home screen. If you have PS4 and PS5 versions of the same game installed, they will now be visible individually on the Installed tab of the Game Library and on the Home screen. Each game’s tile now also clearly indicates its platform.
  • Screen reader controls: Players can now pause or resume the screen reader (“press PS + triangle key”) and have it repeat anything it reads aloud (“press PS + R1 key”).
  • Resolution selection and connection test tool on PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now subscribers can choose between 720p and 1080p (depending on the game) to set their preferred video resolution for streaming games. They can also identify and fix any issues with their connection thanks to a streaming connection test.
  • New award type: “Leader”. Following an online game, players can award other players with the fourth award type, “Leader,” which is visible on player profiles.
  • Automatic recording of “personal bests”. When players compete for a better time or higher score and achieve a new personal best, an in-game video clip is automatically recorded. Players can also share clips of their personal bests directly from the challenge card in the Control Center or from their media gallery. Players have direct control over this feature via the Recordings and Transmissions settings.
  • New Trophy Tracker: We’ve added a new trophy tracker that allows players to quickly access up to five trophies per game via the Control Center.

3D audio support for integrated TV speakers.

With the update, Sony says you can turn your TV’s two-channel audio into a three-dimensional sound experience. Room acoustics can also be gauged with DualSense to further refine your audio experience. And this is how it works: First, however, you have to activate the option in the “Sound” menu. This is deactivated by default.

M2 SSD storage expansion

What beta users have been able to do for quite some time now, you will also be able to do starting tomorrow. Namely, you can expand the storage capacity of your PS5 with an M2 SSD. You can find out which SSDs and heatsinks are compatible with your PS5 in this list. We also explain how to install the hard drive. In his column, our freelance writer Chris also talks about why Sony’s SSD approach is a bit of a pain, but the right way to go: 128 4 More on PS5 storage expansion: an annoying compromise that’s necessary. More articles that can help you buy and install the SSD:

  • PS5 memory upgrade: compatible SSDs, heatsinks and all the requirements
  • Install PS5 SSD: Here’s how it works, here’s what you have to look out for

You can watch the official video tutorial on SSD installation here: 4:44 PlayStation 5 – Official tutorial on how to install an SSD for memory expansion.

Improvements for the PS Remote Play App and the PS App

PS Remote Play app over mobile networks:

  • With the PS Remote Play app, players can stream and play PS4 and PS5 games remotely, switch between games, and browse their console’s menus on any compatible device connected to their broadband network *** Effective immediately, players using the mobile app for iOS and Android can also use a mobile data connection when Wi-Fi is not available.
  • PS Remote Play requires a broadband internet connection of at least 5 Mbps. For an optimal experience, we recommend a high-speed connection with upload and download speeds of at least 15 Mbps.
  • To manage the amount of data consumed over a mobile connection, players can select their preferred video quality for mobile data streaming.
  • Please note that the quality and connectivity of your Remote Play experience may vary depending on your carrier and network environment.

Watch screencasts in the PS App:

  • Starting next Thursday, the 23rd. September, a PS App update will roll out worldwide that will allow users to watch their friends’ screencasts together.
  • To do this, you’ll need to join a party voice chat with a friend playing on a PS5 console from your mobile device. Then ask your friend who is playing on PS5 if they would like to start their screencast. Note: Screen sharing transfer can only be done by players on PS5.
  • The Android version of the update will be released gradually, so it may take a week for the update to be available on your mobile device.

Improvements for the PS4

The PS4 also gets a comparatively small update. You can now display the trophies you earned on the PS5 on the last-gen console. This also works for other players. In addition, you can now completely dissolve a party chat without having to remove participants individually. Will you use the memory expansion directly, or is there still enough space on your hard drive? PlayStation fans can cross some items off their wish list. A system software update has just been released for the PlayStation 5. The firmware with the identifier “22.02-” is 1.086 GB in size and contains several innovations.

Game library can now be divided into lists

You miss the folders of the PS4? The new lists in the PS5 game library are a good alternative. You can create up to 15 of them and fill them with a maximum of 100 games. Want to see some examples of use? You could, for example, create a pile for titles that you still have to play through, put together a small retro collection, or highlight your favorite multiplayer games. Here’s what the game lists in your collection look like. (Image source: PlayStation Blog)

1440p monitors are finally properly supported

Until now, monitor owners* had to hope that their display could fake an output in 4K to get a sharp image from the PS5. This is no longer the case, and you can set an output resolution of 1440p under “Display and Video” in the system settings. This means that all games are crisp on a 1440p monitor. The update also completes the feature set of The Last of Us remake, which natively outputs 1440p on 1440p monitors to prevent scaling artifacts in performance mode. You can read more about this in our tech check of The Last of Us Part 1:   48 14 More on The Last of Us Part 1 in our tech check: The most technically impressive game of this generation so far. 120 Hz, but no VRR: Gaming monitors that have a display with 120 Hz or more can use the high frame rate on the PS5 in 1440p mode. However, variable frame rates (VRR), which provide a smooth gaming experience with fluctuating frame rates in the game, cannot be enabled. This is mainly because the PS5 cannot handle the most common VRR standard for monitors – AMD’s FreeSync. More about VRR can be found here:   37 4 More on the PS5 Surprise: VRR provides a whopping frame rate boost in some games.

