Zhao Yun Total War

About the movie: General Pang Qing Yun is the sole survivor of an army defeated by the Taiping rebels. On his way back, Lian crosses his path, a woman who gives him warmth at night and disappears the next morning. In the morning, he meets a bandit group led by Jiang Wu Yang and joins them. Arriving at the bandits’ village, he meets Lian again, the wife of the village chief, Zhao Er Hu. After an army raid on the village, Pang is able to convince the bandits to join the imperial army. Before that, Qing Yun, Er Hu and Wu Yang bind themselves with a blood oath. The film was announced as a remake of the movie The Blood Brothers (The Blood Brothers of the Yellow Dragon) from Chang Cheh and is also based on the same story (The Assassination of Ma). Since no classic Eastern was to be expected from the start, it is not surprising that both films have little in common, except for the basic features of the story. The Warlords is quite dark and lives from its two main actors Jet Li and Andy Lau. Takeshi Kaneshiro, as the third blood brother and Xu Jing Lei remain rather pale. International Version: Since a two-hour Asian production is difficult to convey in the international market, producer Andre Morgan decided to adapt the film. Director Peter Chan Ho Sun shows little enthusiasm about this, but he could not change Morgan’s mind. “I’ve always understood that there might be an international cut of the film, as with ‘Hero’ and many other Asian blockbusters. It’s a market reality,” … “I can’t say I’m comfortable with how things have turned out, but I’m open-minded. Buyers in each territory will be able to choose the cut they want or make a new one themselves.” (Peter Chan, www.variety.com) The new version has almost 500 changes to the Hong Kong version. This sounds like a disaster at first, but on closer inspection it turns out to be not quite as serious and the version is still watchable. The focus is put even more on the conflict between Pang Qing Yun and Zhao Er Hu. The majority of these changes are minimal cuts or lengthening of scene beginnings or endings, that happens in both versions. The most noticeable differences are the changes in the sequence of events. For example, the bandit attack on the Taiping rebels in the Hong Kong version takes place directly after the first meeting of Jiang Wu Yang and Pang Qing Yun, while for the international version it was moved before the first appearance of the war council. This changes the reason of the attack (HK: food/IF: “inaugural gift” for the council) and also the nature of the first encounter between Pang and Zhao Er Hu. Also, we learn Pang’s motives earlier, since the conviction of the rapists in the international version takes place right after the battle for Shu. In addition, there are a number of minor flow changes, different image sections and besides the translated inserts, some new ones were added. The color filter, which was supposed to make the film look a bit “dirtier”, has been scaled back a bit.

International Version: Hong Kong version:

Cut Review: Compared was the German DVD from NEW KSM with the HK Special Edition from Mega Star. To make the cut report more readable it was divided, not every change is illustrated and the countless minimal cuts are shown in smaller type. At the places with the shapely border it would have been possible in principle to divide the scenes into further cuts, only it seemed to me not to make sense to take the work apart even further. The times given refer to the German DVD. The texts were taken from the respective subtitles, resulting in minor inconsistencies (e.g. Nanking – Nanjing). Here is another example of the newly added text insertions:

International version: Hong Kong version:

