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Sniper Elite in the test for Xbox Series X/S. On one page Table of Contents Continue with GameStar Plus If good games are important to you. Special reports, analysis and background for role-playing game heroes, hobby generals and single-player fans – from experts who know what’s being played. Your advantages: All articles, videos & podcasts from GameStar Free of banner and video ads Easily cancelable online Those damn Nazis! No sooner has elite sniper Karl Fairburne struck another blow against the dark machinations of the German Reich than the brown brood simply conjures up a new secret project from their sleeves. In Sniper Elite 5, this is the ominous “Project Kraken” under the direction of head villain Abelard Möller. And because this Kraken can apparently decisively influence the course of the Second World War, Fairburne must once again oil the guns and once again thwart Nazi plans – this time in France around D-Day in June 1944. Sniper Elite connoisseurs may yawn heartily at this point and all series newcomers should be told: You should not play this title under any circumstances, as is typical for the series, for the story alone! The plot around the evil head Nazi, who pursues dark goals, is simply too predictable and has no real highlights to offer. It’s clear from the beginning how the whole thing will end. Karl also meets various characters in the course of the campaign, such as the agent “Blue Viper” or the Ranger commander Sullivan, but they, like Fairburne himself, remain at best thin decals in a story that has simply been told too often in this way to be exciting. It’s a pity that developer Rebellion didn’t at least try to breathe some fresh air into the very dusty story structure by adding some decision elements.

Proven concept with a lot of fine-tuning

But cliché villain or Kraken project: Fortunately, Sniper Elite 5 has a lot more to offer in terms of gameplay. So much, in fact, that it can top its already very good predecessor in many areas. Unsurprisingly, hardly anything has changed in the basic gameplay. Contrary to what you might expect from the game’s title, you don’t sit motionless on an elevated position and shoot enemies from a distance. Instead, you move with Karl Fairburne through a total of 9 large areas in the campaign to kick or shoot Möller and his henchmen in the butt. The expansive levels are as detailed as they are varied and can also set some strong accents in comparison to previous series locations. At the beginning, Karl Fairburne is on his way along an Atlantic wall, later he sneaks through the alleys of an island inspired by Mont Saint-Michel or infiltrates a Nazi armament factory at dusk to sabotage targets there. Among other things, the sniper legend has to clean up on this pretty Mont Saint Michel knockoff – a real highlight of the campaign. Cautious action is the top priority here, because even though Sniper Elite 5 can be played as a shooter, we can’t really recommend that. Instead, enemies should first be marked with binoculars and running paths should be scouted out in order to concoct a battle plan for further action. Fortunately, both game mechanics and environments give us enough options. In tall grass, for example, we are almost invisible to enemy soldiers, loud ambient sounds can drown out gunfire, and objects like vehicles or engines can be manipulated to distract enemies. In addition, Karl can still lay mines or hide corpses and also climb in even more places than in the predecessor. And even if the possibilities in this regard still seem somewhat limited, they open up additional options in many places, for example to get into a locked room. Thus, as in the predecessor, every mission becomes a big puzzle that always allows for several possibilities and thus also arouses a certain joy of experimentation. In the tall grass, a white border indicates that we are difficult to see. Is the German version of Sniper Elite 5 uncut? Sniper Elite 5 is released completely uncut in Germany, the detailed X-Ray cam is included as well as blood effects. Unconstitutional symbolism is completely new for the series and is also included in the German version.

