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Innovative sun/rain umbrella with a span of 2.3 – ideal for pole anglers.
We have developed an exclusive umbrella shape especially for pole fishing. It allows convenient release of the rod when retrieving the catch. Questions and Answers Color: BLACK / dark cyan Delivery / Click & Collect Express pickup at my local store Our Services:

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  • Extended return policy until 31.01.2023*

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Product advantages



Polyester 66D, coating polyurethane – 200 m – WR and field tested

Sun protection

SPF 50+ (blocks 99% UVB / 93% UVA)


230 cm span – reliable protection for you and your equipment

Easy to transport

Dimensions packing bag: Ø 16 cm / height 125 cm. Weight: 2,9 kg

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Manual opening with self-locking by ergonomic push button


Can be combined with our side wall – PF-AWN500 (model code 8555127)

Product information

Technical features

Dimensions folded: Ø 16 cm / height 125 cm. Weight: 2,9 kg Dimensions stretched: Ø 230 cm / height 190 cm (adjustable). With packing/transport bag, 4 securing pins – stainless galvanized steel – length: 18 cm, diam. 5 mm, 4 polypropylene securing lines with clamps to adjust the length, length of lines: 1500 mm, 4 D-shaped connecting eyelets, equipment: zipper for quick attachment of our side wall – PF-AWN500 (855512)


rain/sun umbrella: 100 % polyester – coating 100 % polyurethane, base: lower part 100 % steel / 100 % aluminum, central leg height adjustable (140-190 cm) / upper part – diam. 22 mm / lower part – diam.: 19 mm, bracing: 8 struts 100 % fiberglass, diam. 7 mm, joint: ball joint: 100 % brass , screw connection: 100 % stainless steel, two tilt angles: horizontal/60°, carrying bag: 100 % polyester

Compatible products

Innovative sidewall PF-AWN500, product code 8555127 with possibility to pass a plug-in rod through one of the 4 specially designed holes.

For more information


Material composition/ingredients:

Main fabric 100% polyester (PES) Coating 100%.

Storage Tip.

Storage: After use or cleaning, allow screen to dry thoroughly before storing to prevent odor or mildew.

Quality test

This umbrella has been tested for water repellency, UV impermeability and discoloration to provide a product that is stable in shape and color. Through these tests, which are regularly conducted by various laboratories, we ensure that our quality standards are met at every point in the design chain. If you are not satisfied with the shade, let us know!

Care instructions

Do not tumble dry Do not dry clean

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Customer reviews

Questions & Answers


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Once a quarter, you will receive all the information about your health specialist. Look forward to product highlights, informative health tips, seasonal recipes and great competitions. Over 9 million people have accidents in Germany every year. In most cases, statutory accident insurance is stretched to its limits. To ensure that you can enjoy your life to the full, we recommend that you take out our private accident insurance and other supplementary benefits.

  • Simply covered
  • Family & Income
  • Accident insurance

Good reasons for private accident insurance from SDK

Benefit from the advantages of accident insurance after an accident – so that you can recover quickly and stay healthy.

  • Worldwide insurance cover – 24 hours a day
  • Financial protection for the family
  • Up to 5 times the capital benefit in the event of total disability
  • Flexible use of the capital
  • Three coverage options

All accident insurance disability benefits and options at a glance

Our benefits

In the event of a permanent impairment of health, you will receive a one-time lump-sum benefit. The amount depends on the degree of disability determined and the agreed sum insured. In the event of full disability (100 percent), the agreed sum is paid out in full; in the event of partial disability, a proportional payment is made.

Your choice of tariff

The more severe the physical impairment, the greater the financial burden and therefore the greater the capital requirement. In addition to a linear accident benefit, accident insurance therefore offers you two progression tariffs that pay disproportionately from a degree of disability of 26 percent. You thus have three coverage alternatives to choose from:

  • Tariff U100: Linear 100 percent disability benefit
  • U350 tariff: Disability benefit with progression 350 percent
  • U500 tariff: Disability benefit with progression 500 percent


The gaps in statutory health insurance are particularly large. If, for example, you need dentures as a result of an accident, a wheelchair, cosmetic surgery or have to be searched for or rescued by an ambulance, the co-payments are often very high.

