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Delivery of a towing service in any district of Berlin around the clock Allen around the clock +49-1590-3919970 . Call the given numbers Enter your location ern Your tow truck is already on the way

Towing service prices in Allen

Our advantages

We evacuate a car for more than 10 years We have been working since 2007 and guarantee quality service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We successfully perform all tasks of evacuation and transportation of the car. Convenient escort If necessary, you can accompany your car in the cabin of the tow truck. There clean, not smoked, works air conditioning. Impeccable technical equipment Each tow truck meets the requirements for such special equipment. When transporting cars, they are fixed with 4 stops and 8 straps with tensioners. The tow truck platform is equipped with reversing lights. Quality service Our tow trucks are constantly checked by us to verify the level of performance. Therefore, we can confidently say that we have attentive, courteous and responsible staff. Convenient for you payment option Payment is made in cash or by other means to be agreed with the driver. Always with you Constantly several free tow trucks are available and fully operational.

About us

If you own a car, you know that breakdowns very often occur at the most inopportune moment. And given the increasing intensity of traffic on the road, the risk of accidents is always at a high level. Therefore, it pays to be constantly prepared and know how to quickly call a professional towing service in Allen. Our company provides high-quality service for evacuation of vehicles. We prefer reliable partnerships and appreciate the trust of our customers, so we always offer only favorable conditions for cooperation.

Also we work in land North Rhine-Westphalia


Aron In this company we ordered a tow truck. Came quickly somewhere 25 minutes after ordering. The prices are reasonable. I can only recommend it. Richard Great service! Professional, fast and most importantly the prices for ordering a tow truck are very pleasant! Get in touch immediately without thinking about it. Hilda Here, people turned the car over to a service for an oil change, and the service people took the same oil and mixed it. Instead of gasoline oil, diesel oil was put in. As you know, the result was not long in coming! “I had to call a tow truck. Fortunately, the guys came very quickly and the price is reasonable. You can contact, I guess. Jochen thank you for the prompt work. Fast delivery of a tow truck and quality service. Pleasant driver. Well done, keep up the good work. In some cases, traffic accidents cause serious damage to the car, which is associated with the impossibility of independent movement. At the same time, leaving it on the roadway is dangerous, creating obstacles to movement and hazards for other drivers. Transporting a damaged car to the nearest gas station causes various difficulties in heavy city traffic. Therefore, you should entrust this task to experienced professionals. Our service offers comprehensive car assistance in Allen and is ready to provide help in the most difficult situations. Our services include the following options:

  • Departure to the city and beyond;
  • Assessment of the technical condition of defective vehicles and the choice of transport method;
  • Loading with the help of cranes and manipulators on our own vehicles;
  • Transportation of the car to a specified place;
  • Unloading of the vehicle;
  • Assistance in replacing the wheels, unlocking the locks;
  • delivery of fuel and lubricants.

Advantages of cooperation with our company

Our company specializes in high quality fast towing and evacuation in Allen. Our clients are always satisfied with our service, as we offer the following favorable conditions:

  • Work around the clock without breaks, holidays and weekends;
  • Huge fleet of new special equipment for different working conditions and types of vehicles;
  • Fast acceptance of the request, departure to the customer and delivery of equipment to the store;
  • Low prices and convenient payment system;
  • Experienced professional staff;
  • Immediate delivery of the damaged car to the specified location.

How to order the tow truck in Allen?

To call a towing service in Allen, call the phone number and tell the dispatcher the following information:

  • The location of your car;
  • Cause of the trouble and the degree of damage to the car;
  • The type, dimensions and limitations of the car;
  • Presence of passengers requiring transportation;
  • Work of the steering system.

In order for us to help you quickly on the road in Allen, leave a request with the dispatch service immediately after the occurrence of technical problems with the car. Our experts will choose the most appropriate type of special equipment and send it immediately to the place of waiting.

How is the price determined the towing service in Allen?

The cost of services directly depends on several factors:

  • Location of the car – the distance from the city center and inaccessibility of the place of operation;
  • Weight and general characteristics of your car;
  • Degree of damage and the general condition of the car;
  • Destination of the car transport on a tow truck.

In any case, we offer you the most competitive prices, regardless of the complexity of the situation. We always give discounts to new customers and offer loyalty programs to our regular customers. Remember that driving a faulty car even for short distances can pose a great risk to drivers and passengers. Therefore, be sure to contact our service when you need a towing service in Allen. To keep you safe on the road, we have been on Germany’s roads for you since 1990. As a specialist for towing service, breakdown service, recovery and vehicle transport, we are on duty for you 24 hours a day. Many years of experience and competence, flexibility, reliability, speed and team-oriented action are the basis of our activity, true to our motto “One call – one sound, we are coming!”

More safety on the road

Unforeseen situations can always occur in road traffic. For this reason, it is important to have a direct contact person for all problems, in order to be on the safe side both technically and practically. Our breakdown service and our independent car repair shop are therefore available for all conceivable defects that make it impossible to continue driving.

Our service

Your satisfaction is important to us

This is what satisfied customers say about our towing service and auto repair shop Get very fast professional help. Friendly employee who remained calm and level-headed even in a delicate situation. A great master craftsman on for the repair afterwards. Very good value for money. My best thanks to the company DAPA. Torsten Steiner Super service. A big thank you to the driver who towed and overnight and helped us. A big thank you to the two nice ladies from the reception who were immediately on the spot this morning and helped us to handle everything. I can only recommend DAPA because you are in good hands. Jason M. Got help quickly, the driver on site was very friendly and helpful. The ladies at the reception took care of the insurance for me. Super team, only to recommend. Johann Schulz

Frequently asked questions

Our on-site professionals are often asked how much it costs to tow a car, or where their vehicle will be towed to How much does it cost to have a car towed? The cost to you if you pay yourself varies depending on the towing service, day of the week and time of day. The price of a recovery is calculated from the vehicle, distance, time and day of the week. Where does the towing service tow my vehicle? To the nearest garage. This does not mean the garage at your place of residence, but the garage in the vicinity of the place of recovery. What does a towing service do? We are a mobile service that comes to the aid of you, the motorist, when your vehicle is immobilized due to a breakdown. In doing so, we provide roadside assistance and tow you, your vehicle and occupants safely and quickly to the nearest auto repair shop. Stralsund

Towing & Breakdown Service, Workshop

At the Langendorfer mountain 8 18437 Stralsund Island of Rügen

Towing & Breakdown Service

Bahnhofstraße 8 18528 Teschenhagen Grimmen

Breakdown & towing service, workshop

To the rough mountain 15 18507 Grimmen Ribnitz-Damgarten

Towing & Breakdown Service

An der Mühle 25 18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten Kranichblick 32 18442 Duvendiek Allens Wrecker Service.

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