In addition, the update offers the following innovations:

  • Screen transfers can be requested from friends.
  • If you start a game that a participating person of your PlayStation party is already playing, you will receive a notification, which allows you to join the game session immediately.
  • In the text chat of the “Game Base”, you can send Voice messages and animated stickers can be sent..
  • If you make new friends via the PSN, you will be able to View people’s profiles more quickly in the future.
  • Game activities are more present integrated on the main page of the PS5 menu.
  • 3D audio can be compared with conventional stereo sound in the sound menu of the PS5.
  • Once help is available for a game is available, you will be informed via notification.
  • The sender of a text message can be displayed with a single keystroke.
  • Markers in recommended videos show the reason why they are suggested to you – for example, because it is a speed run or another great achievement.
  • The Internet browser offers two zoom functions: The entire page can be zoomed in, but always in such a way that the layout is maintained. Alternatively, all page elements can be zoomed in without regard to the layout.
  • The Youtube search can be operated with voice commandsbut only in English and with PSN accounts from the US or UK.
  • The screen reader reads possible controller commands from now on and can be operated more smoothly.
  • If you have locked your console with a controller passcode alternative button assignments will be displayed on the unlock screen.

How to download the update

Normally, the update should download automatically the next time you start your PS5. Once the download is complete, you will receive a notification to install the new system software. If you have disabled the automatic download, simply go to the settings menu of the PS5, select “System”, choose the submenu “System software” and search for “Update and settings of the system software”. There you will find the button for updating the system software at the top. If your PS5 is not connected to the Internet, you can also download the update from Sony’s official support site and install it via a USB stick. More PS5 news:

  • PS5 price increase announced and it’s effective immediately
  • The PS5 gets a Pro controller with the DualSense Edge
  • PS5 has received a new model and becomes lighter than the predecessor.

So, downloading the new system update is definitely worthwhile! The game lists in particular are a welcome innovation, as they make libraries that have been cluttered over the years more manageable. Are any of the new features particularly interesting for you?

How to update the system software on a PS5 console

For the best PlayStation experience, make sure your PlayStation®5 console’s system software is always updated to the latest version.

Latest system software update for PS5 consoles

A system software update for PS5™ consoles has been available since 12/10/2022. System software features on PS5 console Update your PS5 console with the latest system software. You can also check the features available in the update here. You can view the online user guide in the menu Settings menu of the PS5 console. Version: 22.02-06.02.00

