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The path to becoming a super player consists of three simple steps All you need to know is: 1 Who am I? Do I like the piano? The ukulele? 2 Which subscription model suits me? 3 months, half a year or a whole year? 3 When do I practice? The question is easily answered – you can practice anytime and at your own pace. Why does it work? 1 Because our offer is available 24/7. You get unlimited access to all lessons whenever you want. 2 Because it’s fun and easy. We have prepared easy to understand and entertaining videos for you. 3 Because our teachers are there for you Didn’t understand something? Our teachers are just a click or call away

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There are many easy to learn songs offered on this website. The videos are easy to follow as well. I would recommend this website to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano! Clara 10/31/20 The customer support I received was very professional. The course offers excellent value for money. I am satisfied with the service. Fabian 10/25/20 The teachers who offer support are very knowledgeable. They helped me to improve my piano skills. The videos are very clear and easy to learn. Anna 10/22/20 I joined this website as a beginner. The videos are understandable and fun too! I am making more and more progress every day. Thank you! Niklas 10/22/20 There are so many songs to choose from and a wide variety of different videos. I’m glad I found this website and would recommend it to anyone Antonia 13.10.20 The lessons are of a very high standard. The teachers are very educated and professional and are always available to answer my questions. A highly recommended website. Emma 10.10.20 The price is worth it! The range of videos and music to choose from is extensive! It has far exceeded my expectations. Matteo 10/2/20 I really enjoy the piano lessons. There is a good selection of videos and music to choose from for all levels. The price is good too!!! Emily 10/1/20 It has always been my dream to learn how to play the piano, but due to the uncertain times it was not possible, so with this online platform my dream is coming true. It has made it possible for me to start learning the piano! The video lessons and the support from the teachers are amazing! Thank you so much guys! Simon 9/17/20 My 10 year old son has used this website to learn how to play the piano. He loves it! He can’t wait to get home from school and start practicing. He loves the variety and lightness of the videos, and he thinks the music is pretty cool too! Mila 12.9.20 This website is worth every penny! In such a short time I was able to expand my piano skills and learn a lot of new music. The videos have helped me incredibly. Oskar 9/5/20 Due to the current situation, my daughter was so sad that she could no longer attend her piano lessons. This website was fantastic! My daughter has been able to continue learning with the help of this website, thanks to the great selection of videos and music, and the support of the teachers who are online to give her advice and support. Ella 6.8.20 This website offers very high quality piano lessons. The website is easy to use and the videos are straightforward and educational. The customer service is exceptional. Mika 8/2/20

Your dream of learning to play the piano can come true now!

Welcome to Liederlernen.de, the online piano school that will help you step by step to fulfill your dream. So if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the piano, you’ve made a great first step! Here are some things you should know about online piano lessons at Liederlernen.de: To participate in online piano lessons, you should have a keyboard or a piano. If you want to learn to play the piano, it is necessary that you can directly apply and practice your newly acquired knowledge from our online piano lessons. Just watching the videos and understanding the concepts is unfortunately not enough. Because practice is the key to success! Our website offers you online piano lessons. This means that from the comfort of your home or on the go, you can watch video tutorials from our amazing piano teachers and download worksheets to practice. So it doesn’t matter where you are or what time of day you want to improve your piano skills – our online piano school is always open for you! Although we offer you to learn to play the piano online, it doesn’t mean that you are alone on your way. In fact, it’s just the other way around! Our teachers are always available to answer our students’ questions and provide feedback. We offer support to our students on the phone as well as via email – many of our students even send us videos of themselves! With this system, you can learn piano from the comfort of your home or on the go AND get online support and feedback from real piano teachers. So with our online piano lessons, you get the best of both worlds! Our online piano school offers two different paths for learning to play the piano that you can follow: We have designed courses within our online piano school that teach you to play the piano step by step thanks to a structured teaching method. With these lessons, an absolute beginner who has never played the piano can become a proficient piano player who can play songs on the piano and read music. The courses are divided into several short, easy to master lessons. Each lesson also includes additional exercises to help you reinforce the material you’ve learned on your own. We have made sure with our online piano lessons that the lessons are easy to understand and fun for you at the same time! We have developed a virtual piano online tool for our online piano lessons that can teach you to play over 2,000 songs! The piano online tool shows you which keys to play, what the notes played are called, and much more! So once you’ve gone through the courses as our piano student, the next step is to pick the songs you want to play from our large piano song library. Remember, practice makes perfect! You can start learning to play the piano at any age. While it’s true that younger people tend to learn new skills faster – what’s the rush? We have thousands of students at our online piano school who are long past their childhood days, but still decided to learn to play piano online later in life. Some of our students even started playing piano as a hobby in their retirement years! And guess what? They really rock! Age doesn’t matter if you have the motivation and fun to do it. It’s never too late to learn to play the piano! The first lessons in every course in our online piano school are open to everyone and free. So you can watch them at your leisure and try them out before you decide to buy. Online piano lessons have never been easier and risk-free! If you have any questions about our online piano school or just want to get in touch, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here for you! Click here to talk to us. Piano Learning Website.

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