Valentine’S Day Social Media Posts

The good thing about holidays is that they usually fall on the same day every year. The bad thing about them is that people tend to forget certain occasions anyway. The latter is often the case with Valentine’s Day – especially when you’re not in the midst of amorous entanglements. Now the Day of Lovers is just around the corner and actually you would like to participate with your business in some form. If you are a bit on the fence: We have collected some useful suggestions that can be implemented even at the last minute. Maybe you have a bright idea.

Engagement and content

What do I have to do with Valentine’s Day? If that’s your first reaction, you’re either running a gun store, a mail-order business for Halloween costumes, or just haven’t thought about the potential touch points yet. Using holidays for promotional activities is always good: money is a little looser and select target groups are especially amenable to festive consumption. For ideas, inspiration and insightful market data, we refer to past specials on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. Here, we focus on engagement and content. Or in other words, for once today we’re not primarily concerned with selling, but with our viral vitals. We want people to like, comment, share, and ideally, user-generated content to enter the channels. Here we go.

1. shareables – get people to share.

Set a good example and offer the must-haves of Valentine’s Day content: post “sharebles” – greeting images for the holiday, text images with poems, aphorisms, and even ironic caricatures. Here you can show sensitivity, creativity and humor. Just remember, it must be shareable. If it looks too “corporate”, users will think twice about sharing hidden ads. It should definitely be emotional, but not cloyingly tacky. The golden mean is what’s needed. And once you find that, so much goes.

2. swarm expertise – get people talking.

What if you really don’t realize until Valentine’s Day that you forgot about the day, and still need a quick gift: Ask the community. For example, start a call for “Who has good tips for last-minute gifts?”. Never underestimate the ideas people will come up with. And if you take care of your community live, you might be able to tease out some nice stories. Of course, this also works the other way around: if you have good tips, offer a last-minute gift guide.

3. snapshots – get people showing.

Who is your valentine? Your partner or maybe your kids or even your dog? It doesn’t matter, anything goes. And if you’re happy, you’re happy to show it. Ask your community if they would like to allow the public a sneak peek. Or ask for a snapshot with a nice story attached to it. If that doesn’t provide enough content, connect the images with a little action. More in a moment.

4. tutorials – get people to explain.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which is why we like baked goods with heart decorations on Valentine’s Day. Ask the community for great recipes or even craft tutorials for nice decorating ideas. And this can happen in a wide variety of channels: Facebook or Instagram provide the opportunity for extensive image and text posts. While you can offer your own page for user content on Facebook, it is recommended to offer your own hashtag for a platform like Instagram, so that we have an order function. Of course, the whole thing also works from the other direction: you can also offer recipes and crafting tips. In addition to the aforementioned networks, the own blog is an additional option here, which can then also be distributed in 140 characters on Twitter.

5. hashtag contest – get people to participate

Especially to make the mentioned content visible and sortable, it would be a good idea to “design” your own hashtag. This should, of course, be independent enough to exclusively locate your content. That’s right, #Valentine’s Day is too generic. By doing so, you also open up the possibility of activating this content. By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video No matter whether it’s a recipe, a decoration idea or a Valentine’s story: let people vote via Likes which contribution is the most beautiful. Then, for example, the ten most liked posts can win something. From shopping vouchers to Valentine’s gift baskets – come up with something. It’s not far-fetched that participants also encourage friends to share vigorously – so much the better for you. You can do this without a hashtag: say you run a small cafe, coffee shop or bar. Do a little tutorial on how to put a heart on your brew for Valentine’s Day. That’ll give you some great value to post – clean content marketing. Then encourage your community to make a clip of their own foam heart and then post it on your site or send it in. Whoever gets the most likes… well, you know. By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video

And remember…

What else you can do, from gift certificates, to Valentine’s Day bundles of your products, to themed sale-offs, is almost standard procedure for all holidays and should be in every marketer’s quiver. Of course, all of these promotions only work if you are already active on social media. Valentine’s Day as a reach booster: it may work, but it doesn’t have to. And you certainly shouldn’t rely on it. So remember for the future: A healthy and active social strategy opens up the option for a rich portfolio of digital campaigns. Not only on Valentine’s Day. Article image: Screenshot Valentine’S Day Social Media Posts.

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