How To Add More Clips To A Tiktok Draft

Many TikTok users have asked themselves: Why can’t I edit a TikTok draft when I want to publish it? This is not impossible, however, the solution for this is not so simple. But here you will learn how to edit a draft on TikTok with three methods.

Part 1: Edit drafts on TikTok directly

Generally, you can edit TikTok drafts directly on TikTok by using one of the following two methods:

  • First method: you need to find a draft and edit its description before publishing it.
  • Second method: you need to publish a video first and then download it to your phone before editing it directly on TikTok when you upload the video.

The two methods work as follows:

Method 1: To edit drafts on TikTok directly before publishing.

Before you can edit TikTok drafts, you must first create or record a video in TikTok and save it as a draft before you can use the first method. To edit drafts in TikTok right before publishing, you first need to find your drafts in TikTok. Step 1: Find drafts on TikTok by following these steps:

  • 1Open the TikTok app.
  • 2Tap “Me” in the lower right corner.
  • 3Tap “Drafts” next to your posted content.
  • 4Select/find any draft video by tapping it.

Step 2: Edit your drafts on TikTok by following the steps below:

  • 1After you find/select a draft in Step 1, you will see an option to edit drafts before publishing.
  • 2When the edit screen opens, you will be prompted to add a description; after adding a description, click the back arrow in the upper left corner to reopen the edit screen.
  • 3Make any other desired changes to the draft, and then tap Next.
  • 4Set the video draft according to the desired timeline, and tap Next.
  • 5Add subtitles as desired.
  • 6Set the privacy settings to “Public” or “Friends Only” and tap “Publish”.

Disadvantages: This method cannot be used to edit (subtitles, text, effects, music, etc.) drafts that have been previously added.

Method 2: Editing video drafts in Tik Tok by downloading them.

Is it possible to edit a draft in TikTok using another method? Yes, you can. You can also edit a draft from TikTok by downloading it and then deleting the copy on TikTok. Next, you can upload the downloaded copy again and add a new caption, new background music and effects, and then follow the steps below to edit a video draft from TikTok via downloading: Step 1Step 1: Open TikTok, tap “Me” in the bottom right corner and select the video draft you want to edit. Then publish it directly. Step 02 Click the video draft you published and tap the three dots at the bottom right of the video to open the options menu. Step 03Select “Download” from the pop-up menu to download the video to your device. Step 04After downloading, tap the three dots again, then scroll to the right and tap “Delete”. Step 05Now tap the (+), and instead of recording a new video, tap “Upload” next to the record button. Step 06Select the downloaded video, then tap “Next” at the bottom right corner and follow the instructions to post and add a new caption. Step 07 Click “Next” and “Publish”. Disadvantages : 1. It does not support editing music, effects and subtitles previously added in the draft. 2. it is complex.

Part 2: Editing TikTok draft videos with third-party tools.

In this part of the article, we will show you how to edit TikTok draft video using a third-party tool called HitPaw Video Editor. HitPaw Video Editor is an app that can be used to edit and produce high-quality TikTok videos. It can also be used to produce videos for HD, YouTube, DVD, etc. To edit TikTok video designs with HitPaw Video Editor, you just need to follow the steps below: Advantages: 1. All editing can be easily done here, such as trimming, adding text/filter/transition/sticker and changing speed/background, etc. 2. Exports 4K videos for free 3. All video and audio effects are free to use 4. Features: no ads, no virus To edit TikTok draft videos with HitPaw Video Editor, follow the steps below: Step 01If you don’t have this application yet, click the Download button now to install it on your desktop. Step 02Post your video draft on TikTok and download it to your device by following the instructions in Part 1, Method 2. Step 03You can edit video, audio and image with it. Add transitions, filters, stickers, text or music as you wish. To learn more, you can refer to the HitPaw Video Editor tutorial. Step 04Export the video when you finish the editing process. Now you can use the video for TikTok.

FAQS about TikTok video drafts

1. where to find drafts on TikTok? To find TikTok drafts, follow the steps below:

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap “Me” (profile icon) in the lower right corner of the app. (All saved drafts will appear at the top of your video list).
  • Tap the “Drafts” button and select the draft you want to edit, publish or delete.

2.Why can’t I edit drafts on TikTok? To edit TikTok drafts, you need to do the following things:

  • Create a video on TikTok and save it as a draft.
  • Find the location of the TikTok draft.
  • Edit the draft again and then publish it.

3. How to delete drafts on TikTok? Follow the steps below to delete drafts on TikTok:

  • Find the location of the TikTok draft.
  • Tap Select at the top of the screen and select the draft you want to delete.
  • Tap delete draft.


Is it possible to edit a draft in TikTok? Yes, you can edit a draft in TikTok using the three methods above. We recommend HitPaw Video Editor , because it is easy to use and creates high-quality videos with more features.

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