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For Yoshi’s Crafted World, Nintendo’s pet dinosaur takes off the woolen dress from Yoshi’s Woolly World. Nevertheless, he once again manages to enchant you with his cuteness and surprises you with spatial and playful depth during the play date. Our favorite dinosaur Yoshi is once again ready to melt your hearts with his outrageous cuteness. This time in a world that – as the name Yoshi’s Crafted World already reveals – consists of crafted elements. This not only gives it a playful nursery charm, but also a few special gameplay tricks. Yoshi’s Crafted World: New adventures with Yoshi will begin on March 29th Many parts of the environment can be influenced. For example, if you get stuck in front of a chasm that needs to be crossed, sometimes you’ll find rolled-up strips of crepe paper nearby that become a bridge for Yoshi by pushing him from the right direction. To find the right side in turn, you’ll sometimes have to take advantage of the new depth of the levels.

Off to new dimensions!

Because in these, you’ll often find junctions that break you out of the second dimension and let you walk shorter distances forward, backward, and in the opposite direction of the level’s progression. If you follow the right paths in the right order and interact with environmental elements, events intertwine like falling dominoes. For example, when a paper roll bumps into the next one as it unrolls, until a new passage becomes accessible. The levels in Yoshi’s Crafted World always invite you to change them and to have an eye on levels beyond your main path. Yoshi can once again shoot eggs to get enemies out of the way or to solve puzzles. In Crafted World, he also has to shoot at graphic elements in the background and foreground of the walkable paths. Shoot the cardboard elements with eggs to unlock new paths. This is especially challenging if you are avid collectors. In each level there are a certain number of flowers to find, of which you need an increasing amount to unlock further levels. However, you don’t just collect these flowers directly by touching them in the level, but also get them at level completion for fulfilling special conditions, such as collecting at least 100 golden coins or 20 of the better-hidden red coins.

Foreground backgrounds

Level backgrounds in Yoshi’s Crafted World don’t always have to be just backgrounds. After playing through a world, you can play it again in an alternative variant. In this case, you run in the opposite direction along levels that were previously only part of the scenery behind you and look for Schnuffel puppies under time pressure to get more flowers. On Schnuffel you ride through levels and can reach higher items. And of course Schnuffel himself is also part of Yoshi’s Crafted World and not only plays with your sense of cuteness, but also provides variety when tackling smaller puzzles and jumps. Nintendo promised us that later levels will be even trickier than the ones we saw, but without being too demanding. Whether this works out will have to be determined in the final version of the game.

Not just for casual players

Yoshi’s Crafted World is primarily aimed at a young audience. However, as is Nintendo’s specialty, they don’t forget to offer incentives for other target groups as well. Yoshi’s Crafted World is catchy and can be mastered without major problems, at least in the levels we were able to play. However, those who are looking for a greater challenge in it will also find it. For example, crossing the finish line at the end of each world with the maximum number of flowers to be found is anything but a walk in the park. Those who want to complete them even have to get to the end of the level with a fully charged energy bar. If you want to find everything, you’ll have to explore the levels attentively. With these additional challenges, Yoshi’s Crafted World can certainly excite players who like to be challenged more. Also, we were told that from a later point in the game, it might sometimes be necessary to pick up an extra flower or two from a level you’ve already completed in order to have enough to unlock the next level. What’s more, the game can be played (presumably entirely, the info on this isn’t entirely clear) with a human companion. The second Yoshi on the screen provides a certain chaos factor, which raises the difficulty level again on the one hand, and creates the typical Nintendo multiplayer fun on the other. We often accidentally saddled up to our partner while playing and jumped around laughing like headless chickens. Collusion was essential for certain puzzle and skill passages, which should make the game an illustrious occupation for couples’ evenings together or entertaining game rounds with a good friend. Nintendo did well to not open up the multiplayer to more than two people. Together with the eggs that the Yoshis carry and the many colorful picture elements in the levels, it would certainly have been an unholy mess, which – like in Kirby Star Allies, for example – would have caused a bit too much disorder.


