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Wischerblatt is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality. Nouns provide the names for all things: people, objects, sensations, feelings, etc.


Definition of Wischerblatt in the German dictionary

Rail with rubber insert on the windscreen wiper. Schiene mit Gummieinlage am Scheibenwischer. Click to see the original definition of «Wischerblatt» in the German dictionary. Click to see the automatic translation of the definition in English.


A̲bendblatt [ˈaːbn̩tblat] Blü̲tenblatt [ˈblyːtn̩blat] Ẹxtrablatt [ˈɛkstrablat] Informatio̲nsblatt [ɪnfɔrmaˈt͜si̯oːnsblat] Kalẹnderblatt [kaˈlɛndɐblat] Lọrbeerblatt [ˈlɔrbeːɐ̯blat] Ro̲senblatt [ˈroːzn̩blat] Wọchenblatt [ˈvɔxn̩blat]

Synonyms and antonyms of Wischerblatt in the German dictionary of synonyms

Translation of «Wischerblatt» into 25 languages


Find out the translation of Wischerblatt to 25 languages with our German multilingual translator. The translations of Wischerblatt from German to other languages presented in this section have been obtained through automatic statistical translation; where the essential translation unit is the word «Wischerblatt» in German.

Translator German – Chinese

雨刮片 1,325 millions of speakers

Translator German – Spanish

escobilla del limpiaparabrisas 570 millions of speakers

Translator German – English

wiper blade 510 millions of speakers

Translator German – Hindi

वाइपर ब्लेड 380 millions of speakers

Translator German – Arabic

شفرة ممسحة 280 millions of speakers

Translator German – Russian

щетка стеклоочистителя 278 millions of speakers

Translator German – Portuguese

lâmina de limpeza 270 millions of speakers

Translator German – Bengali

সম্মার্জনী ফলক 260 millions of speakers

Translator German – French

lame d´essuyage 220 millions of speakers

Translator German – Malay

bilah pengelap 190 millions of speakers

Translator German – Japanese

ワイパーブレード 130 millions of speakers

Translator German – Korean

와이퍼 블레이드 85 millions of speakers

Translator German – Javanese

Wisch agul-agul 85 millions of speakers

Translator German – Vietnamese

lưỡi gạt nước 80 millions of speakers

Translator German – Tamil

துடைப்பான் பிளேடு 75 millions of speakers

Translator German – Marathi

wiper ब्लेड 75 millions of speakers

Translator German – Turkish

silecek bıçak 70 millions of speakers

Translator German – Italian

spazzola del tergicristallo 65 millions of speakers

Translator German – Polish

wycieraczka 50 millions of speakers

Translator German – Ukrainian

щітка склоочисника 40 millions of speakers

Translator German – Romanian

ștergător de parbriz 30 millions of speakers

Translator German – Greek

λεπίδα υαλοκαθαριστήρα 15 millions of speakers

Translator German – Afrikaans

windskermveër 14 millions of speakers

Translator German – Swedish

torkarblad 10 millions of speakers

Translator German – Norwegian

viskerbladet 5 millions of speakers

Trends of use of Wiper blade


The term “Wischerblatt” is quite widely used and occupies the 46.376 position in our list of most widely used terms in the German dictionary. FREQUENCY Quite widely used The map shown above gives the frequency of use of the term “Wischerblatt” in the different countries. Principal search tendencies and common uses of Wiper blade List of principal searches undertaken by users to access our German online dictionary and most widely used expressions with the word “Wischerblatt”.

Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Wischerblatt


Discover the use of Wiper blade in the following bibliographical selection. Books relating to Wischerblatt and brief extracts from the same to provide context of its use in German literature. 1 Hucho – Aerodynamics of the automobile: fluid mechanics, … Fluid mechanics, thermal engineering, vehicle dynamics, comfort Thomas Schütz. Fig. 6.9 Flat bar wiper, photo: Bosch schergummi to distribute, but the rubber is distributed over two curved, in the wiper blade integrated in the wiper blade. 2 Automotive aerodynamics: fluid mechanics, thermal engineering, … However, the flat-beam wiper does not have only advantages: – The spring rails integrated in the wiper blade The spring rails integrated in the wiper blade must be adapted to the respective curvature of the windshield: A changed curvature of the windshield reduces … Wolf-Heinrich Hucho, Syed Rafeeq Ahmed, 2005 3 Benchmarking service performance in business brand … 228.5 € 709.3 € 251.1 € 290.2 € 395.3 € Rear exhaust pipe 105.5 € – € – € – € Wiper blade driver 29,5 € 24,6 € 71,9 € 14,4 € 21,9 € Wiper blade Passenger 18, 0 € 28,0 € – € 12,2 € 21,3 € Total 8.047 € 8.510 € 8.726 € 9.165 € 11.035 … 4 Vieweg Handbook of Automotive Technology In this position, there is a relatively large amount of water next to the wiper blade and the air flow over the wiper creates a vortex behind it, which flows to the wiper blade near the windshield. wiper blade near the wiper blade. This vortex transports the water … Hans-Hermann Braess, Ulrich Seiffert, 2013 5 Women’s AUTOmobil: Advisor for Women a A The windshield wiper consists of the Wiper blade (this is the name given to the wiper rubber and its bow-like frame) and the wiper arm. The blade and the wiper arm are joined together with a small connecting piece, … 6 The professional service consultant: his own qualification … … largely moved away because, on closer inspection, it left too much room for the customer. A simple example: the customer Meier came to the workshop on 02.01.2002 to have a cracked wiper blade replaced. Andrea Rudolph, Christian Sieg, 2009 Neither was there any writing under the wiper blade because of parking on the sidewalk, nor a uniform wearer with annoying consequences to be seen. Nothing now stood in the way of the exciting part of the day, the meeting with Robert. He was … 8 Forgotten Time: Crime Novel … nifty new machine cooked), noticed that the left rear door had a rust spot, that I needed a new rear wiper blade and that I looked thin and pale and really needed to relax in the garden. Annoyed, he pulled the paper from under the wiper blade crumpled it up and threw it carelessly onto the road. Manuel got in and thought about it for a moment. Actually, he thought, the police will already be looking for me. But fear now set in. 10 Test drive: A trip into space with the MIRA Everyone had to laugh when they arrived at their vehicles: In their absence, they had each received an official notice behind the wiper blade. wiper blade Each of them had an official notice stuck behind the wiper blade in their absence – a warning for driving on a road that is only …


Find out what the national and international press are talking about and how the term Wiper blade is used in the context of the following news items. New parking regulations for Markt and Oberstraße In no time at all, an employee of the regulatory authority appeared and stuck a yellow slip of paper under the wiper blade. The fewest … “RP ONLINE, Feb 17” Windshield wiper is not an ice scraper Is the wiper blade damaged, however, streaks are the consequences. The visibility dwindles. “It is literally poison for the windshield wiper to use it as an ice scraper … “NewFleet, Feb 17” Ad blocker: Spiegel Online loses to AdBlock Plus … against parking tickets Have you ever parked perfectly correctly and still received a payment request under your wiper blade wiper blade? “e-Recht24.de, Jan 17” 600 euros of damage to car caused by New Year’s Eve firecracker When the latter got to his car, he found that the windshield was cracked and remnants of a New Year’s Eve firecracker were stuck between the windshield and the wiper blade … “Einbecker Morgenpost, Jan 17” Discounter with fine trap: Inspectors write parking tickets December this shopping routine was abruptly broken. At Wiper blade a yellow note hung on the wiper blade after shopping. A private parking ticket with … “shz.de, Dec 16” Best result in almost 20 years Are mistakes like the torn Wiper blade are overlooked despite the fact that the list has been checked off, this is unacceptable. What proved tricky was the loosened … “auto motor und sport, Dec 16” The “office” of the Düsseldorf parking mafioso Now parking services are packing … … his car is his office. In the trunk are hundreds of keys of customer cars. Some keys have an airy place: under the Wiper blade. “Express.de, Dec 16” 101 for clean car windows: What helps against streaks “If Wiper blade or wiper arm are missing, this is considered a significant defect that automatically results in no sticker at the main inspection … “Augsburger Allgemeine, Nov 16” The parking ticket man from the Alps Markus Felbrach was given 155 parking tickets in June. wiper blade wiper blade – tendency … He has several times what behind before the bank wiper blade behind the wiper blade. “RP ONLINE, Sep 16” Since 9 months | Knöllchen-Hubert nervt city hall boss That makes the wiper blades broken.” … So he had a Mercedes repair shop give him a quote for the Wiper blade 13.76 euros. “BILD, Apr 16″ REFERENCE ” EDUCALINGO. Wiper blade [online]. Available . Dec 2022 “. Download the educalingo app Discover all that is hidden in the words on Wiper Blade Lookup.

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