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Special edition unveiled

Beats by Dr. Dre and Balmain unveil new collection of headphones

Apple’s “Beats by Dr. Dre” and the Balmain label together presented a new collection of headphones. In the special version there are the Powerbeats 3 Wireless and the Studio Wireless. Kylie Jenner was recruited as a testimonial for the advertising campaign. Kylie Jenner is the star of the new Beats campaign for the Balmain Special Edition of the “Beats Studio Wireless” and “Powerbeats 3 Wireless” headphones. The US reality television starlet and model is promoting the special edition headphones in collaboration with the French fashion brand. Balmain has always stood for the combination of music and fashion in its fashion shows, so the cooperation with Apple is obvious.

Beats and Balmain share understanding of music and fashion

Olivier Rousteing of Balmain therefore emphasizes that it was easy to enter into the cooperation with a brand like Beats, which equally shares this understanding of “fashion and music.” The headphones collection combines the Beats sound with Balmain’s design. They come in khaki and “Urban Safari” colors to help reflect the latter’s adventure in the city. They are joined by accents in “Metallic Gold” and the matching protective case with tag and zipper in Balmain design. The commercials for the new headphones are supported by the current summer single “Ugly” by musician Jaira Burn. This song and more can be found in the “#BalmainBeats Playlist” on Apple Music. Olivier Rousteing has compiled it exclusively.

Kylie Jenner is a Beats fan

For the testimonial, the job was easy. Because, as the TV starlet explains, Beats are her favorite headphones. Music also means a lot to her. Songs that you love can influence your entire mood. Testimonial with the Studio Wireless in the Balmain edition: Kylie Jenner (Image: Beats by Dr. Dre)

Tech Specs

The Beats Studio Wireless headphones offer adaptive noise cancellation with dual mode. Users can listen to music for up to 12 hours on one charge using Bluetooth connectivity. The Powerbeats 3 Wireless is ideal for workouts at the gym or outdoors thanks to its earbuds. Using “Fast Fuel,” the headphones are ready to play for an hour after just five minutes of charging via the included micro USB cable. The Powerbeats are sweat and water resistant. These earphones also offer up to 12 hours of battery life. You can also answer calls and activate Siri through them.

Price and Availability

The Balmain Special Edition Studio Wireless are currently priced at $699.95. The special edition Powerbeats 3 Wireless, on the other hand, are priced at $249.95. They are available now from the Apple Store online or on Balmain’s website. The showdown in the sauna, the small talk, the spelling mistakes, the Soccer Moms and the crowds: These were five things that annoy the author of our “Five Things” column at the gym. In the comments under the article on FAZ.NET and under the corresponding Facebook post, many readers described what often makes working out unbearable for them. We don’t always know if the user names are the real names, but for the sake of simplicity we use them in this compilation. We have corrected spelling mistakes in the comments. 1. the volume FAZ.NET user Peter Schmidt is bothered by the “howler monkey” in his comment. He can usually be found in the free weight corner and has to “draw the attention of the whole hall to the fact that he is lifting an extremely heavy weight right now by loudly cheering, snorting, moaning and so on.” Facebook user Alissa Katharina writes: “There are those who do their three times five moves with theatrical groans and then admire the muscle in the mirror that they have just tortured. I don’t know what that’s all about. Do you see a change immediately afterwards? That’s so embarrassing.” Alexander Berk is also annoyed by “people (mostly men) who make noises when they work out. Many studio visitors find it too loud, and not just because of the “howler monkeys” – Corinna Fuchs complains about “men who get aggressive when you ask them to use headphones instead of listening to music loudly through the cell phone speakers.” Florian M. Koop is most annoyed by people “who can’t use headphones (musical taste is a private matter!)” and “people who have to talk so loudly with their buddies that half the studio can listen in.” Another commentator, on the other hand, is annoyed “when the music cuts out and you can hear everyone huffing and puffing.” Peter Keul has a solution: He protects himself from the “annoying punk music” in his studio with “noise-canceling headphones.” 2. reserving “People who think they are in Mallorca and reserve equipment with towels,” annoy Facebook user Daniel Müller. He is not alone in this. Peter Schmidt complains on FAZ.NET about the “Englishman”: He “throws his towel somewhere and chats with random people at the other end of the hall. Ewu Rensak is also annoyed “when some people think that they have to quack with someone else for five minutes between each set and so the equipment is occupied for ages”. Dennis Kaufmann writes: “What really bothers me are guys who train in groups and pose around, take selfies and chat more than they train. That’s because they’re blocking the equipment and I want to get done. It’s annoying.” Mamad MH puts it a bit more drastically: “I hate these people who chill on a machine for half an hour.” Markus Schmidt is nicer: “Don’t babble, work out!” 3. the smartphones Oliver Schmitt writes on FAZ.NET that he is annoyed by “smartphone addicts” who “even in the wellness area still think they can’t do without their best piece. These players (preferably men) then lie in the relaxation room and somehow fiddle around with their smartphones. As a sauna visitor, you don’t know whether they’re watching a video or recording one. Similar annoyance in the equipment area: After the exercise, the weight bench is not cleared to make room for others; no, you first remain seated to check and answer the latest messages that have arrived in the last 45 seconds during your own exercise.” Also on Facebook, many are bothered by people “staring at smartphones occupying the device” and find people annoying “blocking devices, weights to take selfies.” One user is annoyed by the “device blocker: after an exercise, people type away on their smartphones for five minutes, a device is blocked for 20 minutes, queues form”. Another comment reads, “I’m annoyed by this constant posting. Like the world cares that you guys play sports.” 4. “Mansplaining” Facebook user Anna Christina is not the only one complaining about men giving her supposedly valuable tips. She describes her “mansplaining” experience at the gym this way: “‘You have to do it like this’ ‘You have to take more/less weight’. Or best of all (someone actually said to me): ‘That looks like rehab, what you’re doing.'” Yet she “really only works out on equipment where I’ve had instruction from a trainer beforehand, so I don’t need an explanation from some muscle otto.” A male user also writes: “I’m particularly annoyed by dangerous half-knowledge and know-it-alls from people who don’t know any better. I could well do without all the training and nutrition tips, especially a thousand different opinions on one and the same topic, all of which contradict each other!” And user Damiano Galizia, when asked what’s bugging him, responds only with a counter-question he seems to hear a lot: “Can I help you with that exercise? It actually goes differently.” 5. sports “I only know one thing that sucks in this context,” Uwe Jeep-Dambrowski writes on Facebook, “Gym!” “The fact that you’re supposed to exercise there” also bothers Klaus Straub. Two other users see it similarly, who find “working out” annoying. Jane Miller presents a solution: “Nothing annoys me, I don’t even go there.” And Rainer Hock provides further arguments for this decision in his commentary on FAZ.NET: “What also doesn’t work at all: toenail cutting in the locker room. Foot on the bench, snap, and the nail trundled into my gym bag.” Another user, on the other hand, isn’t deterred by all the complaining: “Sounds fun, I should sign up for a gym again sometime.” Let’s go! Gyms Balmain.

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