Running Times: Running Time NEW KSM =. 01:48:53 (01:46:10 without credits) Running time Mega Star = 02:05:39 (02:02:15 without credits) Abbreviations used in SB: HKF = Hong Kong version IF = International version EB = Single frame Finally, two things to note, the Director’s Edition released in Hong Kong contains no Director’s Cut and I don’t want to exclude that I missed a frame somewhere. For orientation: The city of Suzhou has been taken by the Shan army and soon there will be a massacre of the rebels. The three blood brothers stand on the wall, the fortress and look into the courtyard to the prisoners. 01:10:33 The blood brothers look into the courtyard for a longer time. 0.29 sec 01:10:34 Zhao turns his head minimally more. IF: +0,96 sec   01:10:37 While the captured rebels loudly demand more bread, Pang looks grimmer in the IF and images of Wu Yang, Zhao and Jin Biao are missing. 01:10:41 IF: Jin Biao longer in the picture. HKF: Zhao more. IF: 0.6 sec HKF: 0.25 sec   01:10:43 The image of Wu Yang removed above is now reinserted here after Zhao has turned his head. The HKF shows Pang instead. 01:10:51 Pang lowers his arm. IF: +0.24 sec 01:10:52 IF: The prisoners and Jin Biao rather. HKF: He Hu longer from the side. IF: 0,2 sec HKF: 0,25 sec 01:10:55 Pang is hit directly by Jin Biao’s bread here, in IF this happens later. 1,17 sec   01:10:58 After all the rebels throw their bread, Pang is now also hit by Jin Biao’s loaf in the IF. In addition, the international version shows more footage of Zhao and Jin Biao here.

IF: 12,52 sec HKF: 5.46 sec

01:11:15 When Pang cuts the second loaf, in the IF he is seen completely from the front, while in the HKF the view with the three blood brothers on the wall was chosen. IF: 1,44 sec HKF: 1,38 sec 01:11:20 IF: Wu Yang longer in the side view. HKF: Pang more in the picture. IF: 0,4 sec HKF: 3,38 sec 01:11:26 IF: Zhao earlier, before he knocks the bread out of Pang’s hand. HKF: Before there is an additional shot of Zhao and Pang is longer in the frame. IF: 0,16 sec HKF: 4.55 sec 01:11:30 More Wu Yang. 0,63 sec 01:11:31 More Pang walking away. 0,63 sec 01:11:32 And again. 0,17 sec 01:11:36 IF: Zhao longer in the picture. HKF: Pang more. IF: 0,32 sec HKF: 1,5 sec 01:11:39 Zhao earlier in frame. 0,5 sec 01:11:43 Pang longer. 0,63 sec 01:11:53 Zhao looks at Wu Yang. 0,33 sec 01:11:57 Wu Yang’s face is shown longer. 0.88 sec 01:12:00 Zhao looks at Wu Yang, upset. 0,67 sec 01:12:19 The back view of Wu Yang earlier. 1,63 sec   01:12:30 Pang advances longer on the wall and the courtyard with the rebels is shown once again. 3,34 sec 01:12:34 The archers take aim. 0,54 sec 01:12:35 IF: 2 EB more Jin Biao. HKF: The soldiers step back later. IF: 0.08 sec HKF: 0,46 sec   01:12:36 IF: The archers while cocking. HKF: Additional shot of the archers (follows in IF on next cut). IF: 0,36 sec HKF: 1,21 sec   01:12:37 Before Jin Biao calls for silence, there is the above footage from the HKF, also in the IF. At the shout itself, there are different views of Jin Biao. 01:13:02 At the massacre of the rebels, there was again some rearranging.

    • At the beginning, the IF shows the court again.


    • Wu Yang shouts “Kill them!” in the IF, while he is silent in the HKF at the beginning.


    • Zhao is shown earlier in the HKF (and longer overall).


    • The scenes with Pang were spread out more in the IF.


