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You want to avoid plastic packaging for cosmetics? Good idea! At Packhelp you can find the right packaging for cosmetics made of cardboard. You can choose from sustainable cardboard cosmetics packaging. This comes from FSC® certified forests. You want to ship cosmetics and need designated packaging material? Shipping boxes made of corrugated cardboard are ideal for your online store. Choose wood wool filling material to safely ship glass bottles or similar fragile products. Or cushion your goods with sustainable cushioning paper.

Cosmetic packaging – design

You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create branded packaging. With Packhelp’s intuitive online editor, you can easily design your cosmetic packaging yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the size and quantity of cosmetic packaging
  2. Upload your logo
  3. Add your slogan
  4. Choose colors that match your brand
  5. Add extras like stickers

Your self-designed cosmetic box is ready! Need design inspiration? Click here to go to Packhelps Design Lookbook. Or use our configurable design templates.


Do you have an online cosmetics store or sell cosmetics box subscriptions? Our shipping boxes made of FSC® -certified cardboard are perfect for assembling cosmetic sets and shipping them safely. Folding boxes are designed to be used as outer packaging for cosmetic products and look great on retail shelves. If you want to package luxurious cosmetics, you should opt for high-quality premium packaging.

Cosmetic Packaging Manufacturer

Packhelp works with a large network of packaging suppliers to provide you with the best possible solution. We conduct regular supplier evaluations, taking a close look at the entire production chain. From material sourcing to production and printing, all production steps must meet strict environmental requirements. So you can be sure that sustainable cosmetics also get sustainable packaging.


We use innovative printing technologies to touch up your cosmetics packaging. You can choose from offset printing, digital printing or screen printing. Depending on the product type, you can also choose between Pantone colors or CMYK. Also, coat your cosmetic box with matte or glossy foils. For particularly high-quality cosmetic items, we recommend fancy packaging finishes such as embossing, soft-touch coating, UV spot varnishing and much more.

Order cosmetic packaging online at low prices

If you are looking for inexpensive cosmetic packaging that also looks good, you can order individual cardboard boxes from Packhelp starting at 30 pcs. Those who need cosmetic packaging for wholesale can benefit from volume discounts and cost advantages for long-term cooperation. Shipping is free for orders over €300. Also save by subscribing to our newsletter. Tip: Tag us @packhelp on Instagram, we’ll share your packaging on our channel and you’ll save 10% on your next order.

  • Cosmetic packaging has to be able to do quite a lot: It must protect the contents from germs and oxidation, be stable and safe, must not release any substances that are harmful to health under any circumstances, and should provide a lot of information for the customer. In addition, it should be attractively designed and have as little impact as possible on the environment during production and disposal.
  • There is no single best solution

    As a manufacturer of natural cosmetics, packaging is also a particularly important issue for us. During the redesign of our product range, we had to learn that the deeper you delve into the subject of packaging, the more complicated, complex and confusing the whole thing becomes. Because it’s not as simple as you might think – glass is super-ecological, organic plastic is so-so, synthetic plastic is yuck! – the matter is not. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages that have to be weighed up. A clear, uncompromisingly ecological solution is not in sight for the time being. It should not be forgotten that packaging makes only a small contribution to the eco-balance of a cosmetic product. I.e.: If the cosmetic is made of synthetic raw materials, the best ecological packaging is of no use. But if the cosmetic is natural, the most ecological packaging possible contributes its share, albeit a small one, to the product’s good eco-balance.

  • Reuse, recycle, reduce

    In principle, three different approaches exist in the cosmetics industry for an ecological solution to the packaging issue: Reuse: Good idea, but extremely difficult to implement in practice, which is why reusable containers have so far not progressed beyond individual small-scale trials and are the least widespread. The concept is complex, energy-intensive (collection, cleaning, rinsing agent, waste water, etc.), therefore expensive and also hygienically problematic. Recycle: Is the most common method in that virtually all packaging materials used (glass, plastics, cardboard overpacks) are recyclable. At least in theory. Because “recyclable” does not automatically mean that glass packaging becomes new glass packaging and plastic packaging becomes new plastic packaging. In practice, a lot of plastic packaging ends up in the incinerator rather than as new cosmetic packaging – because of the lack of local “sorting” systems (there are many different plastics!) and because of the higher cost of recycled plastic compared to new plastic. Environmentally conscious manufacturers at least make sure that the recycled content of glass or plastic packaging and cardboard over-packaging is as high as possible. Reduce: Although the cosmetics industry is occasionally experimenting with minimized material consumption (thinner-walled plastic packaging uses up to 30% less starting material), no producer has yet found the philosopher’s stone in terms of ecologically flawless packaging. With regard to over-packaging made of cardboard, omission or reduction is also difficult in that legal regulations – quite rightly – stipulate that ingredients and other information must be stated in a precisely defined, legible font size: Text quantities that rarely fit directly on jars, dispensers, flacons and tubes.

