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Short description With the “SmartTools Financial Plan 2023” you keep track of your finances. After entering the monthly income and expenses, the addin automatically calculates the financial difference. The financial plan displays the performance of investment deposits and savings plans as well as a monthly overview of loans and payment obligations in clear diagrams. Each spreadsheet is equipped with comments and tips on how to use it. The “SmartTools Financial Plan 2023” supports Excel versions 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010, as well as with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). Top 15 alternatives in this category Compatible operating systems Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Number of downloads 14,128 (since 2012-05-18) Keep track of your finances with “SmartTools Financial Plan 2023”. After entering the monthly income and expenses, the addin automatically calculates the financial difference. The financial plan displays the performance of investment deposits and savings plans as well as a monthly overview of loans and payment obligations in clear diagrams. Each spreadsheet is equipped with comments and tips on how to use it. The “SmartTools Financial Plan 2023” supports Excel versions 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 as well as with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). The latest downloads in this category HomeBank budget book software “HomeBank” helps you manage your finances. In the program, budgets, statements and other monetary … Create financial plan made easy!

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Financial Plan Template After several 10,000 founders have used our financial plan Excel template over the past few years, we wanted to make financial plan creation even faster and easier. The result is the financial plan tool of our online solution Unternehmerheld. The tool guides you step by step to your financial plan. From sales and cost planning to investments and complete liquidity planning and profitability calculation, it is automatically created and integrated into the business plan that you write free of charge. Do it like many other founders and entrepreneurs and create with our financial plan solution Unternehmerheld and create a professional, bankable financial plan in just a few hours.

This is how the free financial plan template simplifies your financial planning

Get started right away with a ready-made financial plan template With the financial plan tool, you can start right away and don’t have to worry about setup and structure first. Everything is set up and waiting to be filled by you. The right calculation model for your business model To help you create your financial plan as realistically as possible, the tool provides you with various calculation models. This allows you to calculate individually according to your business model. Guided step by step through the finance plan The finance plan tool makes planning as easy as possible for you. You are guided step by step through all the necessary entries. This also ensures that you do not forget anything. Calculation aids and summaries With the online financial plan, creating a financial plan is much faster than with Excel. Calculation aids also simplify multi-year planning. Finally, you always receive summaries of the most important key figures and can explain the most important points in text fields. Export as finance plan PDF At the click of a button, you can generate a PDF from the online financial plan. In the financial plan PDF, the extensive tables are clearly presented so that banks and investors can quickly get an overview. Integration into the business plan You can also transfer the most important information from the finance plan to the online business plan with just one click. Thus, you can first create the financial plan and then link it to the business plan. Now to the online finance plan

The financial plan tool leads you to the finished financial plan in 8 steps

The simple and stringent structure of the online tool helps you to create a financial plan easily and quickly. Thereby, our financial plan template consists of eight components that make your financial planning easier. The financial plan template includes the following building blocks, which you can use to create your financial plan step by step:

  1. Revenue Planning
  2. Direct costs
  3. Personnel costs
  4. Marketing expenses
  5. Start-up and operating costs
  6. Investments
  7. Liquidity planning and financing
  8. Profitability calculation

If you work through these eight points, you have already reached the end of your financial planning. You can create your own financial plan quickly and easily and lay the foundation for your successful start-up. Below you can learn more about the eight components, the functions and calculations of the financial plan tool.

#1 Revenue planning

When you create a financial plan, you start with revenue planning. This is where all the sales items that occur are recorded and calculated for several years. For revenue planning, you can choose from various calculation methods in the financial plan tool, which allow you to make an exact calculation that fits your business model. You can decide individually for each item whether your sales are calculated, for example, according to the number of customers, your working hours or on the basis of the number of products sold. Revenue planning in the financial plan template

#2 Direct costs

After calculating sales, direct costs are recorded – that is, all costs that are dependent on sales, such as materials or the purchase of goods. The financial plan template also helps to correctly calculate the inventory with receipts and issues.

#3 Personnel costs

All costs for your staff – from mini-jobbers to managing directors – are then included in the financial planning. The step-by-step system guides you through the entire process. You start by entering the type of employment, the scope of the activity and the (gross) monthly salary. Special payments and ancillary wage costs are also clearly compiled.

#4 Marketing expenses

In the marketing expense section, all costs that you plan for advertising measures are recorded – from flyers to online advertising. With the online financial plan, it is also possible to either assign the various marketing measures to individual revenue items or to create them as a general measure. The tool shows what percentage of sales is spent on marketing. This helps you to plan realistically.

#5 Start-up and operating costs

Even before you start your business, you will incur: the so-called start-up costs. These range from business plan consulting to registration fees for the company and the registration of property rights. After that, the ongoing costs or operating costs for the company are recorded. These include, for example, rent for the business premises, contributions to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or insurance, or costs for office supplies.

#6 Investments

Not only the one-time investments for the start of the business must be recorded in the financial plan, but also depreciation and, if necessary, disinvestments. In addition, however, there are also replacement investments, which are always incurred when an investment good becomes obsolete and must be purchased again. But also expansion investments should not be missing in any finance plan. These become due when you buy another machine to increase your production or when you enlarge your business premises to serve more customers. With the finance plan tool, recording them is child’s play.

#7 Liquidity planning and financing

Liquidity planning shows you in detail how your monthly account balance is changing. Based on this account balance, you can now see how much capital is needed for your startup so that you can successfully master the startup phase. In this step, you will record all the different financing such as equity, bank loans or special grants that your business will receive.

#8 Profitability calculation

In this final step, you’ll see if your business model is paying off. Here you will find your total income and expenses, clearly broken down by operating income, gross profit, earnings before interest & depreciation, and before and after taxes. The financial plan is the heart of your business plan. As a founder, you should therefore invest sufficient time in the preparation of the financial plan. Therefore, create a professional financial plan with our digital financial plan template.

Ready? Export and integration into the business plan

After you have completed all the steps of your financial plan, you can download it as a PDF with one click and integrate it into your business plan.

Finance plan example

To give you an idea of what a finished financial plan looks like that has been created with our tool, we have prepared an example for you. Here you can see how the finished exported PDF file looks like and how the individual components are listed. Download financial plan example for free

Advantages of the online financial plan over Excel

There are many financial plan templates available on the Internet as Excel files, both free and paid versions. However, in contrast, the online financial plan offers you decisive advantages when you want to create a financial plan:

  • Less time required: in just a few hours your financial plan will be ready
  • Intuitive handling through input masks
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Active further development of the tool

Create financial plan now Financial Planning Excel Template.

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