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Version: 22.02-06.00.02

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Version: 22.02-06.00.00

  • You can now create custom game lists in the game library to bring more order to your games. You can create your game list in the Game Library by selecting the [Your Collection] tab. Select games you want to add to your game list and then decide what you want to name them.
  • We’ve updated the following for the Game Help feature: Game Help now notifies you when help is available on both PS5 and mobile in the PlayStation App. You can choose whether or not to display the Game Help notifications. On PS5, select [Settings] > [Notifications] > [Game Help]. On the PlayStation App, select [Settings] > [Push notifications] > [Game help].
  • 1440p HDMI video output is now supported. Before use, perform a test to check if your HDMI device supports 1440p output by selecting [Settings] > [Screen and Video] > [Video Output] > [Test 1440p Output].
  • We’ve updated the following in Game Base: You can now request party members to start screen sharing to view their gameplay. Bring up the voice chat card, select the party member you want to send the request to, and then select [Request Screen Sharing].
  • When you join a party and a party member is playing a game that you can join, you will now receive a message. You can join the game directly from the message.
  • When you receive a message, you can now view the sender’s profile by selecting the message and pressing the Option key.
  • We have updated the following for [Friend Requests]: When you have accepted a friend request in the [Receive] list, you can now view your new friend’s profile in [Accepted Requests].
  • In the Game Base map, you can now send stickers and voice messages to your groups.
  • The following features are added to the Game Hubs: Ongoing activities can now be highlighted at the top of the game menu to make it as easy and quick as possible to get back to where you left off. When game help is available for an activity, the [Show Hints] button is displayed. In the [Videos from your recent games] section, labels are displayed to indicate why the videos are recommended for you, such as “Fast Game,” “High Score,” or “Performance.”
  • When using the web browser, you can now choose between two types of zoom functions. “Zoom” allows you to increase the size of items on the page and adjust their layout so that everything fits, even without having to scroll left and right. “Zoom In” increases the size of all elements on the page without any adjustments to the layout. The maximum zoom/enlarge rate is now 500%.
  • We have reorganized the 3D audio settings. These settings can now be found under [3D Audio for TV Speakers] and [3D Audio for Headphones] under [Settings] > [Sound]. You can now listen to the difference between 3D and stereo audio on the same screen and compare the two.
  • “Voice Command” now supports searching for content on YouTube using voice functions. Currently, Voice Command (Preview) is only available in English for players with PSN accounts in the US and UK. You can say “Hey PlayStation, search [keyword] on YouTube” from anywhere on the PS5, even while playing. The YouTube app will open and relevant search results will be displayed. How you enter text using speech input has changed. Previously, if you had the screen reader turned on, you had to wait for the instructions to be read aloud. Only then could you speak into the controller to enter text using speech input. Now you can simply skip the instructions by pressing the X key.
  • The following improvements have been added to the Screen Reader feature. When shortcuts for the controller’s buttons are displayed on the screen, the screen reader now reads them aloud.
  • We’ve updated the following for Remote Play: With PS Remote Play, it’s now easier to use your PC or Mac’s keyboard. We’ve removed the text input box so you can use your keyboard to type directly on your PS5 or PS4. Not only can you type, but you can now use the keyboard to control games that support it.
  • Customized key mapping is now available in the passcode entry screen.
  • We updated the device software of the DualSense wireless controller to improve stability.
  • Fixed an issue that caused system software errors in sleep mode on some PS5 consoles.

To update the system software of the PS5 console

If the system software update stops responding on your PS5 console, restart the update. If this fails, download the update file below to a USB drive and follow the instructions below. Update PS5 system software manually

  1. Using a PC or Mac, create a folder named “PS5” on a USB drive with FAT32 formatting. Create another folder named “UPDATE” in this folder.
  2. Download the update file (button below) and save it in the “UPDATE” folder. Save the file as “PS5UPDATE.PUP”.
  3. Connect the USB drive with the file to the PS5.
  4. Start the PS5 console in security mode: press and hold the power button and release it after the second beep.
  5. In security mode, select option 3: Update system software.
  6. Select Update from USB storage device > OK to select.

If your PS5 console does not recognize the file, make sure the folder names and file name are correct. Type the folder names and file name in capital letters.

To reinstall the system software on the PS5 console

When you reinstall the system software on your PS5 console, all the data on your PS5 console will be deleted.. This process is often referred to as a “factory reset” or “hard reset”. Reinstall PS5 System Software

  1. Using a PC or Mac, create a folder named “PS5” on a USB drive with FAT32 formatting. Create another folder named “UPDATE” in this folder.
  2. Download the reinstallation file (button below) and save it in the “UPDATE” folder. Save the file as “PS5UPDATE.PUP”.
  3. Connect the USB drive with the file to the PS5 system.
  4. Start the PS5 console in secure mode: press and hold the power button and release it after the second beep.
  5. In security mode, select option 7, Update system software, from the security mode.
  6. Select Update from USB storage device > OK off.

If your PS5 console does not recognize the file, make sure the folder names and file name are correct. Type the folder names and file name in capital letters.

Restarting the system software download on a PS5 console

  1. Press the PS button on your wireless controller to open the Control Center and select Downloads/Uploads.
  2. Highlight the system software update and select Show Error Info and then Try again.

If the download fails several times, please update the PS5 system software via a USB drive.

Did you encounter any problems?

If you’re having trouble with the system software update on your PS5 console, check out the guide below for more steps. Previous system software versions of PS5 console Version: 22.01-05.50.00

  • If you are using a TV that supports ALLM (automatic low latency mode), you can change the ALLM settings under Settings > Screen and Video > Video Output > ALLM adjust.
  • When you Automatic the TV will automatically switch to low-latency mode during gameplay.
  • If you select Off ALLM is only enabled when variable refresh rate (VRR) video is output.
  • This system software update improves system performance.

