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Most people are familiar with the film Silver Linnings starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, especially since the film received 8 Oscar nominations and the Oscar for Jennifer Lawrence, which is at least a pretty good advertisement. Not everyone may know it, but the film is based on the novel Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. Before I watched the movie with high expectations, because of Jennifer Lawrence, who I find mega brilliant as an actress, I read through the novel. The question is only good film and novel what and where are the differences. I would like to explain this now in this blog. Attention from now on this blog contains spoilers!!! What is Silver Linings about? Source: Amazon & Pat (played in the film by Bradley Cooper) is released from a mental institution and placed in the care of his parents. Even though he’s lost everything, he wants to get his life back on track and especially to recapture his wife Nikki, whom he’s not allowed within 500 yards of, but then he meets Tiffany (played in the film by Jennifer Lawrence) who has a mental breakdown of her own. She won’t leave him alone and keeps bugging him, but she wants to make a deal with him, she wants to help him conquer Nikki, for that he has to participate in a dance contest with her and quickly they both have to realize that they help each other more than they initially thought. What are the differences between the novel and the movie? For the most part, the film sticks very closely to the original and above all many events were taken over 1 to 1, but the dialogues were changed somewhat, so that the film has significantly more humor than the novel. The novel is written completely from the point of view of Pat, so that basically almost everything is related to Pat and except for Tiffany everyone has a small but important role, in the film it’s a little different, even if of course much is related to Pat, you also show a lot of the environment, so the other characters are not quite so pale and it is more balanced. The character of Chris Tucker didn’t appear in the novel at all, but in the film it makes for a funny running gag. There are some things that were left out of the novel, the marriage crisis of the parents was completely ignored, what comes across quite violently in the novel, is, as I said, ignored in the film, also the football part, like the thing with the jersey, on which Pat is extremely fixated in the novel, has a much lesser importance in the film than in the novel and a very important fact was also omitted, namely the brute resolution around Nikki was completely omitted. In the movie it says Pat was in the asylum for 8 months, in the novel it comes out at the end that he thought it was months, but in reality it was years and Nikki is now happily married to someone else and the reason why he came to the asylum was not quite as he thought. In the movie all this is not shown and also not mentioned, here Pat speaks briefly to Nikki and is good. But the end of the story between Pat and Tiffany is identical to the novel. In the finale of the movie there is a dance, in the novel Pat and Tiffany really rock the dance, meaning the competition has zero chance against them and they win without any problems. In the novel, they just manage the 5.0 and 10 points and don’t win the tournament, but they win a bet, a bet that doesn’t happen in the novel. Here the story was expanded, because the story about the father (played in the film by Robert De Niro) was significantly expanded in the film, his obsessive superstition about his favorite football club, comes across more clearly in the film than in the book, the story as a bookmaker was added, but then provides more tension in the film. Which is better, the novel or the movie? The novel was very entertaining, mainly because of Pat and Tiffany’s problems, but the movie really blows the novel away. By omitting some things, the story in the film seems tighter, ok the brute resolution is missing something if you know the novel, non-experts would not notice this. The shortening of the football story is also good for the film, because in the novel it was repeated too often. But the fact that the dialogues have more humor enhances the film, because sometimes it dulls in the novel, but in the film it is a lot of fun and keeps a good balance between drama and comedy. But then there’s what lifts the film to breathtaking heights, because no matter how good the imagination of the characters were in your head while reading, they don’t come close to the simply brilliant actors. (Normally it’s the other way around) Oscar for Jennifer Lawrence. Oscar nomination for Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro and rightly so, what they show acting-wise is the finest of the finest. The interplay between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence alone is more than brilliant, both play each other to the wall, with tremendous charisma and depth. Even though both stories are beautifully told, the film is clearly the better choice here. What is the BD good for in terms of technology? Technically, you really get a very good BD. Details like individual hairs and pores are always visible, super bright colors and no film grain. The English sound (I’ve never listened to the German) is kept very quiet like the film, but nice and clear. Info about the novel: The novel is available in German and English, in paper form and as a Kindle version. I myself read the novel in English on the Kindle (it was not yet available in German at the time). In terms of comprehension, it was not particularly difficult. In the meantime I have also downloaded the German book to my Kindle, but I haven’t read it yet. Conclusion: The book you can, but you do not have to read, but I can recommend the strip but everyone who stands on somewhat quieter films, but on beautiful stories with hammer actors. The film is really a film that really lives up to the Oscar hype. Trailer: So dear readers, I hope you enjoyed my little direct comparison between the novel and the movie. Of course it is clear that this is my subjective opinion and is not transferable to everyone. But who knows, maybe it’s a nice incentive for you. Let’s see when I make another direct comparison between novel and film, potential candidates are there, but whether they are worth a blog is of course something else. So I’ll read you 😉  

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The New York Times bestseller: “A heartbreaker of a novel.” Kirkus Review Actually, Pat has only one thing on his mind after his stay in a psychiatric hospital: winning back his wife, Nikki. But as much as she keeps him busy, he never gets to see her. And there are good reasons for that. Instead, there’s Tiffany, his best friend’s sister-in-law. She is widowed, depressive, nymphomaniac and follows him around while jogging. Thus begins the whimsical friendship between two misfits who both firmly believe in a happy ending in life. A touching, tragicomic story that exudes joie de vivre and gives hope.

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  • Great cinema, this story.
  • Written in such an endearing way that it can be slurped away in one go.Brigitte
  • Moves us to tears – and makes us laugh out loud.Glamour
  • Great cinema, this story.WDR
  • So endearingly written that you can slurp it up in one go.Brigitte
  • Moves to tears – and makes us laugh out loud.Glamour
  • Crazy, but worth reading!Buchmarkt
  • Great cinema for head and heart.Hamburger Morgenpost
  • A great book that has a lasting effect!NDR Kultur
  • A heartbreaker of a novel.Kirkus Reviews
  • Crazy, but worth reading!Buchmarkt
  • Great cinema for head and heart.Hamburger Morgenpost
  • A great book that lingers!NDR Kultur
  • A heartbreaker of a novel.Kirkus Reviews

  Silver Linings Playbook Novel.

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