  • The order of the archers is different.
IF: 104.16 sec HKF: 110,61 sec

01:14:46 Missing is how the soldiers pick up Zhao and he walks past Wu Yang without a word. Meanwhile, Wu’s voice can be heard. “From that day on Er Hu never said another word to me. It hurts, but big brother was right.” In the IF, following, the gate to the courtyard is more in the picture. IF: 2 sec HKF: 32.32 sec 01:15:47 IF: Zhao kneels longer by the dead Jin Biao and Wu Yang is seen in thought (here the sentence from the previous cut was reinserted). HK: The soldiers begin to throw the bodies into the trenches. 01:16:14 Zhao and the former bandits look at the soldiers burying the rebels. 16.64 sec 01:16:19 Zhao getting up. 0.29 sec 01:16:28 IF: Zhao starts to walk off the dune earlier. HKF: Zhao’s back is seen longer, Both after he asks who wants to go home with him. IF: 1,24 sec HKF: 1,5 sec 01:16:30 He Hu continues walking. 0,67 sec 01:16:32 While walking down, there is a close up of Zhao in the HKF. The IF stays with the further shot. IF: 0,32 sec HKF: 2.29 sec   01:16:52 After Pang’s arrival, there is a missing shot of Wu Yang. IF: 0,04 sec HKF: 2 sec 01:17:14 IF: Zhao more in the picture. HKF: Wu Yang longer. IF: 0,28 sec HKF: 1 sec 01:17:27 Again Wu Yang longer in the picture. 0,46 sec 01:17:30 This time Zhao more detailed. 0,38 sec 01:17:31 IF: Zhao earlier and more detailed. HKF: Pang longer, before the cut to Zhao. IF: 1,6 sec HKF: 0,29 sec 01:17:35 He Hu more thoughtful. 1.29 sec 01:18:00 Lu Da-Shan pulls out his sword further. 0.17 sec   01:18:01 At the moment when Wu Yang stands in front of Er Hu, different views are used.

IF: 1,32 sec HKF: 0,5 sec

01:18:04 Afterwards, in the IF, you can see Wu Yang’s face longer and how Lu Da-Shan puts the sword back in. Also you can only see in the IF how Pang nods. 01:18:12 IF: Wu Yang looks at Zhao more. HKF: Pang looks at both of them longer before. IF: 0,12 sec HKF: 0,13 sec 01:18:14 IF: Wu Yang looks at Zhao longer. HKF: The next scene starts sooner. IF: 0.88 sec HKF: 0,92 sec 01:18:18 Longer look at the three blood brothers. IF: +0,44 sec 01:18:19 Again the looking at each other Er Hu and Wu Yang. IF: +0,16 sec 01:18:24 The long shot of the kneelers goes longer. 0,96 sec 01:19:05 The looking up Pang. IF: +0,36 sec   01:19:13 When Nanjing was taken, the opera actors were removed from the IF and the footage was replaced. There is no more fighting in the IF, the Shan army marches right in there. With the actors absent, their text is also missing: “We…Zhao Er Hu…Pang Qing-Yun…Jiang Wu Yang…three brothers as one…Attack!” Instead of the text, there is an insertion in the IF (Nanking, 3 Days Later).

IF: 20.04 sec HKF: 34.16 sec

01:19:35 More ascending fireworks. 0,17 sec 01:19:36 2 EB more fireworks. 0,08 sec 01:19:38 The fireworks end differently. IF walks away from the castle and shows the night sky again, with the rockets unfolding. IF: 1,08 sec HKF: 1,13 sec 01:19:42 The legs of the horses longer in the picture and from this point there is an insertion (One month after the capture of Nanking). 0.13 sec   01:19:43 After the backs of the soldiers, the IF continues to show soldiers in the streets. The HKF shows working people.

IF: 2,4 sec HKF: 1,5 sec

01:19:47 There is more extensive mopping. IF: +0,12 sec 01:19:49 EB more finger pointing. 0,04 sec   01:19:50 Before the haircut, more impressions of the city are missing. The international version shows the passing man, with the umbrella, longer. IF: 0,28 sec HKF: 3,17 sec 01:19:54 At the commemoration of the dead, a small change was made. In the IF, you see a close-up of a head being shaved, followed immediately by Pang and Wu Yang. Only then does the view turn to Er Hu. The close-up of the head is missing in the HKF and it goes after cutting first to Zhao, then there are the two others to see (incl. the soldiers used in the IF at cut 01:19:43). The fade-in of the rice bowls is also done differently.

IF: 18.6 sec HKF: 21.81 sec

01:20:19 He Hu drinks up. IF: +0.24 sec 01:21:18 The soldiers lower their arms. IF: +0,64 sec   01:21:20 Er Hu asks the Shan Army to thank General Pang once again, while the two in the IF just look at each other.