The additional modules for additional protection

The benefits of the modules start exactly where health and accident insurance reaches its limits. For all-round protection, you can now combine your health and accident insurance with our “Basis” and “Top” supplementary modules. The premiums range from 1.07 to 3.08 euros per month.

Benefits Basic (tariff UB) Top (tariff UT)
Auxiliary means max. 5.000 € max. 10.000 €
Cure (min. 3 weeks) 25 € daily spa allowance 50 € daily spa allowance
Dental prosthesis max. 5.000 € max. 10.000 €
Cosmetic operations max. 5.000 € max. 10.000 €
Reconstruction in case of min. 50 % disability max. 5.000 € max. 10.000 €
Salvage max. 5.000 € max. 10.000 €
In case of accidental death within one year max. 5.000 € max. 10.000 €
Rooming-In 1st – 10th day: 20 €/day 1st – 10th day: 40 €/day


In the event of an accident, “everyday business” quickly becomes a secondary matter. So that you can concentrate on your recovery after an accident, our assistance packages offer you active support.

Assistance services for a better recovery

Our comprehensive assistance services are available to you throughout Germany if, as a result of an accident, you are no longer able to manage the activities of daily living yourself. You can choose from the following four assistance packages:

Accident assistance benefits package (UH tariff).

The Accident Assistance Benefits package provides you with comprehensive assistance and care services for up to six months after the accident*:

  • Shopping and errands for daily needs (e.g. groceries) 2 x per week.
  • Menu service for 7 main meals per week
  • Laundry service (e.g. washing, ironing and shoe shining) 1 x per week for up to 3 hours
  • Cleaning of the apartment 1 x every two weeks
  • Basic care (e.g. personal hygiene, help with meal preparation) 21 hours per week for up to 4 weeks (if requirements for care level 1 are met)
  • Accompanying and driving service for visits to the doctor and authorities 2 x per week
  • Accommodation of pets

* Cost coverage is limited to maximum amounts for the individual services.

Package rehab / case management (tariff UR)

Your personal rehab manager supports you in all aspects of rehabilitation. You can claim the benefits for up to two years from the date of the accident:

  • Organization and referral to rehabilitation counselors, self-help groups and social services (e.g. Meals on Wheels).
  • Organization of an inpatient stay, a rehabilitation measure or a suitable caregiver
  • Arrangement and organization of home help and child care, if necessary
  • Establishing contacts to specialized companies for the handicapped-accessible reconstruction (e.g. of the apartment)
  • Support in applying for benefits with authorities (e.g. classification into a care degree)
  • Contact with employers, workplace adaptation or organization of retraining courses

We will take care of the organization for you, additional costs such as medical treatment or reconstruction will not be reimbursed by this tariff.

Family Assistance package (UF tariff)

Benefits are available in the event of an accident to the parent responsible for household management as well as in the event of an accident to a child for up to 12 weeks. Organization and assumption of costs* after a parental accident:

  • Emergency child care for up to 5 days after the accident.
  • Household help, e.g. doing the shopping, cleaning
  • Menu service for 7 main meals per week
  • Accompanying and driving service, e.g. to doctors and authorities
  • Accommodation of pets

Organization and assumption of costs* after a child accident:

  • Accompanying and driving service to kindergarten or school
  • Procurement of qualified child minders, day care centers and nurseries
  • Placement of children in foster families and payment of foster care fees
  • tutoring for children aged 6 to 12 years

* Cost coverage is limited to maximum amounts for the individual benefits.

Children’s Assistance package (UK tariff)

As much as we want to protect our children from accidents, we can’t completely prevent them. Our Child Assistance package offers you and your child comprehensive assistance benefits for up to 12 weeks*.

  • All benefits in the event of a “child accident” from tariff UF (Family Assistance)
  • Assistance in finding a suitable integrative kindergarten for disabled children
  • Arrangement (without assumption of costs) of facilities for the disabled and parent-and-child cures

* The assumption of costs is limited to maximum amounts for the individual benefits.


We are happy to provide you with important information and documents offline. Simply download them here.

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Recent Pictures Of Jupiter.

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