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iOS 15.2 brings the new feature “Security Lock”, an additional security feature designed to protect your device from unauthorized use. Once the wrong passcode is entered several times, you will receive a notification with the text “iPhone unavailable” or “Security Lock”. With “Security Lock” mode, you don’t need to connect to a computer before you can unlock your device. You just need to reset or wipe your iPhone by entering your Apple ID and passcode on the locked device.

  • I. When will you see the Apple security lock screen.
  • II. the detailed steps to reset a locked iPhone in security lock mode.

I. When will the Apple security lock screen be displayed.

Apple security lock mode will be displayed on your screen after you enter a wrong passcode several times. In most cases, “iPhone unavailable” is the first thing you will see after several failed attempts to unlock an iPhone. Later, the “Security Lock” screen will be displayed.

II. The detailed steps to reset a locked iPhone in security lock mode.

Fortunately, “Security Lock” makes it easier to unlock your device. Here is the simple guide to use this new iOS feature:

  • If your device is already in security lock mode, “Erase iPhone” will appear on the screen. Note: If it doesn’t appear or disappears after reboot, you need to insert a SIM card with cellular data into your device. The notification should now appear.
  • In the next step, tap on “Erase iPhone.” You will see that your device is locked and you will be prompted to enter the correct passcode later or wipe it. Just click on “Erase iPhone.”
  • You will be prompted to enter your corresponding Apple ID passcode. After that, your iPhone will be reset automatically.

Undoubtedly, using the “Security Lock” mode is easy. But it only works for iOS 15.2 or newer version, requires Internet access and Apple ID password. So if you lack any of these criteria, it will not work for you.

III. other ways to unlock iPhone passcode besides security lock mode.

Of course, security lock mode is not the only way to unlock your iPhone. There are other tested and proven methods you can rely on. We will explain three of these methods.

Way 1. How to unlock iPhone without passcode.

Do you want to unlock your iPhone without using an Apple ID or iPhone passcode? If yes, you should take a look at Tenorshare 4uKey now. This tool has proven to be one of the best on the market as it supports both old and new versions of iOS. Besides, it works perfectly for removing alphanumeric codes, Face ID, Touch ID, etc.

  • Download Tenorshare 4uKey to your computer. Now run the software and tap “Start” to continue.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with Tenorshare 4uKey via a USB cable. Then select “Next” on your screen.
  • Download the latest firmware file.
  • After downloading the firmware package, just click the “Start to Remove” button to remove your device’s passcode automatically.
  • Wait for a few minutes until the process is completed. So, make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer during the whole process.
  • Once Tenorshare 4uKey unlocks your device, it will look like a new one. So you need to set up a new passcode, Face ID and Touch ID for your iPhone. Your data can be recovered from any previous iTunes/iCloud backup.

Way 2. How to reset a locked iPhone without computer via iCloud.

If you don’t want to reset your iPhone using the above methods, you can always take advantage of iCloud. No computer is required for this method. To unlock your iPhone with iCloud, you need to follow the instructions below:

  • You need to visit www.icloud.com and enter your valid Apple ID and password.
  • Once you are logged into iCloud, you need to look at the apps menu on the page and tap on the “Find My” option.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to reconfirm your credentials before you can do anything on the site. After that, you will be shown a map with all your Apple products currently stored on the Apple ID. If your iPhone is not included in the list, you will not be able to unlock it with iCloud.
  • If the device is available on the card, select it to unlock it. Once it is selected, you will see three options: play sound, lost mode and wipe iPhone. You should tap on the “Erase iPhone” option.
  • After entering your Apple ID passcode, your device will be reset. You will have to set it up like a new iPhone again.

Although you can reset your locked iPhone with iCloud without much effort, it will only work if you know the Apple ID and passcode associated with the device. If not, this method can’t work for you.


From this post, you can now see that there are several ways to unlock your locked iPhone. However, most of these methods require you to use your Apple ID and password. Fortunately, you can always count on Tenorshare 4uKey. It works smoothly to unlock your iPhone without passcode. Join the discussion and cast your vote here

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If you bought a used iPhone or iPad, but it is still connected to another Apple ID, the so-called iCloud lock takes effect and you can not use the device. How to remove the lock, we show here. Version:2021 Languages:English, German Release:12.10.2011 Platforms:Mac OS X, iOS, Cloud The iCloud lock is there to prevent thieves from accessing your data. However, if you bought an iPhone second-hand that still has an activated iCloud lock, you will then be excluded as the rightful owner.

Remove iCloud lock

If you get an error message on your used iPhone or iPad that the device is connected to another Apple ID, the “Find my iPhone” feature was probably still enabled before you bought it. This allows the user to check the location of the device online if it has been stolen.

Solution 1: Apple website for iCloud lock.

Apple has its own website through which you can disable iCloud lock in two ways:

  • Once, if you know the Apple ID and the password.
  • Once, if you forgot the Apple ID and password or you can’t access the account anymore.

Solution 2: Apple Store

You will need the original invoice of the purchased iPhone or iPad:

  1. Go to an Apple Store to Genius Bar staff.
  2. They can break the link between old Apple ID and the device.

Solution 3: Previous owner must remove lock

The previous owner can unlock the iCloud remotely via his iCloud account. However, he must be reachable for this:

  1. The device must not be online. So activate the flight mode.
  2. The device now appears under “Find my iPhone” in the listing of iOS devices on the icloud.com/find website.
  3. Log in with the Apple ID of the one the lock came from.
  4. Click on “All devices“.
  5. Select the device that you want to remove from iCloud.
  6. Confirm with “Remove from account“.

If the device is offline for a longer period of time, it is enough to select it and then click “Remove from account“button. Here we explain how to disable the “Find my iPhone” function on the iPhone itself.

Solution 4: Previous owner resets iPhone/iPad

When the device is reset to factory settings, the connection between the device and Apple ID is removed. If the previous owner forgot to do this, it can be done afterwards. Either you hand the device back to the seller for a short time or he has to tell you his password for the Apple ID and change it afterwards. However, the second variant should only be carried out by trustworthy people. Attention: In this case, all settings and data on the device will be lost!

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Navigates to “General > Reset > Clear all content & settings“.
  3. Now enter the password to the previous owner’s Apple ID.

Solution 5: The “AnyUnlock” program

According to the developer, the program “AnyUnlock” deactivates the iCloud lock – even if you bought a used iPhone from someone where the lock is still active. We ourselves have no experience with the program and do not assume any warranty and rather recommend one of the other methods presented above. The program “AnyUnlock” is supposed to unlock iCloud. (Image source: imobie.com) On the developer’s website there is a demo and a paid version, which is divided into two subscription models and a purchase version. Don’t want to miss any more news about technology, games and pop culture? No current tests and guides? Then follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Iphone 11 Promax Lock.

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