IF: 2,4 sec HKF: 6.59 sec

01:21:24 Zhao rather (before bringing the bowl to his mouth). 0.75 sec   01:21:29 He Hu looks after Pang and in the background you can hear the payoff going on. IF: +5,12 sec 01:21:35 The arrival of the rider, at the archery Kuei, is missing. 3,17 sec 01:22:11 Most of the performance has been removed for the international version, also He Hu only starts crying after Lian has left the table. Instead, Lian is seen leaving the location for longer. Since there is no translation of the performers’ text in the IF, here is what is recited: “Zhao Er Hu…Pang Qing-Yun…Jiang Wu Yang…three brothers as one. Heaven and earth be our witnesses. We take a blood oath, pledge our lives. We were born apart but die as one. Loyalty through good times…and bad.”

IF: 50,68 sec HKF: 85.67 sec

01:23:13 At the beginning of the conversation with Ho Kuei, Er Hu sets the bowl straight down in the Hong Kong version, while in the international version he brings the bowl to his mouth. 01:23:30 Further shots of the opera actors are missing after Kuei refers to the content of the piece (brotherhood).

IF: 12.2 sec HKF: 21.27 sec

01:23:58 He Hu beats the Kuei’s vassal once more. 0,54 sec 01:24:00 And another blow. 0,79 sec   01:24:33 Before Lian reaches the boat, the pursuing Wu Yang was added in the international version.

IF: 20.64 sec HKF: 2,42 sec

01:25:19 Wu Yang goes a bit further. 0.21 sec 01:25:24 Wu Yang looks longer in the direction of the boat (Pang). 0,5 sec 01:25:26 Both longer in each case. 0,79 sec 01:25:27 The boat a little earlier in the picture. IF: +0,24 sec 01:25:29 Pang and the boat longer. 1,42 sec 01:25:30 You can see more of the stairs. IF: +0,6 sec 01:25:33 The boat goes on longer. 2,84 sec 01:25:37 Wu Yang looks at Pang and vice versa. 1,38 sec   01:25:42 As soon as Pang closes the window, the IF changes to Beijing (with Wu Yang’s view). The HKF shows Wu Yang a little longer and includes an additional shot of the Imperial Palace. 01:27:30 IF: Pang longer. HKF: Lord Di sooner. IF: 0.24 sec HKF: 0,21 sec 01:28:48 After subsequent conversation with Lord Chen and Lord Di, IF, within shot of Pang, switches to next scene (Pang on ice). No time difference 01:28:51 Pang’s feet on the ice a little earlier. 0.33 sec   01:29:12 Wu Yang’s nightmare, at the end of which he holds Hu’s head in his hands, is missing. 22,02 sec 01:29:14 Different frame of Zhao while watching Lian.

IF: 2.88 sec HKF: 4.55 sec

01:29:28 The seated Zhao. 0,33 sec 01:29:31 Again the sitting Zhao longer in the picture. 1,71 sec 01:29:41 The side view of Zhao rather. 1,67 sec 01:29:47 He Hu walks in the direction of Lian. IF: +0,44 sec 01:29:49 A little more of Lian’s face. 0,46 sec 01:31:19 During the conversation between Pang’s servant and Wu Yang, the question about the new guards is missing. (“Why have they replaced all the guards?”) and the two are seen longer. 6,26 sec 01:31:23 The riding Lu Da-Shan is seen longer in the IF and afterwards the frames of Er Hu deviate a bit. IF: 2 sec HKF: 1,46 sec 01:31:27 Er Hu more in the picture. IF: +0.24 sec 01:31:29 Er Hu longer in the picture. 0,25 sec 01:32:14 Wu Yang continues walking through the corridor, into Pang’s apartment. 2.56 sec 01:32:15 IF: Wu Yang looks around after opening the door. HKF: Once the door is open there is Wu Yang to watch from behind as he goes on. IF: 1.84 sec HKF: 1,46 sec   01:32:43 Before Wu Yang opens the door to Pang’s hideout, the two look at each other longer. 01:32:48 The opening door. 0.08 sec 01:32:55 Longer views of Wu Yang and Pang. 2.09 sec 01:32:59 Wu Yang further in the picture. 0,29 sec 01:33:04 Ditto. 0,5 sec 01:33:14 2 EB more Wu Yang. 0.08 sec   01:33:19 In Wu Yang’s run, to the house of Er Hu and Lian, minor rearrangements were made and the cleaning up Lian was removed.