Version: 22.01-05.10.00 This system software update improves system performance. Version: 22.01-05.02.00 This system software update improves the system performance. Version: 22.01-05.00.00 In the (Game Base) we have updated the following:

  • Voice chats are now called parties.
  • To make it easier to access, we have divided Game Base into three tabs: [Friends], [Parties], and [Messages].
  • When you start a party now, you can select either an open party or a closed party. In an open party, your friends can join without invitation. Friends of party members can also join. A closed party is only for players you invite.
  • Using the Game Base control menu and cards, you can now do the following: Show all your friends under the [Friends] tab in the control menu. Start Share Play directly from the voice chat card. You no longer need to launch screen sharing to use Share Play. Add a player to a group or create a new group directly from the message card. You can also use this card to send video clips, pictures, and text messages, and view a group’s shared media.
  • Now when someone in a group shares their screen, the “On-Air” icon is displayed. You can check this on the [Parties] tab.
  • The search function for players and friend requests is now under the [Friends] tab.
  • We’ve made it easier to decline friend requests by adding the [Decline] button to your friend request list.

Under (Accessibility), we have updated the following:

  • We have updated the following for the screen reader: The screen reader is now supported in six additional languages: Russian, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Korean. The screen reader can now read messages aloud.
  • You can now enable mono audio for headphones so that the same audio plays through both the left and right headphones. With the headphones connected, go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] and then enable [Mono Audio for Headphones]. Alternatively, you can go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Display and sound] and then enable [Mono audio for headphones].
  • You can now see a check mark next to enabled settings so you can easily see that they are enabled. Go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Display and Sound] and check [Show check mark when settings are enabled].

Under (Trophies), we have updated the following:

  • Updated the visual design of the trophy cards and the trophy list.
  • The trophy tracker now displays suggestions for trophies to earn when you play a game.

We have made the following changes to the features available in the Create menu:

  • You can now start screen sharing and stream your game to an open party.

We’ve added a new feature: Voice Command (Preview).

  • Voice Command (Preview) understands voice commands for finding and opening games, apps, and settings, as well as controlling media playback.
  • To get started, go to [Settings] > [Voice Command] and enable [Enable Voice Command (Preview)]. Then say “Hey, PlayStation!” and ask your PS5 to do something.
  • With this feature, you can search and open games, apps, and settings, control your media without even touching a button, and more.
  • Currently, the voice command (preview) is only available in English for players with PSN accounts in the US and UK.

We have added support for the Ukrainian language. Other updated features

  • We have made the following improvements to the game library:
  • On the [Your Collection] tab, you can now filter your games by genre to find the games you want to play faster.
  • We fixed PlayStation Plus to the left edge of the home screen for games.
  • You can now redeem monthly games faster.
  • Accessing PS Plus game collections from the Home screen is now even easier.
  • We’ve added a button guide that shows you how to reload and zoom in the web browser.
  • If you want to report something someone said in a party, there are now icons that let you know who is talking. This helps PlayStation’s security team take the appropriate action based on your report.
  • We’ve made the console more secure for accounts for kids:
  • When they’re looking at a purchased or installed game that they’re not allowed to play, the game’s background image is hidden.
  • Activity cards, such as those displayed in Control Center or Game Hub, will not appear for age-restricted games.
  • You can now keep the games or apps you’ve selected on your Home screen.
  • When you are focused on a game or app, press the Option key to open the Options menu and select [Keep on Home Screen]. The games and apps you want to keep will stay on your home screen.
  • You can put a maximum of 5 games and apps on each home screen.
  • You can now add three more games and apps to your home screen.
  • We’ve changed the appearance of the User Guide to make it clearer. If you prefer the old look, you can change it back.
  • We now support more emojis.
  • We changed the keyboard layout for Polish.
  • We updated the device software of the DualSense wireless controller to improve stability.

PS5 console system software notes Notes

  • Only the update file provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment online may be used for download or update. Downloads or updates may only be performed according to the instructions in the PS5 console documentation or on this website. If you download or install the update data from any other source, via any other procedure, or with a modified console, it may result in functional limitations of the console and the installation of the official update data may fail. Interference of this nature may void the system’s warranty and void any warranty claims against Sony Interactive Entertainment.
  • Do not install system software just before or just after a power failure.
  • Do not turn off the console during installation. Interrupting the installation may damage the console.
  • Before using some applications or content, you may need to update the system software on your console.

System software By using or accessing the system software, you agree to abide by all of the terms of this agreement. The current version of this Agreement is available in print at Sony Interactive Entertainment may change the terms of this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion, including any terms in the PS5 console documentation or manual or at Please check this website periodically to stay informed of any changes to this Agreement. Periodically, system software updates, including security updates, will be released for your PS5 console as necessary for the proper operation of the console. You will be notified about new system software updates when your console is connected to the Internet or when you insert a game disc that requires a newer system software version. Alternatively, you can revisit this page at any time to get the latest updates available. SIE strongly recommends that you always install the latest update as soon as it is released. Otherwise, your console could be exposed to security risks and/or the proper operation of the console could be affected. Ps5 Firmware Update Release Date.

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