  • Glass, synthetic plastic, bio-plastic

    Glass is easily recyclable, does not release substances to cosmetics (so it is chemically inert), usually looks better and more elegant than plastic. But: glass flacons are not break-proof and relatively heavy. Heavier than plastic, sometimes even heavier than their contents. All this means more energy consumption during transportation. Packaging made of synthetic plastic has been discredited by ecologically minded people because it is made of fossil raw material (petroleum). But they are unbreakable, lightweight and – assuming waste separation – recyclable. So-called bio-plastics are made from organic raw materials such as sugar or corn, but these in turn are often not produced organically, but as cheaply and conventionally as possible – i.e. using agricultural chemicals, genetic engineering, etc. In addition, organic plastics rot very slowly in professional composting plants (at home in the garden usually not for ages) and are a “foreign body” in conventional plastic recycling, which is sorted out at great expense and then usually incinerated. Therefore, after intensive research, we have decided to use plastic packaging made of materials that are harmless to health and are standard for food and cosmetics, such as HDPE – High Density Polyethylene, LDPE – Low Density Polyehtylene, PE – Polyethylene, PP – Polypropylene and SAN – Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymers. We do not use packaging made of PVC – polyvinyl chloride, a material that is extremely harmful to the environment and health. Even though we are always looking for alternatives, we cannot completely avoid plastic in our packaging. According to our philosophy, we always make sure that our products are harmless to health and ecological. In the case of both our glass flacons and pure plastic containers, no substances of concern, such as plasticizers, are released into our cosmetic products via the packaging. To ensure that we can guarantee this, we regularly obtain the relevant declarations of no objection from our suppliers.

  • Innovative airless glass flacons

    • Since spring 2018, the majority of our cosmetics, especially our facial care products, have been filled in innovative airless glass flacons. There are strong arguments for the high-quality airless systems with a plastic sachet inside the glass bottle – in addition to an appealing, timeless design.The components: – Glass bottle – plastic sachet – pumper and cap.
    • Our reasons for using an airless system

      • Hygienic & clean

        Our natural cosmetics consist of high-quality and carefully selected ingredients, which – unlike conventional cosmetics on the market – require as few preservatives as possible. Creams that are filled in a jar can very quickly become contaminated due to the constant contact with the finger as well as the connection with the air. To ensure that our natural cosmetics are as well protected as possible against contamination, we have opted for the airless system.

      • Valuable to the end

        The benefit of an airless system is that the contents can be almost used up. In contrast to a glass bottle, only a small residue remains in the plastic bag. Our tip: Cut open the plastic sachet with scissors and use up the contents completely in one last application!

      • Environmentally friendly disposal

        According to our guidelines we pay attention to a careful selection of materials and to the fact that these, after use, also cause as little waste as possible. The empty flacons can be disassembled, glass and plastic parts disposed of separately and thus become a complete part of the recycling process.

  • For bath and shower – plastic with practical twist-off cap

    However, for care products used in the bathroom and shower, we do not consider glass to be practical due to the risk of breakage and injury. We therefore opted for a plastic that is harmless to health and can be used for food and cosmetics. The safety of our customers was our top priority here. The cap can be opened with a half turn – without having to remove the cap. This is practical and uncomplicated, but care should be taken not to twist too far. In addition, our hand creams are available in practical tubes. Shatterproof and of a convenient size, they fit into any handbag and are therefore ideal for on the go!

  • Overpacking from recycled cardboard

    Our new overpacks are mostly made of recycled cardboard and have been given a new, attractive design. They offer additional light protection and space for information.

    The search continues

    The search for ecological cosmetic packaging is an ongoing, fluid process for us. It is an elementary part of our philosophy to constantly check our products and their packaging for ecologically and socially fair criteria. Finding better, more sustainable and fair solutions, which above all meet the high demands of our natural cosmetics, is a matter close to our hearts. We frequently receive inquiries from our customers as to why we do not offer our products in glass refill containers. We are also constantly on the lookout for sensible ecological alternatives in this area, but have not yet found a truly convincing solution. High transport costs, high energy requirements and the associated significant increase in costs still pose too many problems here. What also worries us about glass, especially when used in the shower, is the risk of breakage and injury. Nevertheless, we are of course also thinking ahead in this direction. In other areas of our product range, we already offer refills – in a very practical and ecological way. As, for example, with our organic room fragrances.

    • Step by step towards ecological packaging

      In our constant search for ecological packaging that meets the high standards of our natural cosmetics, we are continually developing new care products with modified formulas and in solid form. Thus, solid shampoos and deodorants, facial soaps as well as shower and bath soaps have already been created in the past. They are an alternative to liquid products because of their plastic-free packaging. Surrounded only by an environmentally friendly cardboard box are ideal for travel – so you save plastic in the bathroom and when traveling!

  • Discover our natural cosmetics with plastic-free packaging

Make a statement for beauty inside and out. Packaging for cosmetics, skin care products or beaty accessories for e-commerce and retail.
See the product range Packhelp’s range of packaging for health & beauty products. In different sizes, materials and fully customizable.

Your packaging provider with many years of experience

Smart packaging made to measure with various finishes, inlays, materials and designs. Are you selling online, brick-and-mortar or both? Packhelp will work with you to create a packaging solution that meets all your needs.

  • Packaging that doesn’t look like everyone else on the shelves.
  • Packaging is the first physical touch point of a brand. Take advantage of this!
  • One branding, one message, different types of packaging.

The slightest disruption to your supply chain can lead to costly delivery delays. That’s why we work closely with our customers. So we can be sure that their packaging needs are always covered.

  • 50,000 + satisfied customers
  • 3.8 million + production units delivered
  • Passionate team of designers, print and supply chain experts

There is no planet B and your customers know it. We offer cost-optimized, sustainable packaging solutions that the environment will love you for.

  • FSC certified cartons
  • Biodegradable packaging made from vegetable starch
  • Designed to become part of a circular economy.

Price request

Why your packaging project is in good hands with us

We know what trends are moving the beauty industry and what materials will keep your carbon footprint low. And these are your advantages: We tinker with the packaging solution until it fits, like a glove. Our specialists ensure that our packaging meets the best quality standards. Try before you buy! Order a sample package before placing a bulk order. Our designers will make custom prototypes upon request so you can get an accurate picture. Besides design, efficient packaging is our specialty: saving space and materials where it makes sense. Design with our software or on a die-cut template with Photoshop.

Sustainability in product and packaging

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