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Status: 01.11.2022 20:47 Uhr Republicans are firmly counting on success in at least one chamber in the U.S. midterm elections. But many voters have already voted – which message will still get through in the final sprint? Republicans are in a good mood. “This is our year,” says Rick Scott, Senator from Florida. Democrats, he says, have nothing to show for it. “People don’t like what the Democrats have done,” Scott said on CNN. “They don’t like high inflation, they don’t like increased gasoline prices, they don’t like increased food prices.” Katrin Brand ARD-Studio Washington And that’s why Scott believes his Republicans will pick up the majority in the Senate next week Tuesday, with two additional seats. Republicans are sure that public opinion has turned in their direction. But it’s not that simple. “The overall environment right now is really bad for Democrats,” political scientist Charlie Cook also says. But Republicans won’t be able to pick up some seats because “they’ve got some exotic and potentially problematic people lined up. Unless they get 130 mph tailwinds, they’re going to lose some places they otherwise would have won,” Cook said on MSNBC.

Majority change in the House of Representatives?

The Democrats are unlikely to hold the House of Representatives, where their majority is only five seats. It’s a different story in the Senate, where it’s less about general politics and more about strong politician personalities. In highly contested Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, The New York Times now sees Democrats ahead, and in Nevada it sees both candidates tied. This means Democrats could keep the Senate. However, given the wide margin of error in the polls, things could turn out just the opposite.

Obama must go for it

The Democrats, at any rate, in order to motivate their electorate, are throwing everything into these final days. Barack Obama, still highly popular, was just in Wisconsin, a state where Republicans are spreading the lie about the rigged 2020 election. “If someone is openly obsessed with overturning the most recent election, then maybe they shouldn’t be entrusted with overseeing the next election,” he said. That’s the Democrats’ appeal: Not to see the election as a reckoning with Joe Biden, but as a directional decision, pro or con democracy. Democratic supporters still like to see former President Obama. But can he spread more than expedient optimism? Image: AFP

Focus on voting rights

And that’s a message Liz Cheney is picking up on as well. The fiercely conservative Republican has made a mess of her electorate by opposing Trump after Jan. 6. Now she’s running campaign ads for her rival. She doesn’t know that she would ever have voted for a Democrat, but if she lived in Arizona, she absolutely would, Cheney says in a new television ad. The candidate for governor and her Arizona interior secretary both want to recognize the election only if they agree. A danger to democracy, Cheney says.

What else arrives?

The question is whether all this effort, financial and personnel, is still getting there. As of Monday afternoon, local time, some 23 million Americans had already voted, in person or by absentee ballot. That could be about one-fifth of all votes cast. Does that help the Democrats? Or does it point to a Republican victory? Experts are now racking their brains over this. So far, neither Republicans nor Democrats have been able to secure a majority in the Senate: The Republicans have won 49 of 100 seats, the Democrats 48. Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad In the states of Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, it is not yet clear which of the two parties will prevail. Our maps of the results counted so far detail how voters voted in the most contested states. Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad

Georgia must go to runoff

In the southeastern state of Georgia, no winner will be determined even after all the votes are counted. A special feature of election law applies there, requiring a candidate to garner more than 50 percent of the vote. However, because there was a third candidate, the representatives of the two major parties fell short of that goal. Now a runoff election on Dec. 6 must decide the issue. Both the incumbent senator, Democrat Raphael Warnock, and his challenger from the Republicans, Herschel Walker, have so far failed to achieve the necessary majority. With more than 95 percent of the vote counted, Warnock is slightly ahead but cannot surpass the 50 percent mark with the remaining votes. In Georgia, Democrats scored mostly in urban areas, while Republicans generally scored in rural areas. The four counties with the largest populations, all located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, each went clearly to the Democrats, in some cases by a margin of 70 percentage points. In exchange, Republicans won the vast majority of rural counties, in some cases by a margin of more than 80 percentage points.

