Driving Lessons And Test Package

The cost of a driver’s license

  – This plastic card is worth a fortune. No wonder: Expensive driving lessons and fees are a drain on the bank account. We’ve done the math.

It’s cheaper in a package

Five driving lessons, passed the test, didn’t pay 500 marks. All right – that’s grandma’s saying. Stop! Don’t talk too much about the lady. Anyone taking their driver’s license today needs her as a sponsor. The legislator has already taken care of this with regulations: first-aid course, eye test, TÜV, offices, examination fees and compulsory hours … The driving schools also want to earn as much as possible. Here is an example from Hamburg for class B (passenger cars, prices vary): One practice hour costs 60 marks, 80 each of the twelve compulsory hours (five intercity, four highway, three night driving). The driving instructor decides when the student is approved for the compulsory drives. In Hamburg, after about 40 hours of practice. Makes 3360 marks! Just in driving hours. Okay, the high in the north is an expensive example, in other federal states the investment driving license is not quite so expensive. But also far from cheap, as our examples from Baden-Württemberg show. All prices incl. fees, hourly rates determined by the driving instructors association (www.fahrlehrerverband-bw.de). The only saving tip: licenses in a package are cheaper. So don’t just take B (passenger cars), but A (motorcycles) as well.

Prices from A to T

  A: 2600 Mark Full power, full price: For the permission to drive motorcycles without power restriction (old class 1), alone for the practical examination (including fees) about 400 Marks become due. A1: 2500 marks Below that, hardly anything runs: the basic fee alone costs an average of around 430 marks. Normal driving lessons for the 125cc license cost around 60 marks, special rides (highway, night, etc.) around 80 marks. B: 3100 Marks Example passenger car: Now this license is called B or BE. With B, the license holder may drive passenger cars – also with trailers (up to 750 kg total weight) – or trucks up to 3.5 t total mass. Anyone who wants to pull particularly heavy trailers (750 kg or more) must obtain the BE license. Then there are extra costs for further driving lessons and a special test. CE: 6100 Marks Long training, expensive license: The ten compulsory hours alone cost around 1400 marks. Nearly 130 marks must be paid for each practice drive. The basic fee for the combination of C and CE costs almost 900 marks. DE: 16,400 marks It only gets cheaper if the learner driver already holds a truck class. The fees also add up. For example, instead of a low-cost eye test, an ophthalmological certificate is required for around 130 marks. T: 2000 marks Even though the age limit is already 16: The license to drive a tractor is not a special offer. There are not even any compulsory hours. For the test drive alone, just under 250 Marks are to be planned.

Vacation driving school

A driver’s license not only costs a lot of money, but also time. Theory, practice, the test – two or three months pass quickly. If you want to get behind the wheel more quickly, look for a so-called vacation driving school (many addresses on the Internet at www.google.de). That offers compact courses of two to three weeks, in which all driving hours and the examination are completed. The legal hurdle: According to paragraph 17 paragraph 3 of the driver’s license regulation the practical examination is to be put down at the homeland place. There, where the driving license newcomer will be on the road the most and already brings routine for the environment from the driving lessons. Anyone who wants to take the practical test somewhere else needs an exceptional permit from their driver’s license office. This is usually refused in city states like Hamburg. Not because the test is worse elsewhere. But because in the mostly low-traffic regions of the vacation driving schools, according to the understanding of the city administration, the necessary routine and practice cannot be gained to drive safely at home in the big city. Your driving school since 1990

Class Registration Driving lesson special driving theor. exam* Pract. exam* theor. TÜV pract. TÜV*
B 369 53 € 63 € 149 159 22,49 116,93
B automatic 369 58 € 68 € 149 159 22,49 116,93
A 369 58 € 68 € 149 159 22,49 146,56
A2 369 58 € 68 € 149 159 22,49 146,56
A1 369 58 € 68 € 149 159 22,49 146,56
AM we no longer offer !!! No registration possible !!! —-
Moped 300 —- 23,80
B & A 469 53 € / 58 € 63 € / 68 € 149 159 22,49 116,93 / 146,56
B & A2 469 53 € / 58 € 63 € / 68 € 149 159 22,49 116,93 / 146,56
B196 total price 749,–€ 749 € —- —- —- —-

Retraining courses: 399 € Driving Fitness Seminar (FES): 290 € Driving school change: 199 Prices valid until: Due to rising energy prices, from 01.01.2023 all car & automatic hours, will be more expensive by only 2,00€ and all motorcycle hours by 4,00€. OUR TIP: Buy driving checks at the old price until 31.12.2022. Excessively purchased driving checks will be refunded after passing the test. Driving Lessons And Test Package.

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