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Apple’s M1 chip already proved that it has a lot of power in last week’s benchmark tests. Now, another benchmark was run – but this time the benchmark software ran as an x86 version under Rosetta 2 emulation on a MacBook Air. Despite emulation, the device achieves more points than other Macs that run the benchmark natively. The new benchmark test used the new MacBook Air with M1 chip and 8 GB of RAM, Macrumors reports. Instead of the natively running version of Geekbench 5, an x86 architecture was emulated this time so that the standard version of the benchmark can run on the MacBook Air. This is the same Geekbench software that was used to create the Intel Mac benchmarks. The emulation does slow down the performance of the M1 chip a bit, but the MacBook Air still easily outperforms its Intel chip siblings.

Faster than an iMac with Core i9 despite emulation.

fullscreen Still faster than Intel CPUs despite emulation: Apple’s M1 chip. Image: © Macrumors 2020 The tested MacBook Air scores 1,313 points in the emulated Geekbench 5 test in the single-core test and 5,888 points in the multi-core test. Thus, the device with the M1 chip is above the single-core scores of all iMacs and MacBook Pros with Intel chips. Even the 27-inch iMac with Intel Core i9-10910, which offers a maximum clock rate of 3.6 GHz, has to admit defeat to the MacBook with M1 chip once again. However, the result of 1,313 vs. 1,251 points is tighter than in the previous benchmarks. MacBook Air M1 Buy now at

New results dispel last doubts about the M1 chip

The new results with emulated benchmark are especially good news for users who are worried about not being able to use all apps on Apple’s new processor architecture. That’s because not all major apps are currently able to run natively on the M1 Macs and have to be emulated by Rosetta 2. As the new benchmark shows, the emulation of the x86 architecture is quite efficient. When comparing the scores of the MacBook Air’s native and emulated benchmarks (single-core: 1,687 vs. 1,313, multi-core: 7,433 vs. 5,888), it is noticeable that 78 to 79 percent of the processor’s performance can still be retrieved with the emulation. Users do not have to worry that apps like Office, for example, which do not yet have a native version for the M1 chip, do not run at all or only slowly on the new devices. And those who are not satisfied with 80 percent efficiency in the emulation can wait for the native app versions, which Apple wants to deliver bit by bit. Valorant will also be native on the Mac. | © Riot Games Valorant on the Mac – impossible for a long time, now reality. With Apple’s Boot Camp software, the shooter will run on your Mac! The software allows you to install Windows on your Mac. While it’s not a simple fix, we’ll show you step by step how to Valorant on the Mac on the Mac. Depending on the generation of your MacBook and how fast your Internet connection is, the process will take between an hour and longer. Furthermore, you have to consider the remaining storage space on your device. Windows OS consumes about 64 GB, while Valorant itself consumes about 10 GB. So check your available hardware before you start the following steps!

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If you are using Valorant on the Mac you will need the following:

  • The latest macOS update, which may include updates to Boot Camp Assistant.
  • To install Windows 10, you will need the Boot Camp Assistant.
  • 64 GB or more of storage space on your MacBook.
  • A 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro on a disc or other installation device.

Make sure you have all of it ready to boot, because there are a few steps to the successful installation process.

How to play Valorant on the Mac

1. check the “Safe Start” settings

The Safe Start settings should be set to “Full Security”. If this is not the case, please refer to Apple’s official instructions on how to proceed.

2. use the Boot Camp Assistant to create a Windows partition

Open the Boot Camp Assistant. It should be located in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. Follow the instructions of the Boot Camp Wizard.

  • When prompted to use a USB device, plug it in. There, the Boot Camp Wizard will install a bootable Windows drive.
  • Set the size of the Windows partition to over 64 GB. Between 70-80 GB should be enough. Keep in mind that you need to set the partition large enough, as nothing can be resized afterwards.

3. format the Windows (BOOTCAMP) partition

  • The installation client should automatically select and format the Boot Camp partition, but sometimes you have to select it yourself. This is where both the Windows operating system and Valorant will be stored on your Mac.
  • Once the Boot Camp Wizard has finished formatting the partition, the Mac will reboot with the Windows installation. Now you simply select the partition created with Boot Camp and format it.

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4. install Windows

During the installation we recommend that you remove all external devices from your Mac – only the USB drive with the Windows boot drive should remain connected. Click Next and follow the steps to install Windows.

5. first steps with Windows

After the installation is complete, restart your Mac with the Windows system. There Boot Camp will finally open again. Again, follow the steps given to install Boot Camp itself, but also some drivers for Windows. Your system should reboot automatically after all drivers have been installed. 6.

6. switch between macOS and Windows

Now restart the device again. From now on you can switch between Windows and macOS during the startup phase. All you have to do is press and hold the Option key during this phase.

7. install Valorant

Now we come to the easy part. Download Valorant from the official site while you are in Windows. After that, all you need to do is register your account – and you’re ready to go! And that’s it. Valorant is now running on your Mac! You only want to see content about your favorite games and participate in contests and tournaments? Then create a MyEarlyGame-account and check out Twitter and in our Discord by! 2012 Ford F150 Bumper.

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