Nevada not yet decided

Former President Barack Obama came to Nevada to close the campaign, and his endorsement was for Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto. She is the first Latina to have entered the Senate for the state and must now defend her seat against Republican Adam Laxalt. Read more after the ad Read more after the ad In Nevada, the distribution of the electorate is even more extreme than in many other regions of the U.S.: Republicans lead there after 79 percent of the votes in all counties have been counted, with only one exception that carries a lot of political weight for it: Clark, by far the most populous electoral district around the region’s largest city, Las Vegas. The bottom line is therefore that the outcome is still open, with a slight lead for the Republican candidate.

Democrat slightly ahead in Arizona

That leaves Arizona in the southwestern U.S. as the third open state. There, more than one in two voters live in the region around the state capital of Phoenix, where Democrats have received the majority of the votes counted so far. Their candidate, Mark Kelly, leads overall with 51 percent over Republican Blake Masters. Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad

Wisconsin is decided

In Wisconsin, Republicans have won a narrow victory. Republican Ron Johnson was confirmed in office. In the northern state, the two most populous electoral districts go to the Democrats by a wide margin. However, because the majority of people in the many small districts voted for the Republicans, it was enough for their candidate Ron Johnson in the end. Continue reading after ad Continue reading after ad

Fetterman picks up Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Democrats scored an important victory: Their candidate moves into Congress as a senator. Surprisingly, John Fetterman prevailed against the Republican Mehmet Oz. Here, too, major cities such as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were decisive for the narrow election victory. Formula E Peter Minnig / Spacesuit Media Just in time for the pre-Christmas season, advance ticket sales for the 2022 Berlin E-Prix have begun. On Thursday afternoon, Formula E opened ticket sales for the “double-header” race weekend on May 14-15, 2022. At the same time, the series confirmed that two different track layouts will also be used in the eighth season at the former Tempelhof Airport. Similar to previous years, grandstand tickets cost between 49 and 99 euros – depending on the seating category (bronze, silver, gold). Each grandstand offers a good view of the track, including TV screens and live German commentary. Also on offer: 2-day ticket for both races. Those who only want to experience the supporting program in the Allianz E-Village (no direct view of the track) can also purchase discounted tickets for 10 euros. Children aged 0-16 are admitted free of charge, but must be accompanied by an adult. In addition, some seats are available for wheelchair users. Their companions are also admitted free of charge. more ticket information “Berlin has hosted the most races in the history of Formula E,” explains Formula E co-founder Alberto Longo. “Year after year, the starting lights go out and we see dramatic racing. In partnership with the Berlin Senate, the event has become an opportunity for fans to get closer to Formula E than ever before. We look forward to bringing two races to the heart of Berlin in May 2022.” With Andre Lotterer, Pascal Wehrlein (both Porsche) and Maximilian Günther (Nissan), three German Formula E drivers will get the opportunity to race in front of a home crowd in the 2022 season. “As a German driver driving for a German manufacturer, I and also the entire Porsche team are thrilled to welcome fans back at the 2022 Berlin E-Prix,” says a delighted Wehrlein. “Every year I’ve driven in Berlin, I’ve felt the passion of the German fans. The atmosphere in May 2022 will give me and the team additional motivation to achieve a good result.”

Layout changes during the weekend

What specifications there will be for spectators:inside due to the coronavirus pandemic is not yet foreseeable. The Berlin E-Prix will be organized in close cooperation with the local authorities and in accordance with the security measures required by law at the time of the event. Should it no longer be possible for ticket holders:inside to attend the event due to the required access requirements, tickets already purchased can be returned. The two Berlin races will also be held on different course variants in 2022. On Saturday, the race will traditionally be run counterclockwise, on Sunday clockwise. According to a preliminary version of the schedule, both races will start at 3:00 p.m. each day. “The home race is the race you look forward to the most on the calendar,” Maximilian Günther agrees. The German won a race in Tempelhof in 2020. “Driving in front of your own fans is a great feeling. To win in Berlin in my first year with Nissan e.dams would be incredible – May can’t come soon enough!” And Andre Lotterer is also hoping for a big crowd: “A race in Tempelhof is always exciting, especially when you know the home fans are behind you. We had a productive test in Valencia and are working hard to impress at the first race of the season in January. The double date in Berlin comes at a crucial stage of the season and I’m looking forward to seeing as many fans as possible in the stands.” Tickets can be purchased now via the official FIA Formula E website: (external link). Back Senate Races 2022 Map.

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