IF: 19.44 sec HKF: 28.19 sec

01:33:41 Wu Yang looks longer in Lian’s direction after spotting him (there is also a slightly different frame at this point). IF: 1,72 sec HKF: 3 sec 01:33:45 A few more pictures of Lian and Wu Yang. 0.58 sec   01:33:51 During the conversation between Lian and Wu Yang, there are minimally different frames and sentences of Lian have been removed. When she talks about the different colors, the sentence is missing: “I asked Er Hu what to do. He said green for this year and red for the next.” Before Wu Yang grabs her she says twice: “I still have to hang the red curtain for next year.”

IF: 55.52 sec HKF: 74.16 sec

01:34:49 The assassination of Lian in the following has been slightly rearranged (from the moment Wu Yang looks at the cross). Throughout the scene there are several shortenings (the IF is minimally longer in two places).

IF: 24.4 sec HKF: 42.58 sec

01:35:19 In the international version, after the murder, the next scene is shown more quickly, with a few more frames at the beginning. During the following ride Er Hus, a color filter was used.

IF: 18,28 sec HKF: 21,02 sec

01:35:51 The camera pauses a bit in front of the door before it goes to Pang at the table. 4.42 sec 01:36:07 Zhao rides on. 0,79 sec 01:36:18 He Hu looks around. 2,21 sec   01:36:23 Before Pang tells that he wants to report to Er Hu every year what he has achieved, an attitude of Er Hu is missing. 3,25 sec 01:36:37 2 frames more of Zhao falling. 0,08 sec 01:36:38 The next scene starts earlier. 0,17 sec 01:36:43 Pang more in the frame. 0,96 sec 01:36:46 A few more shots of Pang and the beginning of the next shot. 1,13 sec   01:36:55 Missing how the hit Er Hu stands up again (in the IF there is only the beginning) and the text of Pang was slightly changed. He only talks about the Suzhou massacre in the IF and the two rapists are misappropriated. IF: “And sooner or later you will realize that the 4000 soldiers in Suzhou did not die in vain.” HKF: “You’ll understand eventually that Xiao-Qi and Gouzi didn’t die in vain and the massacre of the 4000 captives was necessary.” 8.47 sec 01:37:00 A shade more pang. 0.96 sec 01:37:04 More impressions of the slumping Er Hus. 2,67 sec 01:37:07 Er Hu tries to get up. 0,75 sec 01:37:09 Continuing Er Hu and the next scene at the beginning longer. 1,38 sec 01:37:20 At the beginning of the shot, a little more Zhao. 0,21 sec 01:37:22 Before Pang continues, he struggles for words. 2.04 sec   01:37:25 Different image details when Zhao calls for General Ho. In the IF you can’t see the arrow because of this.

IF: 2,76 sec HKF: 2,88 sec

01:37:30 Again a small cut at the beginning of the scene (Zhao challenges the general to come out). 0,96 sec 01:37:33 Missing beginning of scene (Pang starts crying). 0,63 sec   01:37:42 The international version lacks Er Hu’s rearing up again.

