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Hint: You can find cell phone accessories and spare parts for older models using the quick or full text search. In addition to spare parts, cases and covers, we also offer Samsung accessories such as charging cables, charging stations, Bluetooth headsets and much more in our store. Protect the display of your Samsung smartphone with a screen protector. You can learn how to apply the protective coat in our guide. You are often on the road by car and use your Samsung phone for navigation? We ensure a relaxed drive with the right cell phone holder for your car and the right charger for the car with charging cable. In addition to the smartphone, the Samsung tablet is also suitable as a mobile navigation device. If you run out of juice in the battery on the road, we advise you to buy a powerbank , which supplies not only your Samsung phone but also your tablet with new energy. You own a Samsung tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Samsung Galaxy Note? Here we also offer high quality accessories and spare parts.

Samsung cell phone spare parts

There is one problem that even Samsung has not been able to solve – gravity. Unfortunately, it happens all the time and to everyone, you are careless or have wet hands, then it happens that you acquaint your beloved Samsung smartphone with the kitchen tiles and it installs the spider app all by itself. If you let it come so far, then we offer in our store spare parts and accessories to also make your Samsung smartphone functional again and protect it from renewed acquaintances with hard surfaces. Buy a new phone display from us and delete the unpopular spider app. With a new battery cover your Samsung smartphone will shine in new splendor and with the purchase of a new battery your beloved Samsung phone will last even longer. Protect your Samsung cell phone with our accessories.

Samsung cell phone battery

The cell phone battery is one of the most important components of modern smartphones and unfortunately also the part with the highest wear. Since an ordinary cell phone battery lasts an average of 300 charging cycles before it noticeably loses power, it’s no wonder that with today’s smartphone use, a new cell phone battery is needed after just one year. With our store, you can get the right cell phone battery for all current and older Samsung handheld models and tablets.

Samsung phones, smartphones and tablets – the brand

The triumphal procession of the South Korean company Samsung began with the advent of smartphones from about 2007. Already the first model Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) was able to find a lot of buyers and was a complete success for Samsung. The handling and the look of the device were not dissimilar to the Apple iPhone, but without the same costs. In the meantime, Samsung has launched the seventh series of the Samsung Galaxy cell phone series. Especially the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can easily keep up with the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, Samsung has offered new features with every generation and also increased the quality of the offered devices. Samsung now offers a wide range of devices from entry-level phones at around 30 Euros to the Galaxy S7 Edge for almost 1000 Euros, which should actually meet every conceivable taste. With the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, Samsung goes back to the tried and true and brings the smartphone classic Samsung Galaxy S3 back to the market with improved technology. The Galaxy S3 Neo is a well-engineered device at a reasonable price and is the best compromise for those on a smaller budget. But Samsung does not only offer smartphones to its customers. With the Galaxy Note series, in different sizes, it also targets customers who want to use a tablet and do not want to go for the Apple iPad or the widely offered pads with Windows. For the high-quality Samsung smartphone or Galaxy Tab, offers for high-quality accessories should not be missing. Thus, protection is important from the start to maintain the value of the beloved Samsung device. Besides a film that avoids annoying fingerprints and small scratches on the touchscreen, a protective case is also a good choice. Many high-quality cases and flipcases for Samsung offer a stand function. Thus, you can also consume videos or other streams very well with the device and do not risk that the Samsung tablet falls off the table and possibly takes damage. Samsung’s smartphones have been among the front-runners among the renowned brand manufacturer products in this field for years. Here, the products impress with the use of high-quality components and an appealing design, which is equipped with the latest technical refinements ensures smart use and operation at all times. Again and again, Samsung sets new standards with its different product lines in terms of technological developments in the smartphone sector. So that you can enjoy the exceptional technology of the South Korean electronics company for a long time, we at Touch and Screen offer a broad range of replacement displaysparts and practical accessories for prophylactic prophylactic protection of your smart all-rounder. As one of the leading distributors in this segment, we rely on reliable cooperation partners to offer you an assortment of spare parts that meet the best possible quality standards and is precisely tailored to the functionality of your smartphone model. With us you will find you will find tested quality from verified suppliers at a fair price-performance ratio. Samsung smartphone product lines:

  • Galaxy A
  • Galaxy J
  • Galaxy S
  • Omnia
  • Ace
  • Mega
  • Ativ Note
  • Wave
  • Xcover

Buy original Samsung display from a specialist

Do you want or need to buy a replacement Samsung display because your smartphone has fallen victim to a spider app or the touchscreen no longer responds as usual? Then you are exactly right in the online store of Touch and Screen. Because we offer exactly the spare parts you need. You will receive exclusively original spare parts for your Samsung smartphonebecause we are in direct contact with the brand manufacturer. We guarantee beside the original quality of the Samsung displays a high stock availabilityso that a timely Samsung display repair can take place. Even slight pixel defects or small scratches can announce a failure of your touchscreen within a few hours in the worst case, which requires quick action. Therefore, you can buy a high-quality Samsung display from us, which includes the entire front unit of your cell phone. With little effort, you can thus replace the entire Samsung display, because due to the construction display and touchscreen are fully bonded together by a UV-cured adhesive lamination. Scope of delivery replacement Samsung display: – Original replacement Samsung display: front+LCD+touchscreen (complete front with display and touchscreen, replacement display glass, screen) – Tool kit for Samsung display repair.

Replace Samsung display on your own

For a proper Samsung display repair on your own, you must first buy a replacement Samsung display in the Touch and Screen Online Shop. This is delivered to us by original Samsung brand manufacturers, which is why you can be sure that your smartphone is in optimal condition after the repair. All replacement displays are thoroughly functionality and compatibility tested and can be easily replaced with the included tool kit. Please follow the enclosed instructions and in case of doubt contact our Customer Service Live Support. Please note that even with minor flaws in the display, the entire screen has to be replaced. This is because in the special case of the smartphone manufacturer Samsung, the individual components of the front unit are glued together. Sensitive individual parts, such as the digitizer that transmits the touchscreen’s signal, therefore also have to be replaced. Ultimately, this circumstance only requires a bit more care and a bit more sure instinct for the Samsung display repair than is the case with other models.

Samsung display repair by a professional

  • If you do not have the experience with a Samsung display repair or if you do not have the time, you can simply have the Samsung display replaced. For this purpose, our experienced Touch and Screen staff will be happy to assist you and offer an in-house installation service service. In our specialist workshop, your display unit will be replaced quickly and professionally for a small flat repair fee, which is independent of the model of the end device. If the desired smartphone replacement display is available in stock, you will receive it after a after a processing time of three working days your fully functional Samsung smartphone in your hands. If you have your Samsung display replaced, you will receive a high quality original original spare part in A+++ qualitywhich is neither visually nor in terms of functionality inferior to the originally installed Samsung display in anything.

Repair service procedure:

  • Buy Samsung display: Select item and click “Item incl. repair service”.
  • Complete the order in the shopping cart
  • You will receive a confirmation email with order number
  • Send in the complete device (incl. power supply) with attached order number
  • Samsung display repair costs: fixed price of 35 Euro
  • Further information: https://www.touchandscreen.de/Reparaturservice-Smartphone-Display

More spare parts for your Samsung smartphone

In addition to high-quality replacement displays in excellent manufacturer quality, you will also find some practical and efficient accessories in our range to protect your Samsung display from external influences such as scratches and bumps. – Protective film for smartphone displays – bulletproof glass: – perfect fit for your Samsung display – shatterproof and resistant – 9x tempered glass -… Premium bulletproof glass our own development (0.26 mm thin) – bulletproof glass from the market leader: eStuff Titan Shield (0.33 mm thin) – Tool Kits with finest tools for smaller Samsung display repairs, battery replacement or for thorough cleaning – 1x Phillips screwdriver 1.5x40mm (magnetic) – 1x Pentalobe screwdriver for iPhone 0.8x40mm (magnetic) – 1x Slotted screwdriver 2.0x40mm (magnetic) – 1x Suction cup – 1x Metal pick (ultra-slim) – 1x Plastic spudger – 1x SIM card slot opener – 1x Display cleaning cloth

Display protection film or smartphone protection glass for Samsung display?