Yoshi’s Crafted World starts off in the usual childlike and harmless way, presenting the likeable dinosaur as cute as fans could wish for. Every time he made his iconic sounds while sticking out his tongue, my heart sank. The core gameplay is simple, the demands on my skill were pleasantly higher than the last Yoshi game in the first few worlds we got to play, but always at a moderate level. However, a high level of attention and a good combination skill was required early on, which kept it from feeling lame despite being childish. Moreover, if I wanted to find all the flowers, I sometimes had to go into the levels a few times more and also master the inverted versions – that was motivating. Of course, we can only hope that the flower barriers don’t suddenly become exorbitantly high later in the game, forcing me into older levels to try my hand at hard-to-get flowers. However, I trust Nintendo to have enough finesse here for a good game balance. I would also be happy if the more branched levels didn’t become too confusing later in the game. Basically, I’m happy about the careful breaking of dimensions and the new tricks as I experienced them during the playthrough and see an adorable Yoshi game coming, with which I’ll spend some fun evenings especially in multiplayer mode with a friend.

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Yoshi’s Crafted World – skill game for Nintendo Switch.

Amid beautiful scenery, you hunt for five gems in Yoshi’s Crafted World. This is really fun and challenges ambitious players! The gorgeous visuals alone make Yoshi’s Crafted World worth a look. Poor Yoshis! One fine day, the nasty baby Bowser comes flying by with his wizard buddy Kamek and tries to steal the dinos’ dream stone. It doesn’t work, but the stone breaks in the attempt and the five precious gems inside are scattered all over the world. Now it’s up to you, together with the green lizard in Yoshi’s Crafted World, to collect them again!

Test Conclusion

The difficulty and complexity of the levels increase steadily and don’t let boredom arise due to the high degree of variety. Despite the sometimes difficult collecting challenges, the frustration level remains low while playing. This can change in pairs: Here, a lot of coordination is required. Those who like to be in control of everything prefer to play alone. Nevertheless, “Yoshi’s Crafted World” is very successful: It is more difficult and more varied than it looks at first glance – but beautiful at all times! Pro