IF: 5,84 sec HKF: 13.85 sec

01:37:53 Pang a few frames earlier. 0,13 sec 01:37:57 And now Pang minimally more detailed. 0,79 sec   01:37:59 The sequence in which Wu Yang knocks on the gate and tells Pang that he doesn’t have to kill Er Hu anymore has been tightened. At the beginning Pang is missing how he looks over the table and holds the cloth in front of his eyes and at the end he cries longer.

IF: 19.04 sec HKF: 37.87 sec

01:38:52 Wu Yang kneels a shade more in front of Er Hu. He then slides forward on his knees and then back again. The IF shows him only in reverse. 6.67 sec 01:39:00 The side view of the crouched Wu Yang begins sooner. 1.54 sec 01:39:25 The soldiers continue marching through the street. IF: +0,24 sec 01:39:28 Shortened start of scene. 0.42 sec 01:39:37 The IF stays with the view of the marching soldiers, while the HKF points here to the warriors’ shoes. IF: 1,44 sec HKF: 4,34 sec 01:39:43 The troop continues. IF: +0.68 sec   01:39:45 On the way to the inauguration, pictures of the people on the roadside are missing. 8.3 sec 01:39:51 Pang gets off his horse (The end of the scene is included in the IF). 0.88 sec   01:39:57 During Lord Jiang’s return to the tea table, there are minor rearrangements in the order of the people shown and the soldiers standing in a line are missing.

IF: 20.16 sec HKF: 29.28 sec

01:40:39 The close-up of the penetrating knife is missing. 0.46 sec 01:40:42 Wu Yang continues to look at Pang. 1,04 sec 01:40:43 Now he tries to hit Pang once more. In the IF he ducks slightly more at the end. IF: 0,28 sec HKF: 0,96 sec 01:40:45 Pang puts the kick on sooner. 0.17 sec 01:40:46 The falling Wu Yang earlier on the canvas. 0,29 sec   01:40:59 More shot of Wu Yang swinging a knife at Pang. 3,46 sec 01:41:06 The knife more extensively in front of Pang’s face. 0,63 sec 01:41:08 2 EB missing beginning of scene. 0,08 sec 01:41:15 Before Wu Yang, catches Pang by the arm, a short shot of Pang’s face has been removed. The knife is moved 2 frames more towards the arm in the HKF and is seen one frame sooner in the IF afterwards. IF: 0,24 sec HKF: 0,54 sec 01:41:16 In the Hong Kong version, after the close-up of the hit arm, Wu Yang’s blow is seen again. 0.17 sec   01:41:23 Wu Yang jumps towards Pang one more time. The international version contains a fraction of this scene (with a different frame).

IF: 0,44 sec HKF: 1.84 sec

01:41:24 Two missing frames at the beginning of the scene. 0.08 sec 01:41:25 Around the moment when Pang gets the knife thrust into his leg, there are six longer scene beginnings or endings in the HKF and a minimal scene extension in the IF. IF: 5.28 sec HKF: 6.97 sec 01:41:42 Additional shots of Pang walking towards Wu Yang. 0,75 sec 01:41:45 Wu Yang stumbles back longer and at the beginning of the next scene a few frames of Pang are missing. 0,71 sec   01:41:46 From the kick to the leg, both frames run differently again. For the IF, the scene with Pang was taken out and the frame was changed at the end.