Eavesdropping pays off

In the second mission, for example, the goal is to get into a picture-perfect chateau that Möller has snatched for himself. But which way do we take? The direct way, which is heavily guarded, or rather the longer way along a ford, which is less frequented by enemies? Later on, there are several ways to get into Möller’s study. We could, for example, blow open certain doors, but this creates noise, or go in search of a key. Especially eavesdropping on enemy conversations can bring one or the other important clue here. Thanks to various aiming aids, the sniping difficulty can be adjusted at will. In these moments, Sniper Elite 5 almost reminds us a bit of the last Hitman games, even if the possibilities are more limited here, because disguises are completely missing, for example. In general, though, the game pushes us noticeably in the stealth direction, and that’s a good thing, because this is where the game clearly has its strongest and most intense moments. When we dart from cover to cover and mislead the enemies in rows or kill them from ambush, we really feel like “the shadow”, as the Nazis call the dreaded sniper in the game. This is not to say that the pure sniper gameplay is bad. On the contrary, thanks to adjusted parameters that, among other things, simulate the bullet drop at long distances, it is once again a strangely uplifting feeling in Sniper Elite 5 to shoot out an enemy’s light with pinpoint accuracy at several hundred meters – especially when the almost disgustingly detailed killcam then illustrates the bloody spectacle of the artificial shot accordingly in X-ray optics. The X-Ray-Cam – which can also be switched off completely – shows the path of the bullet through the enemy’s body in great detail. The use of secondary weapons such as submachine guns or machine guns, on the other hand, is only recommended in exceptional and emergency situations. Here, the new integration of an optional rear sight view stands out positively, which makes precise aiming in certain situations even more pleasant.

Meager skills, cool weapon attachments

By the way, we would have liked the integration of unlockable skills to be better than in the predecessor, but here Sniper Elite 5 also only seems half-baked. With collected experience points, we unlock skill points when we climb the ranks, which we can then distribute among three talent trees. And even though there are some interesting skills – such as the ability to automatically loot enemies killed from behind – many of the abilities feel too weak and not very rewarding. On the other hand, the new possibility to improve the weapons at discovered workbenches with various attachments is very appealing. This actually makes a noticeable difference in many cases and made us think longer than planned before some missions about which weapon with which ammunition we now want to take along. The customizability of the weapons brings additional spice to the game, and several attachments can be unlocked in the course of the game. While the enemy AI in Sniper Elite 4 was still a step in the right direction, Sniper Elite 5 feels a bit stagnant in this area. Although the difficulty can be adjusted in detail in many areas – including parameters such as enemy attention or precision – the enemies showed noticeable lapses even at the highest level, for example when they just stood around while “combing” an area or dodged into a barn one after the other to let us kill them there. In places, this took away from the otherwise very well-rounded overall impression, but for the most part, the AI does its job quite well, even if we still liked part 4 better in this area.

Brave technology, a lot to do

Technically, the Rebellion shooter does a good job, at least in the Xbox Series X/S version we tested. The locations are nicely staged and offer a lot of details, especially in the interiors, but the engine creaks noticeably in other places, for example with unsightly clipping errors or smaller bugs. You simply notice that this is a cross-gen game. The multiplayer part of Sniper Elite 5 is quite extensive with various vs. and co-op modes. The fact that Sniper Elite 5 can top the already very good predecessor by a bit is also due to the somewhat larger scope. In addition to the co-op, wave and versus modes already known from the predecessors, there is also an invasion mode. Here, you have to invade the session of another player and then stop them by any means necessary. Even though we weren’t able to try out this mode for our review, Invasion noticeably expands the available options and, together with the optional side objectives and collectibles in the levels, provides pleasant long-term motivation. Karl Fairburne should therefore have enough to do – until the Nazis surely pull the next secret weapon out of their sleeves in part 6. If you are a fan of the series, you will be thrilled by Sniper Elite 4. Some techniques from the previous parts have been adopted, while other mechanics are new. In this article, we want to give you tips on Sniper Elite 4 that you should know before starting the game in order to be best prepared.   Release:14.02.2017 Platforms:Xbox One, Windows, PlayStation 4 The fourth part of the Sniper Elite series is much more more open than its predecessors. Thus, the levels and maps are no longer so linear. This, of course, gives you a lot more options. For this reason you can now also climb and explore the world vertically. Whether you are new to the Sniper Elite world or an experienced sniper, our Sniper Elite 4 tips will be useful to many players. Of course, we will keep adding to this article as we progress through the game. Sniper Elite 4: Launch trailer – Timing is everything

