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Ford Mustang: Tuning by Whipple Superchargers

Incredible 811 hp for 39,995 dollars Ford Mustang: Tuning by Whipple Superchargers The American tuner Whipple Superchargers helps a Mustang to 811 hp performance. >> More on topic: Mustang by Roush-Tuning Photo: Lebanon Ford Ford Mustang by Whipple Superchargers The affordable pony car is available through a Ford dealer in Ohio. Photo: Lebanon Ford Ford Mustang: Tuning by Whipple Superchargers The Uber Mustang goes by the name LFP800HP. Photo: Lebanon Ford Ford Mustang: Tuning of Whipple Superchargers Who decides for a LFP800HP, should hurry. The vehicles are only available for a limited time. Photo: Lebanon Ford The American tuner Whipple Superchargers heats up the Ford Mustang GT: After engine tuning, the 5.0-liter V8 makes a brutal 811 horsepower! It’s no joke what the tuner Whipple Superchargers and a Ford dealer from Lebanon, US state of Ohio, offer their customers. For the starting price of 39,995 US dollars (about 35,000 euros), there is the American dream of the muscle car: a 2018 Mustang GT with Whipple Stage 1 supercharger. The over-the-top Mustang goes by the name of LFP800HP. Its supercharger is flanged to the factory 450-hp Mustang GT and coaxes a whopping 800 hp, or around 811 hp, from the V8. Shifting is via a 10-speed automatic transmission. In addition to the Whipple Stage 1 supercharger and special dual-pass intercooler, the Mustang Supercharger package also includes software from Tomahawk that allows cloud-based modification of vehicle parameters. According to manufacturer Whipple Superchargers, it should also be possible to call up higher horsepower outputs in the future.More about: Chevrolet Camaro with 1000PS Tuning Ford Mustang: Tuning by Roush Performance 737 hp for 39,995 US dollars Ford Mustang facelift in video:  

Ford Mustang by Whipple Superchargers

Ford Mustangs in stock at the Lebanon/Ohio dealership can be converted and delivered within four to six weeks. By comparison, those who want to customize their Mustang through Ford can expect 12 weeks for delivery. Also the entrance price into these performance regions is sensational: For vehicles with comparable power at least 60,000 euro must be invested. But it’s not just the entry-level price that’s tempting: the LFP800HP doesn’t have to hide when it comes to service either: Whipple Superchargers and Lebanon Ford guarantee three years or 36,000 miles (about 57,000 km) of tuning and powertrain durability. Those who decide to buy a Ford Mustang with tuning from Whipple Superchargers now, however, should hurry. The vehicles are only available for a very limited time. Top-15 The most powerful muscle cars: Top-15 Powerful muscle cars from V8-land Ford Mustang from Ford Lebanon in the video: “> “> Agree & Continue Reading To tell this story, our editorial team used an external content from Youtube and added it to this part of the article. Before we display this content, we need your consent. You can revoke your consent at any time, e.g. by using the data protection manager. The legality of the processing carried out until the renewed revocation remains unaffected. I agree that external content may be displayed to me on this website and thus personal data may be transmitted to third-party platforms as well as to unsafe third countries. For more information, see our privacy policy . Tags:

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Ford Mustang Gt With Supercharger.

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