An additional screen protector is recommended in any case, since it fulfills several purposes at the same time. On the one hand, obviously the Hygiene factor is obviously one of the primary reasons for the purchase, since dirt residues and smear films are simply kept away from the actual Samsung display thanks to an additional screen protector. On the other hand, the extremely sensitive touchscreens are reliably are reliably protected from damage. So you can save expensive and unnecessary Samsung display repair costs and / or do not have to buy a new Samsung display. As an established specialist for displays, we have dealt extensively with the subject of display protection and offer in our range cell phone films and the probably best bulletproof glasses for smartphones on the market. These smartphone spare parts are guaranteed to be compatible with your Samsung smartphone and restrict you with efficient security In no way limits you in the operation of your terminal. If you have any questions about the Touch and Screen offer when you buy a Samsung display or want to take advantage of the Samsung display repair service, feel free to contact our customer service via Live Support! Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and advise you!

Original spare parts for your Samsung Galaxy

For your upcoming repair, we offer you high-quality spare parts original from Samsung. Free instructions accompany you to your success.

Be a doer and repair defects on your Samsung smartphone yourself!

Your Samsung has fallen out of your hands and now the display is broken? Or has your battery become noticeably weaker and you are dissatisfied with the performance of your phone? The vibration motor no longer works, the sound seems dull or grating, the touchscreen no longer responds? There are many reasons why you are annoyed with your smartphone’s performance. Instead of spending money on a new device, we suggest you solve the problem yourself! Be a doer and simply repair your defective Samsung smartphone yourself.

Original spare parts offer you the quality you are used to

In our online store, you will find more than 150 spare parts for the most popular Samsung models – from a new display and a replacement battery to small parts such as earpiece, camera and adhesive sets, we offer you everything you need for your repair in our wide range. All our Samsung spare parts are original. What does that mean exactly? We get them directly from the Samsung service center. So when you order from our online store, you’re choosing the same high quality you’re already used to. Don’t compromise when it comes to your smartphone!

Which repairs are most common?

The display is often the first thing to get damaged in a fall. Scratches, cracks or missing touch function are typical fall damages. That’s why a display replacement is one of the most common smartphone repairs. Cases, bumpers or bulletproof glass can usually prevent worse damage. However, these protective measures are no guarantee that your Samsung will survive a fall undamaged. Battery replacement is also one of the most common smartphone repairs. It is no secret that the power cell has a high wear rate. This is especially noticeable in everyday use. The performance of your smartphone decreases faster and you have to charge your device more often. To preserve your battery and get the most out of it, we have a few tips for you: We recommend charging your Samsung only with high-quality accessories. Your battery should also never discharge deeply. So make sure that your smartphone never switches itself off because the battery is too low. But also avoid the opposite and do not leave your device connected to the power supply for hours. Charging overnight is therefore not recommended. Instead, we advise you to keep the battery charge between 20 and 80 percent. It’s better to charge during the day – that will save your battery.

With the right tools, repairs are a lot of fun!

Everyone knows it: A repair with poorly fitting accessories is simply no fun – it takes longer and due to the often makeshift work, you only achieve the desired result with effort – or not at all. It is important to us that you have a real sense of achievement with the repair of your smartphone. That’s why you’ll find not only original spare parts for your Samsung in our online store, but also high-quality tools in professional quality. Don’t worry about unsuitable tools, but concentrate fully on the repair.

Step by step to a repaired Samsung smartphone

Our detailed instructions can also ensure your success: they guide you step by step through the repair, so that you can soon hold a working Samsung device in your hands again. These instructions were compiled in our own studio by our experts. For the most common repairs, we offer you not only illustrated step-by-step instructions, but also a video to visualize the individual instructions even more clearly. Whether written or visualized, we always explain exactly which tools you need to repair your Samsung and which spare parts you should have on hand. Upgrade Windows 10 32 Bit To 64 Bit.

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