Sniper Elite 4: Tips for survival in the big world of Italy

In Sniper Elite 4 you play the sniper Karl Fairburne, who fights in a large and open Italy. Once again a large arsenal of different a large arsenal of different weapons. Thus, you’ll mostly sneak through the settlements and quietly kill your enemies with a normal knife or your sniper. If several enemies come at you, it can also be an MP. If you are one of the pre-orderers, have bought a special edition of Sniper Elite 4, or have purchased the Season Pass, you will also receive additional weapon skinsto upgrade your guns. Start gallery(11 images) 9 Games that redefine brutality The fourth part of the series comes with some innovations. As already mentioned, the maps are not only larger, but also more vertical. Karl can namely climb and hold on to hold on to ledges and pull himself up. This means that you can now explore even more. Also keep an eye out for collectibles for collectibles. They are – as usual – very well hidden. In Part 4, you’ll also find some collectibles as loot from dead soldiers you’ve just defeated. So search through as many enemies as possible that you have eliminated. You can use several weapons to attack your enemies. You can switch between knives, MPs, snipers and other weapons.

Keep calm and search the map thoroughly!

Those who already know Sniper Elite know it: in this game you have to stay calm and plan your next steps carefully. Use Karl’s Binocularsto check every corner of the map. Also remember that you can have enemies above, below and next to you. Also search balconies – this is where the enemy infantry likes to hide. You can also mark enemies. Then they will be displayed in your HUD. To introduce the new ability of climbing, you can also use it to explore explore new areas and find shortcuts.. So look for ledges that Karl can hold onto and climb up. If you see ladders, you should use them directly.

Look for cover and go slowly!

Sounds are an important theme in the game. To have the best experience, you should use headphones. Pay attention to the sounds around you. They will give you good clues about where the enemies are. But be careful. You are also making sounds. For this reason, you should time your shots so that you don’t shoot until an airplane hovers over you and makes noise or other loud sounds are caused. For example, you can manipulate generators to make them make a lot of noise. But mines also distract the enemy. Tip: If you trigger an explosion on vehicles this will also distract the enemy soldiers. But don’t stand near the vehicle! They explode several times over a period of time. Each blast can cause damage to Karl. The X-Ray Kill camera shows you detailed shots again. You can also deactivate the setting in the menu. If you don’t have any other sounds to use as camouflage, you should use bullets that reduce the volume to a minimum. They are called subsonic bullets and are not only good for rifles. You can also use them to equip pistols, for example. Move slowly and do not run over a long distance. If you run fast, your stamina will be used up. And you need it to hold your breath and fire precise shots. Look for Take cover, to recover your stamina and get a quick overview of the situation.

Invite friends to join you in co-op!

If you get stuck at a certain point, you can invite a friend. The Singleplayer you can play with a friend in co-op. And since 4 eyes see more than 2, the search for collectibles is much more effective this way.

More tips for Sniper Elite 4

In the following list you will find even more tips – compactly in the overview:

  • Use your binoculars, to mark enemies and objects. You can mark explosives, vehicles and collectibles. Not only will you complete additional tasks, but it will also earn you XP. If you tag an enemy and then kill him, you’ll get more experience. You will also be able to see where they are at all times.
  • Be sure to change the positionas soon as the minimap at the bottom left turns yellow. You will see a triangle around your position. The enemies will slowly move to this position or look in this direction.
  • If you want to distract enemies, use stones. You have an infinite number of them in your inventory. Also look at the secondary use of the objects. You can even throw sticky grenades or drop TNT, which will only go off after 10 seconds.

Look to the right and read the details about the enemy.

  • If you want to find all the collectibles in Sniper Elite 4, you should not only look at the linked guide, but also use the binoculars. The information about the enemy also tells you what he is carrying. This can be not only collectibles, but also ammunition, TNT, etc.
  • The map is huge and exploring it will take you quite some time. For this reason you should look at the map more often and mark the next targets. They will be displayed in orange and will help you find your way.

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