IF: 11,36 sec HKF: 18,27 sec

01:42:07 Scene extension and earlier scene beginning (Wu Yang straightens up/Pang’s face). 0.88 sec 01:42:10 Additional shot of Wu Yang before he goes after Pang again. 1.88 sec 01:42:12 At this point in the fight (Wu Yang’s headbutt & Pang’s knee response), the HKF again shows longer scene endings or beginnings at 4 points. IF: 1,48 sec HKF: 2,34 sec   01:42:18 The bleeding Wu Yang is shown in more detail and the next scene starts sooner. 3.96 sec 01:42:26 Pang minimally longer in the frame. 0,46 sec   01:42:39 Wu Yang continues to get up. 6,13 sec 01:42:45 Two more pictures of the stabbing Wu Yang. 0,08 sec 01:42:47 Takeshi Kaneshiro shows himself longer. 0,71 sec 01:42:48 Pang looks down on Wu Yang. 0,46 sec 01:42:56 Jiang hits Pang more often. 3,17 sec 01:42:58 Before Wu Yang gets his arm broken. IF shows only Pang’s face, while in HKF Wu Yang is allowed to strike again and there is another shot of Pang. IF: 1,68 sec HKF: 3,75 sec 01:43:07 Scene extension (Pang walks away). 0,29 sec 01:43:12 Earlier scene start (back view of Pang). 1.58 sec   01:43:23 After Pang turns to the shouting Wu Yang, there are minor changes in the sequence of the scenes. The putting on of the rifle is missing, as well as some shots of Wu Yang walking forward.

IF: 27.56 sec HKF: 50.26 sec

01:44:00 The bullet hole in Pang’s back is more visible. 0.17 sec 01:44:02 The beginning of the next scenes is more detailed (Wu Yang’s face). 1.84 sec 01:44:05 Earlier start of scene (Wu Yang pulls out the knife). 0,17 sec   01:44:10 In the second salute, the guns are mirror images and there is a minimal change afterwards. The IF contains an additional shot from the gun here.

IF: 1.28 sec HKF: 1.79 sec

01:44:14 Scene extension (Wu Yang’s face). 0.33 sec   01:44:15 As soon as Wu Yang has plunged the knife into Pang a second time, the view of Pang’s back is shown first in the HKF and only then are the guns shown. For the IF this was swapped. The cannons are again mirror images. 01:44:38 Pang pushes himself up again briefly. 3,75 sec 01:44:40 Wu Yang looks longer at Pang. 1 sec 01:44:42 Scene extension (the dying Pang). 1,42 sec 01:44:43 When Wu Yang turns his head to the side, happens in both versions in different shots (IF: scene extension/HKF: beginning of next scene). IF: 0,12 sec HKF: 0.21 sec 01:44:47 Again Jiang looks longer at Pang. 1.84 sec 01:44:51 Again a scene extension at the dying Pang. 1,92 sec   01:45:52 The international version ends with another sentence by Wu Yang and directly shows the text panel. Wu Yang: “He was right. In dieser Zeit war es leicht zu sterben, aber schwierig zu überleben.” Zum Ende der Hongkong Fassung erinnert sich Wu Yang an den Tag des Blutschwures und vordem Schlusstext wird selbiger nochmal kurz gezeigt. Wu Yang: „At that moment, my mind went back to the day we took the blood oath. We are born apart but we shall die as one.” Der Schwur: „Our origins are different but our hearts act as one. In good times and bad…in life and in death. We honor our pledge, with Heaven and earth as our witness. We shall live and die as blood brothers…” Die abschließenden Texte unterscheiden sich. Der Tag des Todes ist in beiden Fassungen unterschiedlich (IF: 8 April/HKF: 26 Juli) und die Hinrichtung Wu Yangs wird in der IF nicht erwähnt, dafür wurde sie um einen Satz erweitert. Text IF: „On April 8th 1870, General Pang Qing-Yun was assassinated on the way to his inauguration as Governor of Nanking. General Pang’s murder remains one of the unsolved crimes of the Ching Dynasty.” Text HKF: „Governor of Jiangsu, Pang Qing-Yun was assassinated on the 26th of July, 1870. His assassin Jiang Wu Yang was executed 2 month later.”

IF: 15,76 sec HKF: 44,46 sec

01:46:10 Zum Abschluss die unterschiedlichen Abspänne. Ende. NEW KSM (Verleih): NEW KSM (Doppel DVD Edition): Metrodome (Two Disc Collector’s Edition): Mega Star (Special Edition): Mega Star (Director’s Edition): Postkarten HK: Postkarten UK: Poster: Zhao Yun Total War.

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