8 Inch Subwoofer 200 Watt

Size doesn’t always matter: At least that’s true of our hand-picked selection of 8-inch subwoofers for a unique in-car sound experience! With a sound surface of 20cm, there’s plenty for the ears. Noble optics paired with impressive sound quality and a good portion of boom. A good subwoofer is indispensable for a professional car audio system. The bass speaker is specially designed for the low frequency range and provides a clear and powerful sound.

Our 8 inch single subwoofer in 3 words: Small, but ohooo!

Passengers can’t help but be amazed: “That massive bass comes out of those little things?” Our customers know this question all too well. And it’s true: Some of the 20 subwoofers easily outshine many 30 subwoofers from other manufacturers. Because despite their size, our 8 inch subwoofers are very resilient and powerful. And you can hear and feel that!

Precise with fast punches

Similar to small and lively speakers, our 8 inch subs show their strength in precision and speed. Due to the small sound surface they deliver precise fast punches and do not clipping even at high volumes. A precise kick is only crowned by one thing: A rich and powerful bass. And because our customers can describe it even better than we can, here are a few quotes that we couldn’t have formulated better: “The little one thumps like a big one!”, “Short – madness!”, “…sick…” and “badass!”.

Frequently asked questions about the 8 inch subwoofers

For which systems are our offered 8 inch subwoofers suitable?

The 8 inch subwoofers available here are compatible with various systems, e.g. with conventional 2- or 3-way front systems and run with a wide variety of amplifiers. On en product detail pages you can find exact technical specifications that show for which system the respective sub is suitable.

What is the power handling capacity of the 8 inch subwoofers from the Masori Shop?

Our range consists of subs with different power handling capacities, starting at 120 watts RMS. Most of our 20s have a power handling of 200 to 400 watts RMS, which at this size already leads to head-nodding attention from passengers and passers-by. If you want to take it up a notch, you can go for 8-inch models with 600 watts RMS or more, which will put some serious pressure on the road.

How good is the sound quality of 20cm subwoofers?

Our selection of manufacturers and models is carefully chosen and tested. Our own high quality standards and passion for car HIFI drive us to deliver unique sound experiences for our customers. And this is reflected in each of the offered 20cm subwoofers: no clanking, no clipping, no distortion! Sturdy workmanship and finely adjusted suspensions allow the subwoofers to drive at a decent level without making any noise of their own.

Which manufacturers does Masori sell?

At Masori, 8 inch subwoofers are currently available from the following manufacturers: Accuton, American Bass, Audio System, B2 Audio, Blam, Dayton Audio, DD Audio, Deaf Bonce, Dragster Audio Art, Edge Car Audio, ESX, For-X. Ground Zero, Hifonice, Hybrid Audio, JL Audio, Kicker, Massive Audio, Morel, Peerless by Tymphany, Rockford Fosgate, Scanspeak, Steg, Sundown Audio, Tang Band

For which cars are the 8 inch subwoofers suitable?

The advantage of a smaller diaphragm area of 20cm is obvious: Due to the small size the 8 inch subwoofers are suitable for almost all cars. Especially when space is limited. Our subwoofers are available in different installation dimensions and power, so they can be adapted to all needs. The size of the subwoofers ensures a discreet look: elegant yet not obtrusive.

How and where can the 8 inch subwoofers be installed?

Due to their size, the 8 inch woofers can be installed not only in the trunk, but also under the rear (passenger compartment), depending on the system in which they are operated and how much space is available in the car. Which type of enclosure is recommended for the respective subwoofer can be found on the product detail page. By the way: Matching subwoofer enclosures and installation accessories are also available in our store.

Why Masori?

Here are watts from Berlin! We at Masori live Car HIFI with every heartbeat of our body. We only sell products that we ourselves are convinced of. In Germany there is free shipping from 50 €. You can also pay in installments via Klarna. In case of stock we ship the goods immediately. We always have an open ear for questions and advise. This is our passion.

  • 8″/20cm, 30-400Hz, single voice coil 4 Ohm
  • Power: 200W RMS / 600W Max.
  • V-cone® technology with water-repellent paper cone, for reduced moving mass & increased sensitivity.
  • Wide-wave spider profile, for high mechanical resistance to shock loads.
  • High-density foam surround, for extreme mechanical and acoustic linearity
  • Copper voice coil wound on aluminum support, combined with spider mount cooling system and vent holes in base plate
  • Silver-plated, silicone-coated, shielded lead wires terminated with tinned high-current terminals
  • Plates with high magnetic permeability & large magnet for constant & uniform magnetic flux
  • Butyl rubber gasket & protective magnetic sleeve, provide ideal coupling to mounting surface, dampen basket resonances

A20884 Delivery time 11 – 14 days* Free shipping in Dtl.

Hertz ES 200.5 8 inch / 20cm 200W subwoofer, 1x 4 Ohm, mounting depth: 106mm

The Hertz Energy.5 ES 200.5 subwoofers offer dynamic bass and are capable of achieving outstanding sound pressure levels never before achieved in this price category. The introduction of V-Cone® technology had a major impact on the efficiency of the ES.5 subwoofers, which also improved the rigidity of the diaphragm and reduced the weight of the moving assemblies, allowing a voice coil with higher strength for higher peak power handling. The implementation of the surround and spider geometry, as well as the choice of materials used, contributed to unsurpassed mechanical and therefore acoustic linearity. Combined with a drastic reduction in Vas, this provides the ability to achieve high undistorted SPL output even in small enclosures. Hertz Energy.5 subwoofers are the perfect choice for solid, powerful bass in perfect harmony with enhanced vehicle integration.

Learn more
Technical Data D: 165mm Xmax: 9mm Re: 2.9Ω Fs: 40Hz Le: 1.9mH Vas: 10.5l Mms: 80g Cms: 0.16mm/N BL: 10.9T-m Qts: 0.5 Qes: 0.53 Qms: 10.57
Color Black
Brand Hertz
Product type Subwoofer
Subwoofer size 20cm / 8 inch
Frequency range 30 Hz – 400 Hz
Installation depth 106mm
Signal to noise ratio 88dB
Voice coil Single voice coil
EAN 8018823109451

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