  • Beautiful levels
  • Varied gameplay
  • Many challenges


  • Multiplayer costs nerves

Yoshi’s Crafted World: With co-op mode

And that should take a while. The world in which the gems are now scattered is so large that you’ll have to go through a few adventures with Yoshi before you get to see a gem. Over a dozen locations await the dino – all lovingly designed, with multiple levels and great fun factor. The game’s title says it all: whether in fairyland, among dinosaur bones, or in a spooky forest – every setting is simply gorgeous! Everything looks handmade – professionals were at work. The level designers not only managed to create a great look, but also cleverly hid collectibles like flowers and red coins in the scenery. This poses challenges even for ambitious players: In order to find all the items, you’ll have to be careful with Yoshi’s eggs. The dinosaur shoots them at enemies and the environment to find secret paths. But because there are not an infinite number of eggs, every shot must be well thought out. And even in fast-paced levels, players need a good eye and a quick hand. Hard to believe, but at some moments even a Yoshi game can be frustrating. In this level, you play as a giant Yoshi with a boxing glove and have to fight your way out. Yoshi’s Crafted World: With a bit of time pressure “Yoshi’s Crafted World” scores with variety in addition to the great visuals and strong challenges. Hardly any level is the same as the previous one, and there’s always something new in between: sometimes you’re riding a train, sometimes you’re riding your dog Schnuffel, sometimes you’re a giant Yoshi who has to knock over objects with a boxing glove as accurately as possible. There’s also a bit of time pressure every now and then: In small minigames, you’ll throw enemies or objects as quickly as possible to get to a flower. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to play the level again to restart the challenge. And you’ll also have to fight boss battles with the little dino every now and then. To complete a level perfectly, collect all the flowers, red coins and hearts. In the fewest cases, this works out on the first run-through. Yoshi’s Crafted World: The great collecting frenzy If you want to go one better, play in pairs. However, this may end in frustration, because it requires a lot of discipline from both players: Both can run around individually, but often get in each other’s way. If one jumps on the other, the upper Yoshi is responsible for shooting, the lower one for running. In the more complex later levels, however, both parties have to practice a bit until this works reasonably smoothly. Besides flowers and red coins, you’ll also collect dog puppies, costumes and hearts with your Yoshi. To do this, you’ll play each level at least twice – and even backwards. To find the puppies, enter the back of the scenery and work your way from the finish to the start. For your collected coins you buy costumes. Depending on the rarity of a costume, Yoshi can withstand more hits. And if all this isn’t enough, you’ll also get an extra collecting task for each world, which is anything but easy. In the sceneries you are supposed to find objects, for example cows, and shoot them with eggs to complete the task. For completed tasks you will get extra flowers. You’ll need them to unlock worlds and find all the lost gems in the end. Release “Yoshi’s Crafted World”: March 29, 2019 for Nintendo Switch. Cute dinosaur in a crafting paradise: “Yoshi’s Crafted World” is not very challenging, but perfect for children and relaxed play in between. © Source: Nintendo Nintendo hero Yoshi returns to the Woolly World after his 2015 outing – and this time he gets to save the Crafted World. The result is not very challenging, but one of the cutest games of the year. Leipzig. The little dinosaur Yoshi once began his career as a mount for Nintendo star Mario, but was soon allowed to go on his own adventures. Most recently, in 2015, he plunged into Woolly World, a world made entirely of yarn and wool. Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad Now, four years later, it’s off to “Crafted World” for Yoshi – and as the name promises, everything here seems to be made by hand. In fact, the look is the most unusual thing about “Yoshi’s Crafted World”, which moves along familiar gameplay lines: in classic jump-and-run fashion, the green dinosaur with the bulbous nose runs and hops from left to right, swallowing smaller enemies to turn them into eggs and use them as projectiles. Those who diligently collect coins can purchase new armor that looks cute in the first place. © Source: Nintendo Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad Those who diligently collect grinse flowers ensure progress on the overworld map, which consists of 16 areas with two to four levels each. Bonus missions, in which for example an airplane must be navigated, loosen up the action. Moreover, those who diligently collect coins can acquire new armor, which primarily just looks cute: A Yoshi in an oversized cupcake disguise is almost so cute that there’s a risk of diabetes. Recommended editorial content At this point you will find an external content from YouTube, which complements the article. You can view it with one click. I agree to external content being displayed to me. This may transmit personal data to third-party platforms. More about this in our privacy policy. Even the most hardened players won’t be able to resist the charm of the little dinosaur when he makes his characteristic “Yoshi!” call or does a short dance routine after completing a level. The same can be said about the world, which seems to be made entirely of cardboard, cloth and tape. Grinning clouds and stars hang from ropes in the background, while carpets, flowers and bushes made of paper form the backdrops in the foreground. Technically, this may not be on the highest level, but it is so coherent and loving that it soon doesn’t matter anymore. Coherent and loving: The world seems to be made entirely of cardboard, fabric and tape. © Source: Nintendo Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad The campaign comes up with around 20 hours of gameplay and two difficulties: On Relaxed, Crafted World plays almost by itself, but even on Normal, there are at best a dozen places where it takes more than one try. Yoshi’s new game will mercilessly underchallenge experienced players. The flow of the game, however, is enjoyable as a result, making Crafted World a perfect in-between title for a younger demographic. And as usual with Nintendo, the entire game can be mastered in pairs. The charm of the green dinosaur and the great variety easily make up for the lack of challenge. © Source: Nintendo Verdict: At its core, Yoshi’s Crafted World is a classic jump-and-run that lacks any real challenge. However, the charm of the green dinosaur and the unusual look as well as the great variety easily make up for these weaknesses. If you’re not looking for a demanding title, but an extremely lovingly designed game that you can present to your children without hesitation, where you can relax a bit yourself after a stressful day, or if you want to combine both, this is exactly the right address. “Yoshi’s Crafted World,” Nintendo, 50 euros, ages 6 and up. © Source: Nintendo Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad By Christian Nephew Yoshi’S Adventure Ride.

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